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In the wake of Coronavirus, many industries have changed their approach towards work and revenue-generation as lockdown, and social distancing is still being imposed in almost every country. Medium and large-scale organizations and educational institutions have started adhering to work from a home methodology, which has proven to be highly successful and effective. 

A major agenda that needs to be on the table is- how to effectively communicate with your team members or students? Since physical presence is ruled out, the only solution is to ensure virtual presence with an app like Zoom. It is mainly used for video conferencing, and the main benefit is that around 1000 participants can be added to a video call at a time. The number of participants will vary based on the plan you choose for your organization. We at Uber Like App, offer Zoom clone apps that are affordable, customized, and whitelabeled.  

A few facts about the growth of the Zoom app in the market are listed here:

  • Zoom app was awarded the best Initial Public Offering for the year 2019. 
  • It was also one of the top performers on NASDAQ with 130% gains in 2019. 
  • The revenue of the app grew to $622.7 million in the first quarter of the year 2020, from $60 million in the year 2017. 
  • Between the years 2017-2019, the revenue grew with a CAGR of 117%. 
  • It is estimated that the revenue will grow to $925 million in the year 2021.

Major services offered in the Zoom clone app

The video conferencing app has a long list of services that many corporates, schools, and universities can make use of. The services are designed to provide a good user experience. It is a one-stop solution for all your multi-member video conference meetings or webinars. Below listed are the mainstream services offered by the app:

Online meetings:

This service offers HD video conferencing along with additional features such as real-time messaging and content sharing. The app can be installed in any device of the user’s choice, and they can make use of it to host meetings in their organization, join a meeting, conduct or attend online classes, chat with friends, and more.  

HD-Video webinars:

With this feature, users can host and broadcast events effectively. Around 100 participants can participate in the event, and nearly 10,000 view-only attendees can join. If hosts want to receive payments for the webinar, they can use an integrated gateway such as PayPal or Zapier. Other attributes include Q&A polling, Attendee raise hand, Attention indicator, etc. 

Conference rooms:

It is a special service that can be taken advantage of by the corporates alone. This service allows users to share screens on multiple devices. Visuals, graphs, and other data can also be displayed when sharing screens. There is a trial period of one month, after which you have to subscribe by paying a fixed amount. Its features include digital signage, zoom touch displays, scheduling displays, and more. 

In-app chat facility:

The chat service is available for desktop and mobile thus making communication easier. With this feature, you can share content in the one-on-one group session. Its major attributes include advanced search, comprehensive availability status, and other security-related features. 

Premium feature-set of a Zoom clone app

The video conferencing app has two major panels that have a set of crucial features as listed below:

User App

Join meetings:

Users will be given unique meetings IDs that they can enter into the app to join a particular meeting. The IDs can also be personalized by users. 

Host meetings:

With this feature, users can host a meeting and send an invite to other users. The meeting can be conducted via a web browser or a mobile app. 

Scheduled meetings:

Users can schedule business meetings, webinars, or online classes in advance by specifying the date and time in the invite to be sent to users. 

Real-time messaging facility:

This enables users to interact with each other easily. They can share any content such as videos, documents, etc. during the meeting.

HD video conferencing:

All meetings, webinars, and online classes are streamed via a high-definition video conferencing feature. 

Easy recording: 

Hosts or participants can record the entire meeting or session and store it if required. 

Sharing screens:

Users can share their screens with multiple users via this platform during an on-going meeting or class. 

Voice calling:

The Zoom clone app also contains the voice call facility where users can interact via voice alone. Video option can be disabled. 


Users can create separate categories or domains for each department available in their organization, and they can conduct business meetings with the members of that particular team alone. 


Users can be alerted about the scheduled meetings, webinars, or online classes via email, calendar alerts, and push notifications. 

Limited access:

When hosting a meeting, access to attend it can be provided to selected users, and the rest will not be allowed to join the conference call. 

Disable/enable voice:

With this feature, users can turn their voice or microphone on or off when required. Other users will not be able to hear them if this feature is switched on.

Admin dashboard

The powerful admin dashboard will help the admin manage all meetings, classes, and webinars using the features available.  

Access to analytics and reports:

Analytics and reports generated for analyzing the growth and behavior of the business will be available in the admin dashboard.


The admin can modify or update the features of the dashboard based on their needs. This is an added advantage. 

Secure payment gateways:

The admin can add any number of secure payment gateways to the app, and users can pay any one of them when required. 

Multiple admins:

The admin can create several sub-admin profiles and provide them limited access and allow them to manage a particular section of the application. This will help the admin in providing a more efficient service to users. 

Manage packages:

The different packages offered can be modified, or an additional package can be added by the admin if needed. 

What are the most advanced features of the app like Zoom?

Apart from the basic set of essential features, there are a few advanced attributes that the app includes:

Highly secure:

Both the app and the browser are secured based on various security protocols. To ensure private communication, end-to-end encryption is used. 

Personal notes:

With this feature, users can make a note of the important information relayed in the meeting, class, or webinar. 

Background modification:

Users will be allowed to change their background before they attend a class or meeting via the browser or app. 

Editing user looks:

Using this facility, users will be able to edit or improve their looks during an ongoing class or meeting. 

Question and answers:

When attending a meeting or class, users can raise any questions they have, and it will be resolved, thereby making the session more informative. 

User polls:

Any user can create a poll of their choice, and other users available in the session can vote. This will help in decision making. 

Attendee raising hand feature:

The hand-raising facility can be used by users to relay or share their opinions during any webinar or meeting. 

Attentive time calculation:

The amount of time that a user is attentive will be computed by the app or browser when they attend a meeting. They will be alerted if they spend more time on a particular section. 


Hosts will be allowed to generate minutes of meeting reports that can be used for future reference. 

Potential benefits of a video conferencing app

Low operational costs:

Since all the work is being done from home, the expense required to operate the office on a regular basis will be drastically reduced. This will be a great advantage for the organization. 

High user satisfaction:

With this app, you can effectively communicate with your employees and clients. Doubts can be resolved quickly, and the per day productivity will increase rapidly. 

High profit:

The Zoom clone app will help organizations yield high profit as communication will avoid errors, projects can be delivered soon as productivity increases, customer satisfaction is high, and more such factors will help in generating revenue consistently. 

Wrapping up:

Our highly trained professionals will help you and guide you through the entire Zoom clone app development process. Include all the necessary features mentioned here and manage to build a profitable business in this pandemic season. Concerning the safety of your employees and clients, you can purchase this Zoom clone app and run your business smoothly via this online video conferencing platform. 

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