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Undeniably, dating apps have captured millions of people’s attention, gaining popularity over the last two years. Nowadays, teenagers tend to rely on such apps to find their partners or soulmates. Significantly, the demand for dating apps has increased amidst the Covid-19 wave when it is hard for them to go outdoors and meet new people for dating. Rather, they are inclined towards apps for virtual dating. 

So, plugging the online dating industry will be a great choice in today’s generation. Eventually, it will be a profitable niche as this sector is predicted to grow tremendously in the near future. Few eye-witnessing successful dating apps are Tinder, Bumble, Azar, OkCupid, and many others prevalent in the market. Have you ever thought about entering the dating app market? If yes, opt for Azar Clone packed with exciting features.  

Azar – A video chat dating app that connects like-minded people

Typically, Azar is the video chat dating app that connects nearby like-minded people with just a few swipes. On a shorter note, it is a combination of Tinder, Instagram, and TikTok. The platform allows users to connect with new people online through swipes. They can make use of the regional and gender filters to ease this process.  

The app facilitates the users (hosts) to go live. Participants can join the live and it’s up to their choice to send a gift to the hosts. Another impressive thing about this app is that users can search from diversified profiles and send in-app messages. Furthermore, they can personalize backgrounds and make use of impressive features like filters, effects, hashtags, and similar others.   

Why is Azar popular among other apps?

Azar is a Korean-based app launched by Samuel in the year 2014. Its unique business model facilitates people to connect with anyone without any barriers like language and location. Unlike other dating apps, it is easy to search for new people in Azar with an option to video chat with unknown people. For instance, an app like Tinder uses a complicated algorithm. Whereas, Azar uses a simple algorithm that makes it more convenient for people to connect with strangers. 

Through this app, an individual can browse or check on multiple profiles with the help of advanced filters. A set of rules have been followed so that it will determine which profiles can be shown to particular users. These all have grabbed the attention of 200 million users from 230 different countries since its inception. 

Stats & facts of online dating industry – Future scope

  • Statista shows that the global online dating industry’s worth will be $4,744 million by 2025, with a 7.13% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) during the course of 2021 and 2025.
  • Also, it is predicted that the number of dating apps users will increase, which will be 489.9 million by 2025. 
  • In worldwide comparison, most of the revenue will come from the United States, i.e., $797 million by the end of 2021. Overall, this industry’s global revenue will be $3,601 million by the fourth quarter of 2021.
  • Another report shows that the global revenue of the dating app industry has increased from $2.52 billion in 2019 to $3.08 billion in 2020. 

As an implication, the online dating industry has witnessed growth & popularity, and there will be a great scope in the future. Therefore, getting into this sector will be a top-notch idea you could ever make now in the current circumstance.    

Features to be included while developing a dating app like Azar

  • Profile creation

Keep the app’s registration process as simple as possible. The lengthy and complicated sign-up process may end up losing your users as it creates a bad impression. They can either specify their email address/contact number or social media credentials to finish the initial setup process. 

  • Voice chat

With the voice chat feature, users can communicate with their matches seamlessly. One major advantage is that they can even voice chat with random ones before match-making. For that, they have to spend coins.  

  • Advanced filter option

The app facilitates the users to search for other users’ profiles based on age, gender, and location. Using these advanced filters, they can search for a perfect match without any hassles. From the searched filter results, they can either like or dislike those profiles.   

  • Block option

This feature will let the users block any profiles due to personal reasons. Once the concerned profiles are blocked, they can no longer communicate with those who have blocked them and cannot view the online status.  

  • Online status

The active status indicates that the users are active currently. On the other hand, the “last seen” shows the last time when the users were active in the app. This will be quite an indispensable feature for chat-based dating apps.  

  • Image sharing

Users can share media with other contacts via the app by tapping the Image sharing icon. This will pave the way for making the conversation more interactive. It is the same feature as you see in most instant messaging apps. 

How can you generate revenue from an Azar Clone app?

There are several possibilities to earn revenue from a dating app. Here are some of the standard monetization ways you can implement to generate revenue from an Azar Clone app. 

  • Commission on every virtual gift

The video chat dating app facilitates the users to give each other virtual gifts. Therefore, the app owner can make use of this chance to earn a commission fee whenever the user sends a virtual gift. Moreover, the users with virtual gifts can convert these into real money, which can be withdrawn via their PayPal account.

  • In-app purchases

You can generate a considerable amount of money when users make in-app purchases by unlocking special features. It includes unlimited likes, profile visitors, profile likers, people with whom they have connected on video calls, and several other beneficial features. Coins can also be purchased via in-app purchases.

  • Prime memberships

Using coins, users can do audio or video calls for virtual dating even when both the users have not swiped each other’s profile right. To do so, they have to avail a prime membership by paying a specific percentage of the amount. It is one of the simplest ways to generate a constant income flow. 

  • Commission for a chat before match-making

It is arduous that the two users swipe right on each other’s profiles. Even in this case, the users can send text messages using coins. However, you can charge them a certain percentage of the commission fee from the users who wish to chat before match-making.

Would you wish to launch a dating app?

Now, you are very much clear about the salient features of the dating app and possible ways in which you can generate considerable income from the Azar Clone app. With sound knowledge, entrepreneurs can step into the online dating sector. To do so, they have to approach a trustworthy app development company.    

If you have an idea to launch an app like Azar, approach us for dating app development. We are here to help you launch the video chat dating app instantly. Our video chat script is pre-crafted using up-to-date technology and filled with noteworthy features. This will empower you to establish a successful business within a short period. Notably, opting for a pre-built solution will be the best option rather than preferring dating app development from scratch.   

Final summary

In a nutshell, the online dating industry is growing with every passing day. The choice of launching a video chat dating app like Azar will be a top-notch idea. However, it would be better to opt for an Azar Clone Script rather than crafting the dating app from the beginning. 

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