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Today in 2021, the usage of smartphones has become prominent. With this increased number of smartphone users, the on-demand services apps have achieved a great height. People show high affinity towards such apps as it is very convenient for ordering and doorstep delivery. 

According to recent statistics, the economy of the on-demand multi-services industry is growing rapidly. There is an estimation that its net worth will reach $335 billion by 2025. There is no wonder that nearly 37% of Americans regularly avail themselves of on-demand services via the app. 

Maxim – A Super App Offers Various On-Demand Services

Maxim is a Russian on-demand multi-services firm. Since 2003, it offers both ride-hailing and freight transportation services. At present, Maxim offers multiple on-demand services that include ride-hailing, freight transportation, road assistance, delivery, and so on. 

When it comes to ride-hailing services, they provide something unique from other apps. That is, they provide a variety of price points. So, the passengers can opt for the one that suits their needs. However, the rides are inexpensive, and so this is useful for people who travel on a regular basis. 

Notably, they hire female drivers. If a female passenger wants to prefer a female driver, she can choose it. This is one of the factors that makes Maxim popular. Developing a super app like Maxim is beneficial for your business as you can gain profit in a short duration of time upon reaching your target audience. 

You can consider launching the Maxim like app as you know the uniqueness of Maxim and the future scope of the on-demand multi-services industry. Let’s first know how to develop the Maxim clone. 

Quick Steps To Develop The Maxim Like App

You have to consider several other things before getting into the on-demand multi-services industry with an app like Maxim.

Frame Your Business Idea

Simply, launching the Maxim like app will not take your business in the long run. Therefore, analyzing the recent market trends will be beneficial. Come up with exciting business ideas. Then, you have to know about your competitors and target audience. Understanding your competitor’s strategies will help you know which business strategy will be successful.  

Well, finding your target audience will help to narrow down the audience base. So, you do not have to concentrate on all the audiences while marketing the app. Your target audience’s preference will determine your app success. Consider incorporating exciting features in your app based on your target audience. 

Monetize Your App

Upon constructing a successful business plan, choose which revenue-generating strategies you are going to use. Some of the popular revenue streams include commission fee, service fee, and in-app advertising. You can even consider any other revenue models depending on your business model. 

Plan Your Budget

Before you initiate to develop the on-demand multi-services app, you need to plan your budget. If you are planning to develop the Maxim clone app within a limited budget, consider only the essential features. Try to opt-out of the non-essential features. But, do not forget to miss out on the basic features like analytics and feedback. These features help to improve your app performance. 

Connect With A Mobile App Development Company

What is the Maxim clone script? Do you know why it is preferred? The Maxim clone app is developed in two different popular ways. One way is conventional, that is, an app is built from scratch. Another way is the modern approach, in which Maxim clone script is used to build the on-demand multi-services app like Maxim.  

A conventional way requires more time and a considerable investment. On the flip side, the modern approach is cost-effective and time-conserving.  How long will it take to build an app like Maxim? It takes more than six months if you prefer the conventional method. But, if you prefer using the clone script, it only takes nearly four weeks.  Does it cost much for building an app like Maxim? It is variable. Various factors determine the cost of Maxim like app development. To get a rough estimation of pricing details, get a free quote. 

Why wait for too long to launch the Maxim clone app? The script empowers you to launch your app instantly as it is a ready-to-use solution. It is modified based on your business needs. These are the main reasons for preferring the on-demand multi-services app solution for app development.  

Reach out to us for Maxim like app development. We cater for you to a customizable and scalable Maxim clone app solution. So, it is easy to integrate new features into your app.  

Our clone script package includes:

  • Users app (Android and iOS)
  • Service provider app ( Android and iOS)
  • Drivers app (Android and iOS)
  • Admin panel
  • Website

Choose Which Features To Incorporate Into Your On-Demand Multi-Services App

In the initial stage, it would be suggested to add the indispensable features when building a multi-services app like Maxim. Later, you can integrate additional features upon getting a broader user base for your app. What are the Necessary features of a multi-services app like Maxim? The on-demand multi-services app like Maxim consists of four modules: User (customer), Driver, Service provider ( Merchant), and Admin. The following are the indispensable features to consider incorporating in these app modules.  

Users App Features

  • Registration

Registration is the first step upon installing the app. This feature will enable the users to log in or register using their email ID, phone number, or social media accounts. 

  • Payment integration

When paying for the availed services, users prefer to have seamless transactions. Therefore, digital payments include credit/debit card and net banking should be integrated into the app. Apart from that, consider the e-wallet functionality as it allows an easy checkout process. Do not forget to opt for the Cash on delivery option.

  • Order history and reorder

This helps the users to repeat orders with ease by checking the previous order history. They do not need to place an order right from the beginning. Therefore, the Order history feature saves time.  

Drivers App Features

  • Simple registration

Similar to users’ apps, the drivers have to register with the app. They have to provide the necessary details. 

  • Accept/reject a delivery request

The delivery person has the option to either accept or reject the delivery request for specific reasons. If a particular delivery person is not available, the request will be passed to the next delivery person who is available at that particular time.

  • Track earnings

This feature will enable the delivery person to check the status of their total earnings. The app generates the earnings report on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. 

  • Geo-location

This feature allows the delivery person to reach the customer’s location within a stipulated time by choosing the best-optimized route. Consider including Google Maps, Apple Maps, or other map services.

Service Providers (Merchant) App Features

  • Request receipt

Once the user/customer places an order, the retail owner gets details regarding the orders like order size, shipping date, and customer’s phone number. The retailer has the facility to cancel the order due to various reasons such as stock availability, after-hours availability, much more. 

  • Track payments

The customers and drivers would specify their account information. This is for payment transactions. The Track payments feature will enable the merchants to check the payment status like pending or completed payment.

  • Order limit

The merchants have the option to set a minimum order limit for customers to place their orders. 

  • Add products/services

The merchants can update the product details. They can even add or delete any products from the Products list that are shown in the app. 

Final note

Take your on-demand multi-services business to the peak with an app like Maxim. It will be a good opportunity as it paves the way to launch your app in the wink of an eye. Seek our experts and we will assure you to offer the Maxim clone app at a reasonable price. 

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