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The days have gone where people visit shops to buy their essentials. Since the emergence of delivery apps, people started to adapt to the changes of buying their day-to-day consumption items by ordering them online. Furthermore, the convenience and comfort of it make them attracted to using on-demand delivery platforms in their lives.  

In recent years, the trend of on-demand delivery apps like food and grocery delivery has skyrocketed. Milk being the essential commodity of daily lives, dairy business owners have gone to the next level by creating milk delivery apps.  

If you are a local vendor who wishes to upscale your dairy business or one seeking a way to earn profits, this blog will guide you through every nook and cranny of on-demand milk delivery app development.  

Future Scope Of Milk Delivery Apps

It is known that the online food and beverage (F&B) industry has witnessed stupendous growth. As per recent reports, this industry’s net worth will reach $869 billion by 2023. Noticeably, the growth of milk delivery apps is at a steady rate. According to Statista, the net value of the milk segment in 2021 was US $42034 million. It is forecasted to surge at a rate of 6.58% (2021 – 2025). 

We know the Covid-19 pandemic has made all of us stay indoors and most businesses were shattered. In this situation, what if people get their essential products at their homes. The most promising app is Milkbasket, which offers hassle-free delivery services to Indian customers. It will include fruits, vegetables, milk, yogurt, eggs, and groceries. 

Hence, Milkbasket has become a well-known milk delivery startup. This startup has raised funds worth $26 million, which is estimated to increase to $50 million in the forthcoming months. Recent reports show that Reliance and Milkbasket are going to sign the deal. It will be valued at $40-43 million. Seeing this vast popularity, other startups are willing to establish a venture by launching a milk delivery app like Milkbasket.   

A Glance At The Benefits Of Launching An App like Milkbasket For Your Business

Milk is the basic necessity of human beings. Therefore, thinking about starting a milk delivery business is a top-notch idea. Without even having a second thought, you can start your business with a Milkbasket Clone app, a replica of the original version (Milkbasket) in terms of features and functionalities. Some benefits of launching a milk delivery app like Milkbasket are as follows.

In this fast-paced, digital world, no one has time to visit the store and shop whatever they need. Instead, they will prefer to choose an app, in which they can easily order everything with a few taps. As the demand increases for on-demand delivery apps, launching a milk delivery app is one such auspicious business idea. 

With an app, you can cater your on-demand delivery services to a larger user base. Moreover, you can let your users access milk delivery round the clock. The convenience and ease of use will pave the way for you to gain loyal customers and increase revenue.

Milk Delivery Apps – An Overview Of A Profitable Business Model

Generally, two common business models are in existence. One is Dedicated/Self Owned, which is suitable for the one who already established their dairy business. With the apps, they can upscale their business, get more orders from users, and generate revenue. 

Contrarily, another one is Aggregator apps, in which the entrepreneurs do not necessarily have to own their dairy business. This app will bridge the gap between milk retailers and distributors. You can generate profits in a quick time.

Irrespective of the business models, the workflow of the milk delivery apps will be the same. Now, let’s take a leap at the working of it briefly in steps. 

  • Initially, users have to sign up with the app using their email addresses or phone numbers. After that, they will create a profile that they can customize at any time. 
  • Once done with the initial registration process, the app will display a wide range of milk products.  
  • With these offerings, they can choose the milk products they want to buy, which will be saved to the cart. They have to ensure the delivery location and place the final order. 
  • When the order is placed, they have to select the payment modes for processing transactions. Mostly, delivery apps give options to choose either cash payment or credit and debit cards. 
  • The app will display the order confirmation message. Then, the delivery person will hand over the ordered products to their doorsteps.  

Eye-Catching Features To Include In The Milk Delivery App Like Milkbasket

Milk delivery app solution

Now, you are clear about the business model. After that, you have to decide which features to include in the Milkbasket Clone app. 

  • Add Multiple Delivery Addresses

Using this feature, users can add numerous delivery addresses to the list. Then, they can choose one primary location for delivering the order. This would prevent customers from opting for other apps when they want their order to be delivered to another location. 

  • Invoice

This feature will facilitate the users to receive a digital invoice for every order via email or SMS. It seems to be a handy feature that will be useful for the customers to manage their expenses when buying milk products. 

  • Scheduled Delivery

Apart from letting the users place their order and get instant delivery of milk, they can choose to schedule a delivery at their convenience. To do so, they have to provide a specific date/time. 

  • Track Deliveries

The real-time tracking in the user app will enable the users to check the delivery status. Similar to it, this feature is incorporated in the Admin panel, which will let you keep track of the milk order.

  • Repeat Order

Users can check the previous orders. From this, they can even have the option to repeat past purchases. This will save their effort and time while placing a new order. 

  • Referrals

Customers have the option to share this on-demand milk delivery app with their friends and family members. This is to let others download and install the app. Upon successful completion, both of them will receive bonus points. 

  • Powerful Dashboard

This feature in the admin panel will allow you to have overall control of the app’s performance in real-time. You can get a detailed analysis of customers’ activities towards the app. 

  • In-app Navigation

It will be helpful for the delivery person as they may not know the exact route to reach the customers’ location. This feature will guide them to choose the best-optimized and shortest route. 

Choose The Monetization Strategies To Earn From A Milkbasket Clone App

You have to choose the right monetization strategies, ensuring the possible ways in which you can gain profits. Numerous revenue streams are available in on-demand milk delivery apps. Thus, finding multiple sources of revenue, suitable for your business model has become the most important one. The most predominant revenue streams are Booking charges paid by customers, Commission Fees, Featured listing, Sale advertising, and Transaction processing fees.

Estimating A Milk Delivery App Development Cost

Many aspects have to be considered when determining the milk delivery app development cost. It cannot be predicted as it varies for every business need. On a rough note, multiple factors will affect the app development cost. Predominant aspects include features & functionalities, multi-platform compatibility, technology stack, company’s geographical location, UI/UX design, and many others. However, get a quote from us to know the final exact cost of developing a Milkbasket like app. 

Final words

The online milk segment is a profitable sector in 2021, even in the forthcoming years. A white-label Milkbasket Clone app solution will allow you to enter this profitable segment instantly. Everything to be considered preferably is to choose a suitable app development company to develop a similar app like Milkbasket. Feel free to contact us! Get a white-label milk delivery app solution tailored to your business needs right away.

Launch A Dairy Products Delivery App Like Milkbasket

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