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Cannabis or marijuana is widely used for various purposes like medicinal, recreational, or spiritual. Recently, there is a drastic rise in the demand for cannabis. Just like medicines, it is easy to get cannabis right to the customer’s doorsteps. Medical usage of cannabis is legalized in 35 states and recreational usage of cannabis is legalized in 15 states. If you are looking forward to entering into the marijuana delivery market, read on this blog.

Make sure it is legalized to start this business in the countries where selling marijuana or cannabis is legal.

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Scope Of The Online Cannabis Delivery Service Market

Almost every industry has understood the value of being connected to customers digitally. This is the main reason why mobile apps have come to play in all the business. One good example is Leafly. It enables the buyers or customers to order cannabis/marijuana with just a few taps and get it delivered to their doorstep. Let us have deep insight into the statistics of the marijuana delivery service market.

  • In the United States, marijuana sales earned nearly $23 billion in 2015. 
  • In 2016, the net worth of the legal cannabis market was $477.96 million. And, its value increased in 2019 to $17.7 billion with an average growth rate of 18.1%.
  • It is estimated that the net value of the global cannabis market will reach $42.7 billion by 2024. 

Three Points To Focus On Before You Go With The Marijuana Delivery App Development

If everyone plans to develop an on-demand cannabis delivery app, you have to concentrate on some more factors to run a successful business. Consider the following three points to develop a successful marijuana delivery app like Leafly.

  • Give insightful information

Buyers have different requirements as they use it for recreational purposes or medical purposes. Therefore, you have to offer a wide range of strains. You can also let the buyers give ratings and reviews.  

Despite this, you can keep your buyers know of recent cannabis updates, including legalization. Besides providing the cannabis delivery service, you can offer as much knowledge about cannabis as it is useful for them.

  • Prefer using Blockchain and cryptocurrency

In the digital world, there is no ideal time for overlooking digital currency. When it comes to selling marijuana, weeds, and cannabis, utilizing blockchain technology is the effective solution. It acts as an alternative to cash transactions. There is no surprise that the traditional banking system will be outdated as the world moves towards digitization.

  • Incorporate advanced features

It is common to include all the essential features of the marijuana delivery app. Apart from that, incorporating advanced features is helpful for buyers. Usually, the app displays a list of stores. Additionally, you can allow the buyers to know the distance of the stores from their location. Likewise, you can add some exciting features. 

Essential Features Of Leafly Clone

An on-demand cannabis delivery app consists of four modules: Buyer, Merchant, Driver, and Admin. Depending on your business model, there should be all the essential features in these modules. Let me share some of the must-have features to include in the Leafly like app.

Buyer App

  • Simple registration 

You have to allow the customers to login/register with the app using a phone number, email address, or social media account. Upon registration, they have to verify their identity by uploading the required documents.

  • Advanced search

As there are various types of cannabis, it is simple to search if they are categorized in the app. The advanced search option with filters will help users search for marijuana strains based on their preference. 

  • Real-time tracking

Irrespective of what delivery service you choose, incorporating the Real-time tracking feature is necessary for on-demand services apps. So, the users can track the products they order via the app.

Driver App

  • Registration & profile creation

Drivers have to log in with the app upon your approval. After that, they have to submit their photos, bank details, and relevant details for verification.   

  • GPS tracking system

Using this feature, drivers can easily locate the buyer’s location. The app shows the best path so that the drivers can reach the buyer’s location without any difficulty.

  • Task management

The drivers can manage the tasks and schedule them as per their convenient timing. Also, they can track the buyer’s order status. The app notifies the drivers with information related to the order status and so they can stay alert for their activities. 

Merchant/Distributor/Seller App

  • Quick registration

The store owner or merchant has to register with the app with the required details. Make sure you only allow licensed merchants to use your app. 

  • Profile

They have to upload necessary documents like address, license and permissions, product pictures, payment information, and contact details. Upon completion, they can manage their profile by posting additional details like the store’s history.  

  • Order management

Using this feature, the merchants can manage the complete history of previous orders. Also, they can manage the current orders.  

Admin App

  • Dashboard

This feature will let you know all the activities of the marijuana delivery app. You can check the complete order details, including the current and pending orders. Despite this, you get to know the real-time status of the app’s performance. 

  • Revenue management

You can monitor the revenue details and examine increments and decrements in revenue. By analyzing this, you can make decisions accordingly to gain more profit.  

  • User management

You can manage all the details of buyers, sellers, and drivers. Apart from that, you can manage the app notifications and order history. 

How Can You Generate Revenue From A Leafly Like App?

Due to rising capital income, many business people like you plan to take the weed delivery business online with the Leafly like app. But, they do not know how to earn income from it. The common question that arises is how to monetize the Leafly clone app. However, there are several ways for income generation. Here are some of the proven monetization strategies. 

  • Delivery fee

You can charge the customers a certain amount of money for delivering cannabis to their doorsteps. 

  • Registration & commission fees

You can charge the stores that want to register with your app. Upon registration, you can charge them for selling and delivering cannabis to the customers. It is well-known by the term commission. It is your wish to charge the store based on the successful customer transaction or monthly basis. 

  • Membership

You can offer exclusive discounts and offers for customers who availed of the membership plans provided in your app. Membership plans include decreased delivery charges or similar discounts. You can let them pay for it on a monthly or yearly basis.

  • Advertisement

You can allow stores that are interested in promoting their products and services to display advertisements in your app. Then, you can charge them for displayed advertisements. 

  • Product’s price hike

Sometimes, the demand for the products rises considerably. At that time, you can increase the respective product price. 

These are a few of the possibilities of how you can earn money from the Leafly clone app. You can even introduce some more revenue streams as you wish. 

Wrap up

From this blog, it is very clear how you can generate revenue from the online cannabis delivery app. Hoping so this is insightful for you. If you are really looking for a mobile app development company for marijuana app development, you are one step away from us. We, UberLikeApp a reliable mobile app development company expertise in offering the app solution and assure that, we cater for you with the Leafly clone app at a reasonable price.  

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