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Not a single day goes by in the lives of millennials without using social media apps.  The introduction of TikTok has become a popular trend among people of all ages and set a new benchmark for upcoming video-sharing apps. The application has millions of fans all over the world, and they spend hours on creating content. The innovative social media platform has opened up numerous opportunities for enthusiastic entrepreneurs to launch their apps. This article will cover the basic features, cost, business prospects, and tech stack required to develop an app like TikTok.

Basic features that you shouldn’t miss on your app like TikTok:

These features are responsible for the proper functioning of the app. They fulfill the app’s purpose, and hence you shouldn’t ignore them. These features go into the MVP version of your app and will be of immense use to get feedback from your target audience.

Log in and sign up:

Users need to register their account on the platform before accessing the content. They can enter their phone number or email address to get started. You can also consider integrating social media plugins to directly login from their Google or Facebook accounts.

Edit profile:

They can add profile pictures, username, bio, and more to customize their user profile. These data will be visible to other users and will help find them. It can also be used as an admin panel as it offers multiple functions to manage their profile. They can easily block or unfollow users from it. In addition to that, it also helps them to keep track of the number of videos uploaded and other essential information related to the user.  

Upload videos:

Users can shoot videos and add custom sound effects. They can either choose the sound effects available on the platform or upload one of their own. It brings out the creativity lying dormant within the users.

Filters and effects:

TikTok also offers numerous filters and effects for the users. It would be best if you add the same features on your app like TikTok. They can add filters while shooting the video or before uploading them.

Video editing:

When it is a video-based platform, you cannot ignore the video editing tools. TikTok offers multiple video editing options like flipping, speeding up, adding blur to the video, etc. You can also try offering ‘beautify’ mode that makes users’ skin look smoother on applying it.

Interacting with other users’ videos:

Like every other social networking app, TikTok also provides users with options to interact with other users’ videos. They can either click on the heart button or comment on videos. The users can also look at their history of liked posts in a separate tab.

Video sharing options:

Users can share their videos on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Video sharing features are a great way to increase followers as the profiles get more exposure.


Notifications can be an effective way to keep the users informed about the updates on their profile, such as likes, comments, follow requests, etc. Developers usually go with Google Cloud Messaging for Android and Apple Push Notifications Service to implement the notifications feature.  

Exclusive features that you can add to your TikTok like app:

The basic features may help you run the app, but you will need more than that to appeal to the masses. The advanced and unique features on your platform will attract more users, and they can also be your USP if appropriately integrated. Here are some of the advanced features that you can implement on your video sharing app like TikTok to make it stand out from the completion.

Generating content based on users’ location:

Location-based content generation can be a useful feature to keep the users engaged on the platform. It also provides more exposure to the user’s profile as they get a wider audience apart from their followers. The users can also tag their location in the video to get a wider reach.

Live streaming video:

This is a must-have feature when it comes to video-based apps. Users can see the number of viewers and comments by their followers dynamically on their live streams.

Watch videos without signing up:

Even though this cannot be counted as an exclusive feature, it benefits the users. They can watch videos on the platform without registering their account. However, they need to sign up to like or comment on the videos.

AR filters:

AR filters are the latest addition to mainstream mobile apps. The millennial generation loves it as it lets them change their hair, eye color, place objects over their head, and more. Integrating AR filters on your app will add immense value to your app as it offers a great user experience. You can also let developers create their custom AR library. 

Real-time analytics:

Real-time analytics features can be useful to influencers and celebrities. It offers an overview of the live viewers and broadcasters on a graph and offers dynamic data on likes and comments.  

Technologies that are used in building an app like TikTok:

Numerous modern technologies go hand-in-hand to develop a TikTok clone script. If you plan on creating a native mobile app, consider choosing Swift and Kotlin as your programming language for iOS and Android apps, respectively. Alamofire and okHttp3 can be used for networking purposes on iOS and Android apps. Express 4 can be commonly used as the framework. Here’s how you can define the tech stack that goes into developing a TikTok clone app.

Database development:

  • MongoDB
  • SQL
  • MySQL

Essential tools:

  • Google cloud storage or Amazon S3
  • Signup with Amazon SES and Amazon SNS
  • For notifications, you can use Google Cloud Messaging for Android and Apple Push Notification service for iOS
  • The cost depends on the selected operation, network, and data storage.
  • Azure stream analytics and Google mobile app analytics can be used for obtains real-time analytics
  • As Google Maps API is available for both Android and iOS, they can be used for Geolocation 
  • Twilio can be used for in-app chatting 

Factors that will affect the overall cost of app development:

Many factors influence the cost of creating an app like TikTok; among them, platform, design, features, and development team are the primary factors. If you lack the budget, you can cut some of the exclusive features to minimize the cost. However, we recommend you to initially launch an MVP version of your app and gradually integrate features as per user feedback.

Bottom line:

Get in touch with our TikTok clone app development team to build your video-sharing app like TikTok and rake in profits. Get a white label TikTok clone app built with the latest technologies in the market and loaded with cutting-edge features to streamline its potential at this pristine moment. With unlimited customization options, you can sweep your audience off their feet with user-centric features.

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