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The travel and tourism industry is an evergreen sector that reached a new height with technological advancements. Moreover, the customers’ expectations and demands are one such reason for the travel industry to flourish. Today, people can plan their trips with such apps as they can explore many options with almost a few taps. Sustaining in the travel industry without a mobile app is tough as many big players such as Kayak, Expedia, Booking.com, and Hipmunk marked their places. Suppose you are running a travel agency, it is a great time to adapt to the changing trends with the Kayak Clone app.

Kayak is a well-known travel search app currently available in more than 18 languages and over 30 countries. Such apps are in demand nowadays among people as they have access to book trips and accommodations within a few minutes. 

Interesting Stats And Facts Of Kayak That Aspires Entrepreneurs To Start Developing a Travel App

  • Worldwide, nearly 50% of smartphone users search for trips via apps or websites in 2020 as they can proceed with bookings without hassles.
  • Stats show that over 1.2 billion people travel abroad each year. With the increasing demand for customers, the travel and tourism industry is projected to grow further in the coming years.
  • Kayak was founded by Steve Hafner and Paul M.English in 2004. The net worth of Kayak is estimated to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 3.0% between 2017 and 2026. Notably, the estimated annual revenue of Kayak was $273.5 million.  
  • Undoubtedly, many businesses witnessed a decline during the Covid-19 pandemic. As strict lockdown followed, people were not allowed to travel from one place to another. Now, most restrictions were relaxed and allowed to travel. As the economy rises and recovers from the current pandemic situation, there is no doubt that entrepreneurs will earn higher revenue. 
  • Unlike other travel booking apps, Kayak will not sell its inventory as it only displays other travel sites for the customers.
  • There is no surprise that a travel app like Kayak will rule the next five years in the global travel and tourism industry. So, developing and launching a travel app similar to Kayak is profitable.

Essential Features To Consider During Kayak Clone App Development

Developing a feature-rich Kayak Clone app is one promising idea to attain success in your business. Check out some of the must-have features to consider during travel app development.

  • Login

This is the needed feature as users cannot proceed with bookings without it. To make this process simple, let your users register with the travel search app using social media accounts. With this, they can sign up hassle-free and do not have to remember their ID and password

  • Complete listing

Providing a wide range of options for different services helps the users to choose the one they need. For instance, if users want a hotel to stay in, they can search through various hotel options as they can select the perfect hotel that suits their requirements. You have to enable the users to know more information like hotel photos, hotel descriptions, room availability, hotel guidelines, contact details, and cancellation policies.

  • Payment gateways

After the user books a service, the app prompts them to choose the payment modes and make transactions simultaneously. Make sure the payment transaction process is safe and smooth for the users. You have to include multiple payment gateways such as Braintree or Stripe.

  • Chatbot

It is mandatory to integrate the chatbot feature as the users can get assistance through calls or messages according to their requirements. This allows the users to get their problems resolved. As this feature is included in almost all the other travel support apps, make your app’s chatbot simpler to handle for the users.

  • Booking history

This feature enables the users to check their booking history as they can repeat the same booking whenever required. Ensure that the booking history includes the full information regarding the travel history and accommodation bookings, including the prices.

  • Users’ feedback

For the app’s betterment, collecting users’ feedback is essential. Besides, this will be helpful for the new users to avail of your service via the app. Once the users complete the payment process for availing of the service, a pop-up screen asks the users to provide reviews and ratings. Users would give positive feedback if they liked the app.

Apart from the general features, including new features will make your app stand out from the competitors. Depending on your budget, consider adding advanced features. One such feature is the Weather forecast, as this allows the users to get updates regarding the weather predictions while they plan to travel.

How Does A Travel Booking Kayak Clone App Work?

An app like Kayak allows users to search for hundreds of travel sites to know what they need for a trip. They can view a list of flights, hotels, and cars for rental. Depending on their budget, they can opt for bookings.

First, they have to install the app on their smartphone. Once done, they have to finish the registration process by providing the required information. They can easily search and sort various options to find out the right trip for them. The app prompts the users to make payment transactions digitally after booking confirmation. However, users can prefer their available payment modes according to their choice.

The app sends alerts and updates the users regarding the bookings. It includes changes in flight timing, access boarding pass, itinerary. They can prefer to use guides to create and share daily itineraries. 

How Do You Generate Revenue From an Online Travel Booking Business?

Typically, online booking businesses offer a wide range of services like hotel bookings, car rentals, airline tickets, and vacation packages. Let’s explore the possible ways in which an online business generates revenue.

  • Agency Revenue Model

Online travel agencies act as an intermediate between customers and operators, which can make a commission on each payment transaction. For instance, the commission fee of Expedia is between 20% and 25%.

  • Advertising Revenue Model

In-app advertising is an effective and efficient way to generate revenue from a travel booking app like Kayak. It makes money on flights and hotels based on the cost-per-click to online travel agencies. In simpler terms, it redirects customers to look for flights and hotels in the app.

  • Merchant Revenue Model

With this model, online travel agencies are the merchant of record. All the bookings will take place either via a website or mobile app. Moreover, online travel agencies have to buy hotel rooms and market those for travellers. 

Priceline sells reservations based on the agency model, whereas Expedia is based on the merchant model. You can consider implementing any popular revenue models based on your requirements and resources availability.    

Choose A Suitable Technology Partner For Kayak Clone App Development

In today’s world, developing a similar app like Kayak isn’t difficult. Since many companies are offering clone apps, it is not that tough to start a business. 

Possibly, there are two approaches you can prefer for Kayak Clone app development. The first approach is the conventional way in which an app is created from scratch. This is going to be a time-consuming process and needs a considerable amount of investment. The second approach is preferring the Kayak Clone Script, which is a readily available travel app. Moreover, this process is time-conserving and pocket-friendly. 

At UberLikeApp, we developed a white-label Kayak Clone app that helps entrepreneurs to start a profitable business in no time. As this solution is customizable, we ensure to provide an app that suits your requirements.  

How To Estimate a Travel Booking App Development Cost?

The cost of developing a travel app depends on the functionality and features that you consider. 

To roughly say, the cost of travel booking app development varies depending on the individual business. Below are the prominent factors that contribute to the app development cost.  

  • Selection of a platform to launch an app
  • Total number of features to integrate
  • Third-party service integrations
  • Support & maintenance
  • Technology stack
  • Geolocation of the company
  • UI/UX design
  • App complexity

Wrap Up

As technology advancement is reshaping the global market, it has become imperative for any business to mark its place in the digital space. However, developing a travel booking app is a billion-dollar business that paved the way to generate high revenue in this digital age. This is the primary reason why entrepreneurs are showing more interest in travel apps. 

Moreover, it is projected that the demand for such apps will surge in the upcoming years as people find it quite easy to book online with a few clicks. It’s never too late to start a business with your travel app like Kayak. Leverage this great opportunity and enter the profitable market with a reliable & user-friendly Kayak Clone app.  

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