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Many entrepreneurs have been launching their weed delivery business in the market ever since it turned into a business that will generate high revenue in a short period. Experts at Uberlikeapp will help you launch your marijuana delivery business in the market at an affordable cost and in a short amount of time. 

It is a whitelabeled and scalable app solution that can be customized in accordance with the business needs you possess. The business experts will understand your requirements and help you frame a feature-set for your app. In addition to app development, our experts will help you with marketing as well. Various approaches will be suggested to help you establish your brand quickly in the market.

What is offered in our robust app?

The Uber for marijuana delivery app has different panels for each of the roles available. 

User app:

Customers will be provided with a separate panel using which they can register with the app and place orders for marijuana delivery. All the necessary options will be available in the panel. 

Admin panel:

The admin can log in with the credentials provided and manage the entire delivery process efficiently. Access to all data will also be provided, and the admin will be able to modify or update it when needed. 

Delivery executive panel:

Delivery agents can sign up with the app and serve user requests after the admin approves them. They can also accept or reject customer requests based on a few parameters. 


Our experts will design a website for your marijuana delivery business through which users can place requests. It will also contain all details related to marijuana for user reference. 

Major features that will help build a robust marijuana delivery app solution:

The app consists of several important attributes that we carefully include after in-depth market research.

Scheduled request:

Users can schedule their marijuana delivery requests by mentioning the correct date and time. 

Easy search:

Customers can find the right weed with the help of the search box and advanced filters available in the app. 

Availability toggle:

Vendors and delivery executives will have an availability slide bar to help them display their availability status. 

Tracking location:

Delivery agents and users will be able to track each other’s live location and contact details during an ongoing request. 

Estimated cost:

Before confirming orders, the total cost, including the delivery fee, will be displayed in the user app. They can alter the order after reviewing the price if required. 

Request rejection:

Delivery executives will be allowed to reject requests from users, provided they have a valid reason for it. 

Product update:

Vendors can update the app regularly with the list of available/not available weed. This will give better clarity to customers. 

Chat and call feature:

The marijuana delivery app will have a chat and call facility that will help users and delivery executives communicate with the support team in case of any queries or concerns. 

Vendor profile setup:

Vendors can specify the required details to set up a profile for their stores and provide a short description in the respective section. 

App notifications:

Delivery status, offers, rewards, and other related information will be sent to users, delivery executives, and vendors via emails, text messages, or push notifications. 

Ratings and reviews:

Customers can rate the service of delivery executives and provide their suggestions after a successful delivery. 

Major benefits of our marijuana delivery app:

The affordable app solution we provide has multiple benefits, as listed below:


The online weed delivery app can be customized easily by our developers so as to comply with the business requirements you have. 

Whitelabeled product:

We will help you rebrand the app with your logo and brand name, as it will help you establish your brand name to users. 


Our app is highly cost-efficient in comparison to an app built from scratch. Small and medium scale entrepreneurs can also afford the app solution. 

Cross-platform compatible:

The weed delivery app will run without any errors or technical glitches on all the major platforms. 

How is the weed delivery app developed?

Our team ensures that a high-performance and fully-functional app for your venture and so it undergoes the following phases:

Understanding requirements:

Before the app development process, your requirements will be understood, and our experts will conduct research and generate reports based on the outcome. 

Features and layout:

Up next, the feature-set of the app will be decided, and a layout will be designed for the app. Based on the design, a working prototype will be built. 

Technology employed:

The advanced frameworks and technologies that will be used to develop the app will be finalized in this stage. 

App development process:

Our experienced developers will build the app in this phase with the help of the tools available. 

Testing and review:

The app is then tested based on various parameters, and it should surpass all the tests, after which it will be approved. Any changes you suggest will be made in this phase. 

App launch:

After approval, the app is launched on all the platforms that you choose, and it is made sure that it runs successfully. 

To conclude:

To build an Uber for marijuana delivery app for your business, you can contact our experts. We consider the above-mentioned insights and help you launch an app in a few days. Contact us now!

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