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In the modern food industry, the food delivery service business has been playing a vital role as it has recently brought predominant changes. Many people have drifted towards the food delivery service apps for ordering their favourite food from nearby restaurants. This trend set makes many entrepreneurs create & launch their own app and enter into the lucrative industry. 

HungryPanda, a successful food ordering and delivery service app

One successful app is HungryPanda. It is a Chinese cuisine speciality food and grocery delivery service app that was founded in 2016. It is notable that this app is available only in the Chinese language as they concentrate on only specific target audiences.  Initially, they started it from Nottingham and included 19 different cities in 2019. There is no wonder that the growth of HungryPanda is growing rapidly. Even after the app deployment, they keep on improving the app’s performance. Apart from this, they allow the customers to even pay via WeChat Pay and AliPay. The success mantra of the food and grocery delivery service business focuses on customer’s interests. 

Soon after the popularity of HungryPanda within the UK, they decided to expand their business by introducing multilingual services. Also, they planned to include the grocery delivery services in their app.  Currently, HungryPanda operates in 9 countries: Canada, United States, United Kingdom, France, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand. It is evident that they have boosted their business outside China and the net worth is raised &70 million. This success story inspires many entrepreneurs to kick start their food delivery business with the HungryPanda clone app.

Take away points from HungryPanda

Before you start building your food ordering and delivery app, take some of the key points from HungryPanda. Thus, it helps to run a successful business in the long run. Let us know below.

  • Understand your target audience

Irrespective of which business you are going to start, understanding the target audience is a foremost step. Because, concentrating on a particular target audience will help you to improve your business success. Take HungryPanda as an example. As it is a Mandarian-specific app, they targeted only Chinese audiences and people who love Chinese food.  The main reason behind their success is offering only Chinese food as customers can order without thinking about some other type of dishes. It is an ideal way they followed. Similar to this, you can also target a specific audience group.

  • Incorporating other services

HungryPanda being the food delivery service app, initiated the grocery delivery service in the same platform as the on-demand delivery services industry is lucrative. They are very clear in adopting on-demand services to earn revenue. It is not a novel idea as Gojek followed the same. At the initial stage, Gojek offered delivery services and then incorporated multiple services. Taking this into consideration, you can incorporate any services in your app based on the changing market trends.

  • Choose Unique selling propositions

The major point to consider from HungryPanda is that their Unique Selling Proposition selection. They have incorporated the native language of China in the app, i.,e Mandarian as they didn’t consider including other languages. Because, they are very much sure about targeting only the Chinese audience with authentic Chinese cuisines. This made the app stay unique among other food delivery apps. Remodelling the same food delivery app will not work out to run a successful business as it might fail at any point in time. App uniqueness is the major parameter that determines success.

Two different app development techniques to create a food ordering and delivery app

Today, there are two different ways to build a food delivery app like HungryPanda. A brief explanation of both the techniques is as follows.

  •  Developing an app from scratch

It is the traditional way of developing a food delivery app. However, it is a time-consuming process and needs a huge investment. It seems to be a little complicated for budding entrepreneurs who plan to start their own business.

  •  Preferring the clone app solution

This is the modern approach to developing a food delivery app. It empowers you to launch your app in no time. Many app development companies come up with the clone app solution as it is widely preferable by many entrepreneurs. As this clone app is a highly customizable solution, necessary modifications can be made at any time. Notably, this is a time-conserving process and so your app can be launched in a short duration at a reasonable cost.

Cutting-edge features of the food ordering and delivery app like HungryPanda

As every entrepreneur wishes to launch a food delivery app, cloning the HungryPanda app with the same features is not beneficial for the long run. So, it is recommended to consider some cutting-edge features. This determines your app uniqueness and empowers you to stand ahead of the heavy competition in the online food delivery industry. Below are a few of the cutting edge features of the food delivery app like HungryPanda.

Below are a few of the cutting edge features of the food delivery app like HungryPanda.

  • Place an order via SMS

Placing an order via app requires an internet connection. What if people do not have access to the internet or stable internet? What if they do not have smartphones? Considering these audiences in mind, you can let them place an order via SMS. There is a high chance that they become your target audience.

  • In-app chatbots

If customers are using your app for the first time, they might face difficulties in placing an order or navigating through options. Thus, incorporating the In-app chat feature will enable them to place the order by chatting. They do not have to search for eateries and menus. This seems to be a convenient one for them.

  • Multilingual support

Language must not be a barrier to your business. If you plan to offer the food delivery service across various countries, multilingual support is mandatory. This feature enables the customers to use your app in the language they choose. Doing this will be a stepping stone for establishing a global presence for your app.

  • In-app wallet

Incorporating various payment methods in the food delivery app becomes necessary nowadays. Customers might feel difficult to enter their account details every time they pay upon ordering the food. But, the in-app wallet will allow the customers to pay with a few taps. 

  • Analytics report

The real-time analytics feature in the admin panel will facilitate you to analyze the app’s performance in real-time. These analytics show numerous key metrics such as ratings, sales, revenue, and so on.

  • Integrate safety add-ons in your food delivery app

Considering the present situation in mind, you can consider including safety add-ons to your app. This helps to safeguard the community and prevents virus transmission. Some of the safety add-ons are listed below.

  • Safety reviews and ratings
  • Face mask recognition 
  • Contactless deliveries
  • Safety badges
  • High-touch surface information

Bottom line

As an entrepreneur with a vision of launching the HungryPanda clone app, you inevitably need assistance from a mobile app development company or team. At UberLikeApp, we helped numerous entrepreneurs to gain success in their business with the app solutions. Associate with us and we will help you launch a similar app like HungryPanda that suits your business requirements.

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