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Koo, an alternative to Twitter, which is an opinion-sharing micro-blogging platform, has become the talk of the social media market. This platform offers new ways of interacting with others by posting a tweet to put forth their points of view. Its idea of allowing users to share their opinions in Indian languages using audio, video, or text has reached millions of users. The eminence of this app in India motivates entrepreneurs to launch the Koo Clone app to initiate an avant-garde venture instantly.  

A Brief Introduction Of Koo With Interesting Stats And Facts

Koo is a microblogging & social networking service platform founded in 2019. A recent study shows that it witnessed over 2.6 million downloads in 2020. Notably, the number of downloads surged rapidly in February 2020. It won the Digital India AatmaNirbhar Bharat Innovate Challenge in August 2020.  

In India, only 10% of the population speaks English and almost 1 billion people do not speak English. The remaining 90% of the population is also using smartphones and accessing mobile apps. Considering them, Koo provides access to the entire population in India as people can connect using their native/known languages. Initially, it was introduced in Kannada and later supported other languages like Tamil, English, Hindi, Marathi, and Assamese. 

As of 2021, its net value is more than $100 million and has 6 million active users. The number of users increased during the 2020-2021 farmers’ protest. After this standoff, cabinet ministers and government officials started to shift from Twitter to Koo. Unlike other social media platforms, it provides yellow ticks for verified accounts. Moreover, Koo has become an alternative microblogging platform in Nigeria after the ban of Twitter. It is because of the deletion of the Nigerian president’s tweet.  

As per Statista, it is forecasted that the social media market’s net worth in India will likely touch 447 million in 2023. There is an estimation that the number of social media app users will increase from 926.8 million in 2020 to 1.1 billion by 2025. These enthralling stats and facts are the supreme reason for entrepreneurs to set foot into the remunerative social media market with a Twitter alternative like app Koo.  

The Popularity Of Koo – A Glance At Its Success Story

Koo is an Indian-based social media platform that supports various Indian languages. So, the users can share their thoughts in their preferred language. It was launched by Aprameya Radhakrishna and Mayank Bidawatka. 

Koo gets noticeable once Piyush Goyal, Union Minister, tweeted about joining this platform. It was at the time when there was a disagreement between the Indian government and Twitter. Also, Minister of Electronics, IT Ravi Shankar Prasad, BS Yediyurappa are using this platform. 

This app is currently used by IndiaPost, Digital India, NIC, Ministry of IT, STPI, SAMEER, Digi Locker, and other famous departments. This became one of the foremost reasons for the users to choose this platform.

This created a huge craze for this platform and encouraged users to prefer this. Moreover, people who do not wish to use Facebook and Instagram would like to use an app like Twitter & Koo. The trend of Koo inspires entrepreneurs to invest in social media app development.  

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Salient Features To Consider During Twitter Alternative App Development

As mentioned earlier, an opinion-sharing microblogging platform like Koo or Twitter is well-known among a larger user because of its features and functionality. Therefore, you should consider the significant features when you plan for Twitter alternative app development. Below are the must-have features that you should not opt-out of in your Koo Clone app.

  • Share Opinions

The microblogging & social networking app allows the users to share their personal experience or general opinions via text, audio, or images format. Depending on your target audience, you can prefer adding these extensions like video, live video, or poll. It would be better to start with the basic extensions like text & images and later add other extensions. 

  • Like, comment, and react

Similar to other social networking apps, let the users like, comment, and react to the posts. Simply scrolling the page without any engagements seems not good. So, adding this feature will increase engagement while they scroll the page.

  • Geolocation

Irrespective of any mobile apps, the geolocation feature has become a necessary one. This feature integrated into the social media app will enable the users to share their location while posting content. It can be done when they post a travel-related post. By doing this, other users can know where the users have been while posting the content. 

  • In-app Communication

Other than sharing the post, this feature will let the users send messages to other users. And, interact with each other. Whenever the user gets new messages, the app will notify them regarding the same. 

  • Payment Gateway Integration

In case you integrate the in-app advertising revenue model, you have to integrate the payment gateways into your app. This feature is essential as it opens the way for you to get payments. 

  • Registration

Allow the users to finish the initial registration process hassle-free. The lengthy registration process will not give a good impression to the users. Ensure to offer a streamlined process with just a few taps. 

Customary Income-Generating Streams Of The Koo Clone App

The Koo Clone app enables the users to follow one another, post tweets in various formats like text, video, audio, & visual, and have conversations with other users via the in-app chat. Twitter’s character limit is 280, whereas Koo’s character limit is 400. Both these platforms are free for users. Despite this, when it comes to revenue-generating streams, Koo makes income using the following three streams. Consider these when you go ahead with the Koo Clone app development. 

  • Promote Content

When the user posts content, it will reach other users based on the hashtags. The users with fewer followers’ posts will reach only a limited number of users and vice versa. The paid model will let the users reach out to a wider user base even when they have fewer followers by promoting the content. For that, they have to pay a certain percentage of the amount.  

  • Promote User Accounts

Besides the promotion of content, the app offers suggestions for the users about whom to follow. It will be based on various elements like users’ preferences, location, demographics, and performance. In turn, this will pave the way for brand promotion. The promoted user accounts get more visibility and potentially get more followers whose brands will reach them. The users who want their accounts to be promoted have to pay a fee.   

  • Chatbots Integration

This model will allow the users who are managing businesses to integrate chat-bots with their accounts which could make it easy to respond to users’ queries instantly, at any time. This way, businesses can get leads and boost sales. For this, you can charge a certain percentage fee from them. 

Final Note

In a nutshell, a ready-made & white-label Koo Clone app facilitates you to set into the social media industry shortly. Everything you need to do is to partner with us and discuss your requirements. We assure to offer the end product that suits your needs. However, with the widespread adoption of smartphones, people started to use social media apps which have become a part of everyday lives. Thus, investing in the Koo Clone Script is a great idea. 


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