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When asked people about how they start their day, the same answer came from almost all of them. They preferred to begin their day with a good workout. Each followed different forms of workout, for example, a few preferred to hit the gym daily or go for a good run in the morning. On the other hand, yoga, aerobics, and more are on the list of some people. These workout routines helped them stay fresh, fit, and healthy. But, in this Coronavirus pandemic season, people are confined to their homes and are  allowed to step out only for buying essential supplies or during a medical emergency. 

People are missing their workout sessions during this outbreak season. Therefore, they are turning to the obvious alternative place – the Internet to find an effective solution when they can maintain their health and fitness amid the lockdown. Now, as an entrepreneur, you can view this as a profitable business opportunity. You can build an online fitness platform and provide classes or sessions via video conferencing facility. This is possible with a video conferencing app like Zoom that  allows users across the world to attend sessions with a few taps on their smartphones. If organizations can conduct their meetings through a similar platform, why not fitness sessions?

What are the potential benefits of a Zoom for fitness app?

This fitness platform has a list of advantages that will help you obtain a better clarity on how useful the app is:

Access to global users:

People across the world can join the fitness sessions or classes from their remote locations. They will be updated about the schedule well in advance, and they can join through a video conferencing facility. They can choose their trainers and request private sessions also if required. 

Revenue-generating platform:

This will be a profitable video conferencing platform that will help you generate a higher revenue than you expected. Trainers can provide paid sessions for users, and the business owner can cut a commission for each user attending the class. This will be a fixed source of income for the Zoom for fitness business. 

Different routine options:

The fitness app will offer several types of workouts, and people can choose any one or multiple sessions based on their choice. Sessions on gym routines, jogging, yoga, aerobics, Zumba, and more can be provided to users as they will always prefer options. They can access the schedule and plan their sessions accordingly. 


Fitness sessions can be provided throughout the day. So, users can choose a session based on their convenience. Trainers will also offer the same sessions in the morning and evening if requested by users. This will be helpful for the people who work out twice a day. 

Additional revenue streams:

Apart from paid classes or sessions, you can also host ads of other brands in your app, and it will serve as an additional income source. Weekly or monthly membership packages can be offered to people at a fixed price. 

Premium features of a Zoom clone app for fitness:

The video fitness app has a set of attributes that will help users and trainers access the app easily:


Users and trainers should be able to register with their phone numbers, email IDs, or social media accounts. Upon successful registration, they have to complete the authentication process by entering the unique code sent to their mobile numbers or email IDs. 

Choose a session:

Users can view the list of workout routines available and pick out any one of them. They can also use the search filter to find a routine of their choice quickly. They will get access to the schedule, and they can go with their convenient time slot. 

Scheduled classes:

With this feature, users can schedule their workout sessions well in advance. They will be reminded about the sessions via notifications. This will help them stay organized and attend sessions on a regular basis. 

Set challenges:

Registered users can set daily, weekly, or monthly challenges in the app. To keep them motivated, a scoreboard can be maintained where users can track their progress and see where they stand. They can compete with other users and stay on top, the entire period of the session. 

Group workout routines:

Users can team up with their friends or workout partners and join a personalized workout routine. In this group session, only the preferred set of people will be available, so users will have a fun-filled and competitive workout session. 

Mute option:

Users can avoid the background noise of other users by enabling the mute option. This will help them avoid any distractions during the workout sessions. 

Secure payment gateways:

Users can pay for the fitness sessions using any one of the payment gateways available in the app. 

Private sessions:

Users who have paid for the session will only be allowed to join it with a unique code provided to them after successful payment. 

Data privacy:

Users’ data will be safe with the fitness app, and it will not be shared with other users under any circumstances. 

Video quality:

Users can also adjust their video quality by navigating to the settings page or during an ongoing session. 

Choose the right app development company:

At Uber Like App, we offer the best in class app solutions that provide the following services:


The app can be customized easily to fit your business requirements. Future enhancements will also be made if the needs vary. 


The app should be easy to use, and all the options should be easy to spot while using the app. 

Native app development:

A video fitness app like Zoom should be able to support all the major platforms. This will help you gain customers from all the platforms. 

Multi-currency and language support:

Users can pay through any type of currency and view the app in any language of their choice. This will help users across the globe get access to your app. 

Wrapping up:

From these insights, you can be sure that the Zoom for fitness clone app will be a high revenue-generating business that will help people in this pandemic season. Talk to our experts and launch a platform in the market in a few days for maximum outreach. 

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