The food delivery industry has witnessed a transition with the evolution of technology. Hence, the emergence of food delivery apps paved the way for connecting customers, restaurants, and delivery partners, which benefits them in various ways. Moreover, the ease of ordering food items via the app is one prominent reason to increase the demands of such apps.  DoorDash, a well-known food ordering & delivery app marks its place in the market. As its popularity surges with time, entrepreneurs show interest in making a clone of it. DoorDash Clone is a carbon copy of the original version of the app, which empowers you to establish your business in the short term. Read on this blog to know more.  

The Success Story Of DoorDash Inspires Entrepreneurs To Start a Food Delivery Business

DoorDash, a food delivery app, launched in 2013. It has become the most famous food ordering & delivery app in the United States. In the 2010s, using technology for food delivery was quite a new venture. Besides, Zu, Tang, Fang, and Moore entered the industry with a mobile app for food delivery.  As of now, the app has over 18 million users. Among these, most of them are from the United States. Its net worth in 2020 was about $2.9 billion, which is notably a 241% increase compared to previous years. Considerably, the company focussed on logistics and technology to grow. The following are the major reasons for the success of DoorDash. 

Audience Segmentation

Apart from this, there are still different ways to separate your target audience. DoorDash separates its app users into Customers and Restaurants. It consists of age, interests, gender, geolocation, and many more. Depending on the audience, you can cater to their needs. 

Value Propositions

The company has tackled logistics problems and made the app easy to use for the target audience. It has strongly created its brand identity by making the restaurants reach a wider audience base. That is, local restaurants are not able to afford a considerable amount to collect customer data. But, partnering with DoorDash helps those to get customer insights.

Additional Key Points:

  • Expand a business with the evolving technology
  • Invest in a simple & appealing user interface
  • Reevaluate your brand with the changing trends
  • Gather customer feedback

Three Significant Features To Be Included In Your Food Delivery App

As a food delivery app automates the ordering process, you can ensure business growth by providing various order options to the customers. The following three features have a more significant impact on the app.  

Group order – This feature will allow the customers to share a unique link with their friends or family members for choosing food items that will be added to the cart. Once done with ordering, customers can review the cart before going ahead with the checkout process. 

DashPass –  It will let the customers avail of free delivery by subscribing to a DashPass subscription plan. This feature will be present next to the restaurants’ name as a checkbox, indicating that the customers can have a DashPass benefit from a particular restaurant. For instance, DoorDash charges a fee of $9.99 per month. Notably, you can give these benefits to the paid subscribers whose order value is above $15. 

Scheduled delivery – Using this feature, customers can schedule a delivery time as they wish. By default, the delivery time is set as ASAP. But, customers can change the delivery time to a future date/time, ensuring whether a particular restaurant is accepting the order for that time frame or not.  


Self-Delivery – Restaurants Can Use Their Delivery Drivers With A DoorDash Clone App

Typically, restaurants registered with your app can make use of your logistics network for food delivery. Whereas, the option of Self-Delivery allows the restaurants to have their own in-house delivery drivers. This benefits the restaurants as they do not have to pay a higher percentage of the amount as a commission.  Despite this, restaurants can set rules of their own to manage the delivery partners. Thereby, they can grow sales over time with the flexibility of fulfilling the order delivery without delay irrespective of the time and distance. 

Even though restaurants have their own delivery partners, they get featured on your platform as they get maximum reach. But, they have to ensure that customers have the option to select the toppings of their choice. Moreover, quick delivery is an important factor to consider for increasing the customer base.  

Seamless Business Of A Food Delivery App Like DoorDash

A food delivery app like DoorDash operates on a Y-structure business model which coordinates customers, restaurants, and delivery executives. This model empowers the customers to choose from the available various options and restaurants to get more reach via the app. These both can track the movement of the delivery executive’s location in real-time who has accepted the order request. With this model, you can automate the entire business process in a dashboard seamlessly.  

In the case of DoorDash, it has a logistics network owing to delivery partners. So, the partnered restaurants do not have to concern about the delivery as they can focus on the quality of the food prepared. From the customers’ perspective, they have the ease to order at any time and anywhere. These all seem to be beneficial for both the restaurants and customers. Apart from this, delivery executives receive earnings upon employing them full-time or part-time.

Effective Workflow Of The Food Ordering & Delivery App

For instance, DoorDash works as a logistics-based on-demand startup. It is vital to know the working model before you start a business. So, let’s briefly explore the working process of a food delivery service app like DoorDash. 

The customers should have their account by registering or signing up with the app. Once they have done with the initial registration process, the app shows a list of restaurants with a variety of menus. They can select the restaurants of their choice based on the ratings, location, category, etc. After that, they can choose the food items they need from the available menu list. 

The chosen food items will be automatically saved to the cart, which they can review before proceeding. Once the order is placed, the app prompts the customers to choose the payment options as per their preference and convenience. The order request will be sent to a particular restaurant. Upon acceptance, the customers can track the order status. The restaurant processes prepares and packs the order.    

The assigned delivery executive will pick up the packed order from the restaurant. The built-in route optimization feature will let the delivery executive prefer the shortest route to reach the customer’s location on time. In the meantime, customers can check the delivery executive’s location and know the estimated delivery time.  

Modes Of Revenue Generation From The DoorDash Clone App

It would help if you have a better understanding of the revenue-generating strategies before getting into the online food delivery segment. Below are the possible ways to consider generating revenue from the DoorDash Clone app. 

  • Commission fee from restaurants on each order

The commission fee-based revenue model is the standard way to generate revenue from food delivery apps. You can set a commission percentage to collect fees from the restaurants on each order they get via the app. DoorDash collects 20% of the commission fee from the registered restaurants. 

  • Advertising fee from restaurants for promotion & marketing

Besides collecting a commission fee from the restaurants, you can even charge an extra amount from a specific restaurant that wants to be at the top of the list of restaurants in the app. You can let the restaurants offering quality food items be listed top as they can increase sales & revenue. 

  • Delivery fee from customers

You can collect a certain percentage of the delivery fee from the customers who opt for delivery services instead of preferring the Takeaway option. For instance, the delivery fee percentage of DoorDash will be around $5 – $8. Ensure that you set a competitive delivery fee percentage so that you can attract new customers and retain potential customers. 

Final Thoughts

It seems like DoorDash is utilizing the technology maximally for improving the business operations to offer a seamless experience. As this app gained popularity and overtook the well-established UberEats in 2019, it is projected to evolve further with time. There is an expectation that it may focus on other sectors to give tough competition in the on-demand market. 

These are evident for the successful food delivery business. However, replicating the idea would have a chance for you to succeed with a DoorDash Clone app. There is no ideal time to enter the on-demand food delivery market. So, why wait? It’s your turn to revolutionize the booming market with your app. 

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