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It is difficult to keep your business running successfully and sustain the competitive space. However, building an online presence paves the way to draw attention from a wider audience base. Hence, if you are in the pharmacy business, it becomes a necessity to develop & launch an app like CVS Pharmacy or Walgreens.

In today’s world, buying medicines online has become the new normal, especially during the Covid-19 lockdown. One advantage of buying medicines online is pricing which is comparatively less when ordering online as people can avail of coupons, discounts, and offers. Apart from these, people do not have to visit the pharmacy and wait in a queue to purchase medicines.

According to Statista, the net worth of the global online medicine delivery sector was US $29 billion in 2014 and forecasted to reach US $128 billion in 2023. These data show that modern customers most probably will prefer the medicine delivery apps for buying medicines as they can get those at their doorstep. A recent survey shows that nearly 48% of people prefer pharmacy delivery apps like Walgreens.

If you have an idea of developing an online medicine delivery app like CVS Pharmacy, check out this blog to get more insightful information on the app development process.

Business Models To Consider During an On-Demand Medicine Delivery App Development

It is imperative to select the business model before you proceed with the on-demand medicine delivery app development. Three popular business models are explained below.

  • Single Store Business Model

In this operational model, users can choose the online retailers and place their orders by uploading their prescriptions. Then, the concerned online retailers will check for the medicines availability. If available, the medicines will be packed and the assigned delivery executive will deliver the order to the users. After that, users have to make payment transactions digitally.

  • Aggregator Business Model

This business model does not require online retailers to stock the medicines. Rather, they can collaborate with local chemist shops for medicines. When the users place their order, the online retailer redirects the order to the partnered local chemist shops. Then, the local shops will deliver the order to the users. Moreover, both the online retailers (e-pharmacy) and local chemist shops have to sign the terms and agreements for partnership.

  • Direct To Consumer Business Model

This business model avoids middlemen for delivering medicines. You can get stronger control over your business as you reach your users directly without any intermediate.

Revenue Models To Consider While Developing an On-Demand Medicine Delivery App

App’s success is measured by its revenue generation. However, choose the suitable monetization strategies to generate revenue from your on-demand medicine delivery app. Standard revenue models are mentioned here.

  • Commission-Based Revenue Model

This is the common revenue model which a CVS Pharmacy like app follows to earn income. This model allows the pharmacy stores to sell their medicines to the users. You can charge these stores a particular percentage of the amount as a commission fee based on the number of sales per day, week, or month.

  • Featured listing Revenue Model

The pharmaceutical companies or medicine stores can promote their products at the top level on your app. By featuring the stores on the home page makes the users choose those stores for buying medicines. You can charge an extra penny from them for feature listing.

  • Advertisement-Based Revenue Model

This is one of the greatest sources of generating revenue. You can create a space for advertisers to promote their products in your app. Make sure those products are relevant to medicines. Advertisers can be the following.

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Diagnostic centers
  • Pharmacy companies
  • Hospital chains & brands
  • eWallet companies
  • Insurance companies

Charge them based on the clicks, views/impressions, or lead generations. Or else, set a certain percentage of the amount for letting them publish advertisements in your app.

Must-Have Features To Consider During CVS Pharmacy Like App Development

A medicine delivery app comprises a User app, Delivery person app, Pharmacy store app, and Admin panel. However, the functionality of the app is defined with the incorporation of features in these modules. Now, let’s see the important features to consider during CVS Pharmacy like app development.

User App Features

  • Signup/login

Users are able to sign up or log in to the app using credentials. You can facilitate the users to sign up using social media accounts.

  • Upload Prescriptions

This feature enables the users to upload the prescriptions and so the pharmacists look at the medicines and pack them accordingly.

  • Filters

Using the advanced search option, users can search for the pharmacy store or a particular medicine by applying filters.

  • Medicine Details

The medicines listed on the app should contain basic information such as expiry date, manufacturing date, price, brand, so on.

  • Alternative Medicines

Suppose, a particular medicine is unavailable in the app’s inventory. Users can opt for the alternative medicines which are available in the app. But, they have to verify by a doctor whether the alternative medicine has the same list of ingredients.

  • Tracking

With the map integration, users can track their orders in real-time. From this, users can get to know when the medicine will be delivered to them.

  • Chatbot

This enables the users to clarify their doubts regarding the medicines as the app provides round the clock support.

Pharmacy Store App Features

  • Order Notification

When the user confirms their orders, the app will notify the order details via a text message or pop-up message. So, the order processing time will be faster.

  • Manage Medicine Details

The pharmacist has the option to add or remove any medicine from his listings in the app. They can manage the medicine details by making necessary changes.

  • Manage Discounts

Pharmacists can offer discounts as this paves the way to get loyal customers.

  • Order Management

This feature enables the pharmacists to look after the orders and update the users regarding the order status like order processed, out for delivery, and delivered.

  • Similar Medicine Listings

Pharmacists can guide the users to purchase substitute medicines in case a particular medicine brand is not available. They have to make sure that the substitute medicine contains the same list of ingredients as the unavailable medicine.

  • View Ratings and Reviews

Pharmacies have access to view the ratings and reviews given by the users as they get to know what users think of their services.

Delivery Executive App Features

  • Profile Creation

Delivery executives have to create their profiles by specifying basic details.

  • Push Notifications

The CVS Pharmacy Clone app sends an alert message to the delivery executive regarding the new orders via push notifications.

  • Delivery Updates

The delivery executive has the option to update the delivery status at each stage so that the users will stay updated.

  • GPS Tracking System

The app shows the shortest and optimized route so that the delivery executive will reach the user’s location shortly.

Admin Panel Features

  • Inventory Management

As an admin, you can update the available products and stocks which are available. Also, ensure to mention the expiry date of the products.

  • Manage Pharmacy Stores and Users

You have the option to manage both the online retailers (pharmacy stores) and users who have registered with the app.

  • Track Payment

You can check the monthly, quarterly, or yearly earnings report at any time.

  • Analytics Reports

You can get a report on the overall performance of the app in real-time. With this data, you can consider improving the app’s performance.

  • Promotion Tools

You can run marketing campaigns to get attention from the users. This way, you can even collaborate with many pharmaceutical companies as it is helpful for your business.

How To Develop A User-Friendly CVS Pharmacy Clone App?

Now, it is time to implement your business idea into reality. For that, you have to approach a suitable app development company or hire professional freelance app developers. At UberLikeApp, we offer a clone app development service that you get designed and developed. First, discuss your idea along with the requirements. You can get your app developed right from the beginning or opt for the ready-made CVS Pharmacy Clone app.

What Will Be The Cost Of Developing The Walgreens Clone/CVS Pharmacy Clone App?

Creating a medicine delivery app from the beginning requires huge investment when compared to opting for the readily available app solution. A list of factors contributing to the development of the Walgreens Clone/CVS Pharmacy Clone app is mentioned below.

  • App development platform (Android, iOS, Windows, or hybrid app)
  • Time frame
  • Geolocation of the partnered app development company
  • Feature-set integration
  • Technology stack
  • Third-party service integration

Final Say

Medicine delivery app solutions are transforming the pharma industry. Nowadays, people are also buying medicines online instead of going to the medicine stores. Therefore, entering the online pharm segment with an app like CVS Pharmacy & Walgreens is a wise choice. 

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