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Mobile app development has come a long way as it transformed the way businesses run. People can find an app for literally anything as companies are taking a digital approach to lure customers. The advent of on-demand service apps has further boosted mobile apps’ usage and potential as people can order food, book cabs, get groceries, book tickets, etc., with a few taps and swipes on their smartphones. The proliferation of on-demand service apps has significantly changed the way businesses operate. 

The sudden boom in the travel and tourism industry paved the way for hotel booking apps. In recent years, OYO, the India-based hospitality chain of leased and franchised hotels, has emerged as a successful app in this sector. This rapid growth has got entrepreneurs’ attention as they started pouring in their investment to streamline this industry’s dormant potential. This article aims to brainstorm you with the features and functionalities that go into an app like OYO rooms. 

An efficient hotel booking app will attract users with its design, comfortability, and usage. Three different mobile applications will be created for the primary stakeholders in the business. They are optimized to accelerate the business operations and to offer a smooth user experience. 

Features in the app for users:

  • Create, manage, and edit the user account.
  • View the list of hotels and the availability of rooms.
  • Email/SMS notification on confirmation of booking.
  • Provide reviews and ratings.
  • Mark the planned date and filter the location.
  • Analyze different categories of rooms.
  • User-friendly online payment option.

Features in the app for hotel owners:

  • Create, manage, and edit accounts
  • Access the list of bookings made
  • Regularly update the dashboard according to the availability of rooms.
  • Create sales reports regularly based on various criteria

Features in the admin panel:

  • Manage accounts of hotel owners and end-users
  • Overlook the transactions made on the platform
  • Approve/Confirm hotel bookings
  • Manage promotional offers and discounts
  • Contact users/hotel owners to resolve their queries

The ideal way to approach the app development process of an app like OYO rooms:

The formulation of a business idea:

The inception of any business will be from an innovative idea. An idea with profitable aspects will be the perfect way to start your business. Your creative vision will be the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of your business in the later stages. They will ensure the successful definition and execution of your business’ critical goals.

The perfect planning:

Planning is a crucial part of the app development process as it will be helpful in the later stages. Ensure that you have planned the entire process right from conception to the closure phase. You can efficiently manage time, issues, cost, quality, risk, and make appropriate changes with proper planning.


The analysis is probably the part that most entrepreneurs overlook or ignore. However, it will help you gather crucial information such as the target audience’s requirements, market trends, competitors’ pros and cons, and much more. Research can play a significant role in developing your application as it helps the development team in various ways. 

Focusing on the design part:

The design phase is not just about optimizing the user interface; it is where the control process, interface, data structure, workload, limitation of the system, backup procedures, and proper documentation of crucial information are planned. Visual elements of an application play a larger role in multiplying the customer base. Ensure that your development team designs a minimalist interface as it caters to every modern consumer’s needs.

The testing phase:

The testing phase is where the bugs and glitches in your app will be detected and sent back to the developers to fix. In some cases, the beta version of an app will be released on the mainstream market. The customers can sign up for the beta program to use the app. They can provide feedback based on their real-time app usage experience.

Implementation and deployment of your app:

After several stages of testing, your app is now ready to be deployed in the mainstream market. It is recommended that you launch an MVP version of your app initially to get user feedback. You can deploy the exclusive and experimental features of your app in a phased manner.

Maintenance and technical support:

Releasing your app for your customers is not the end, as they will come across bugs and issues with the app. You must address the user queries with the foremost priority as it helps in improving your services. The customer support team should be approachable anytime in case of queries or concerns. Users will expect regular updates from an app that boosts the app’s performance, offer new functionalities and additional features.


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