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The fast-moving digital world has made us face more stress than ever, and the demand for professional therapists keeps rising. The practice of mindfulness techniques and meditation activities are growing among the working class. People looking for alternatives in their life to seek peace and relaxation has become a familiar sight as the people have got sandwiched between their commitments at the workplace and personal life. Although they listen to music at their leisure, it does not quench their thirst for tranquillity and relaxation. 

Several corporations have taken an interest in their employees’ mental health and have allocated time for leisure activities. Some people practice meditation and deep breathe in their break time. Although it might be an irony, a digital solution can be the very solution for the stress. Most people will find it hard to believe, but mobile mindfulness applications can be a highly profitable business idea. Since the world is significantly focussing on the mental well being of people, these apps can be of significant monetary value in the current market. 

How did meditation apps become popular in the mainstream market:

The digital solutions that provide relaxation to our minds continue to rise in the market as the demand keeps increasing. Due to some of the crucial factors like increasing work pressure among the millennials, the heightened loneliness and depression push them to look for a digital well-being solution. As new technological developments keep arriving in the market, these apps have collectively become one of the leading trends. Here are some of the reasons behind the immense popularity of these apps.

  • High levels of anxiety among millennials
  • Increasing levels of stress
  • More awareness of mental health issues among people
  • The positive influence of meditation on different areas of life
  • Efforts from influencers
  • Word of mouth
  • The convenience of technological devices

The focus of the younger generation towards mindfulness apps have resulted in an enormous growth of these sectors’ revenue. As per the latest statistics, the meditation app market was valued at $ 188.64 million in 2018. Business analysts have predicted that the market will exhibit a CAGR of 41.3% by 2027, which suggests that the total net worth is estimated to be $ 4,377.95 million.

meditation app market

These apps have proven to be the perfect companion to beat the worst disease “Stress” without leaving the digital world. Entrepreneurs can seamlessly step into this profitable sector with professional assistance from a calm clone app development company

Factors that drive the growth of mindfulness app:

Increase in mental healthcare awareness:

It is estimated that around 75-90% of people in the US sought professional help for their stress-related issues. Studies have concluded that 13% of kids are showing symptoms of anxiety disorder. This alignment in the mindset of kids is mainly due to improper parenting, bullying, inadequate attention, and stress at school. Most people have understood the importance of mental well-being and have started to practice meditation and yoga on a daily basis. 

The rise in usage of IoT healthcare devices:

The advent of healthcare devices like smartwatches and fitness bands, people are able to monitor their health conditions regularly. Although these devices aren’t guaranteed to provide perfect results, these devices have saved lives in real-world scenarios. 

Why should you build an app like Calm:

When it comes to meditation apps, there are several apps similar to Calm that offer the same service. These apps have topped the charts as a major trend in mobile applications. No wonder why budding entrepreneurs go for Meditation Apps like Calm to kickstart their venture. The escalating need for stress relief from work pressure will be the driving force behind the increase in usage of these apps. Comparing market statistics and demand, there is still a lot of space for development, and new service providers prosper. Your project could be another success story in the making, provided you follow the right steps and build a robust application. This article will dive deep into the development of meditation app like Calm.

Features that should go into your mindfulness app like calm:

app like calm

User profile creation:

Ensure that your users do not face any hassles in registering their account on the application. You could also go with social media plugins alongside traditional methods like a phone number or email address. The users will be able to store and access all their information related to their activities on the app. 

Inducing sleep:

Users can get natural sleep by relaxing their body and mind. The natural sounds and stories in our app will induce sleep.

Exclusive masterclasses:

We provide exclusive training and classes on inducing calmness and relaxation in mind. These masterclasses will be undertaken by professionals with significant expertise in this field. The users can avail different types of classes based on their requirements. 

Breathing exercises:

The breathing exercises feature helps users to perform breathing exercises in an ideal way. It will be preloaded with different sets of breathing exercises for various durations. These features will be extremely handy for users to calm their nerves and senses. 

Visuals for a calm mind:

Our app will present a plethora of beautiful scenes involving nature, landscapes, paintings, pets, etc. These visuals are proven to improve the users’ concentration and make them feel pleasant. 

Body relaxation module:

Our body relaxation module is loaded with techniques that ensure relaxation for the users. We have consulted with professionals to understand human stress better and provide them with a relaxing experience irrespective of the time of the day. 


Reminders can come in handy for the users and can be customized to their preferences. They can add reminders about being mindful, digital well being, drinking water, and to take a nap. This feature will eventually help them to live a stress-free life. 

UI/UX design attributes for a Calm clone app:

Calm clone app

Now that you have a basic idea about our Calm clone app, it is time to move on to the critical UI/UX aspects of the application. If you are set on developing an app like Calm, here are the key factors that you must consider for the design aspects. 

Minimalist design:

We have followed a strict approach and stuck to minimalism in the entirety of the app’s design. Our app is restricted to the critical features that are necessary for the business and improving user experience. Our design team has extensively focussed on integrating visual elements that enhance the overall usability of the app.

The role of push notifications:

Our app development team has put together their experience in this niche to streamline the complete potential push notifications. It will be handy for reminding users about their priorities, scheduled activities, sleep cycle, and other necessary things. This feature is proven to increase user engagement and also helps in converting business leads successfully. 

Flawless search functionality:

Our Calm like meditation app development team has integrated search filters to make things easier for the users. Your users will not feel any hassles in finding their required service as they can seamlessly navigate across different content categories and labels. 

Localization of the app:

A localized app can seamlessly influence the audience and bring them together on a platform. The Calm app offers content in six of the significant languages that include English, German, French, and Spanish. It would be beneficial to integrate local languages onto your platform as it will create an enhanced level of reliability from your users’ side. 

Monetization strategies in the mindfulness app industry:

Monetization strategies

Subscription model:

A majority of the mindfulness apps in the market rely on subscriptions as a significant source of revenue. The users will have to pay a fixed subscription fee to access the apps’ premium content. However, the visibility level of content depends on your business idea and goals. 

In-app purchases:

You can discuss with our development team to seamlessly integrate in-app purchases on your mindfulness app like calm. Several leading meditation apps in the mainstream market follow this model. The users can choose to opt for extra services and pay for it if required. 

On the whole, both revenue models are proven to be beneficial for the business as several apps are using them in the market. You can seamlessly connect to a broader audience and boost your overall revenue. 

What is the cost of developing an app like Calm?

The cost of developing an app like Calm depends on several entities. Here are some of the crucial factors that determine the overall app development cost:

Tech stack:

A majority of your app development budget will be consumed by the tech stack that goes into your Calm like app. Although you can pick your choice with the tech stack, it is recommended to go with the latest programming language, tools, third-party APIs, and other technologies to build your application. Since these technological elements will play a significant role in determining the future of your app, it is a worthy investment.

App features:

The cost of developing your Calm like app is directly related to the features that go into it. Devise a business plan that includes the number of features, the complexity of your application, and its size, to get a rough estimation of your overall app development cost. The plan will give you an overall idea of the cost, and you can make changes according to your budget.

App development team:

Your app development teams’ location, size, expertise, and experience might seem a minor factor but plays a significant role in determining the overall cost of developing your app. 


In this article, we have discussed the features and monetary strategies that are guaranteed to work with modern consumers. If you still have any queries related to the app development possess, and the functionality of our app, feel free to get in touch with us. Schedule for a free demo of our product and discuss your business needs and expectations with our expert team for a reliable application that caters to the needs of the global audience. 

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