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Most parents are apprehensive about their children and their behaviours, especially when they reach teenagers. In this stage, parents want to make sure that the decisions taken by their children are correct. Thanks to the technology. This bridges the gap between these two generations and brings mental comfort to the parents. What technology is it? GPS enabled geo-tracking.

Life360 is the popular family locator and GPS tracker app. It is integrated with the GPS tracking system with features like live location sharing, alerts of most frequented places, directions to the real-time location of the family members, and driving report. This kind of monitoring app is integrated with multiple technologies like telematics, MDM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and IoT.  

Such apps allow users to stay connected with their family members. Upon sharing the real-time location, all the members of the family can get a live update of the location. That is, each family member gets a notification about the changes in other family member’s locations. This app acts as an emergency beacon in case of any medical emergencies or accidents. It is helpful for parents who are staying away from their children. In this way, they can get connected easily.

Advantages of a family locator app like Life360

People like to move around, especially those in the age group of teens and young adults. What if they haven’t reached soon at night that too during curfew time, parents get anxious about their return. Similarly, it might happen to seniors who need assistance at any time. It leaves their family members worried a lot.

Generally, parents are not intruding on the privacy of children or other family members. They make sure that their family members are safe. It has been made possible with an app like Life360. Using this app, they can create groups with their closest family friends, loved ones, teammates, and trusted coworkers. Moreover, the private map is available only to the members of the group. The app users can trace their phone if it was stolen or missed.

Significant features to consider during Life360 like app development 

If you are a budding entrepreneur who intends to develop the Life360 like app, consider the following significant features in your app.

  • Real-time location sharing

A family locator and GPS tracker app should be able to capture and share the real-time location with other family members. Being aware of the whereabouts of other family members isn’t easy. Repeatedly messaging Where are you? or calling might be annoying. Then, What can be alternatively? Syncing with the group via this app works well. The app notifies the others in the family when they reach a different destination.

  • Create family groups

Users can create a private group with family members. In this group, they can share their live location and others in the group can track it.

  • Location alerts

As mentioned earlier, the app notifies the locations that are frequented by family members. For instance, when the children reach school, family members receive a push notification about the same.

  • Driver protect

The Life 360 clone app offers accident detection. The app sends an alert message to your group or designated emergency contacts when any of the following situations occur.

  1. The speed of the car halts suddenly
  2. Gyro sensor detects a fall
  3. A device’s location is going out of the comfort zone
  4. No activity on the device, especially at an unusual time
  5. The app can also send an emergency notification to a helpline like 911.
  • Roadside assistance

In challenging situations like car breakdown, dead battery, minor accidents, no fuel, or other problems, users can contact the service provider by tapping the Roadside Assistance button in the app. The concerned service provider will reach the location as soon as possible and resolve the problem.

  • IoT connections

The family locator app like Life360 can connect with other home devices like smart speakers, cameras, and security systems. So, these systems can provide alerts for intruders, fires, and other adverse events.

  • SOS

Whenever the users are in trouble, they can use the SOS feature and let their family members know that they are in trouble at that moment. 

  • Weekly reports

The Life360 like app must provide the Weekly report feature to the group admins so that they can access the location history of their family members. They can get to know signs of potentially dangerous behaviour such as rash driving, using a phone while driving a vehicle, going to unfamiliar places, and so on.

A twin interface Life360 clone app

The Life360 clone app consists of two modules, namely the Admin panel and User panel. The admin panel will facilitate you to manage the groups and users. On the other hand, the user panel will let the users manage their groups by themselves. Check out the features to be added in these modules.

Admin panel: Dashboard, Push notifications, User & group management, Ads & promotion, Manage features, Invoice, Payment tracking, and Subscription management.

User panel: Quick registration, Share location, Create zones & groups, Notifications & alerts, Emergency contact, and Roadside assistance button.

Important aspects to consider during the Life360 clone app development

Apart from considering the features of your app, you have to focus on the following essential aspects during Life360 clone app development.

  • Phone permission

The Life360 like app requires permission to access location, internet, calls, and messages. Ensure that your app provides real-time services during critical situations like an emergency, sudden halt of a vehicle, minor & major accidents, 24*7 roadside help, and much more.

  • Encryption

The users have to be convinced that their data is end to end encrypted. According to Pew Research Center, nearly 35% of users disable the tracking feature routinely. You have to make your users feel secure with the app so that they can be confident in providing their personal information like name, address, and location.

  • App platform

You have to decide on which platform your app needs to be developed and launched. You can opt for launch on both iOS and Android if you want to target a wide range of audiences. 

  • Boost user engagement

You have to work on how to improve user engagement. For that, incorporate features like Push notifications and offering rewards, points, and games that use the geo-location feature. Integrating the app with popular social media platforms so that users can post their contents from the Life360 clone app.

  • Show exact location

Most geo-location-based services apps do not show the exact location and are off by several meters. Therefore, make sure your app shows the exact location within a meter. 

  • Background location tracking

Many Operating systems do not allow default background tracking. So, you have to explicitly allow the geo-location service to be operated even in the background. 

  • App Store approval

It is known that the privacy policy, security and safety rules on the App Store is strict. However, it isn’t easy to get approval from the iOS community. Ensure the app is not being rejected from them. 

  • Efficient battery usage

It is obvious that an app with a GPS tracking system will drain the battery power. Therefore, your app should be efficient with minimal usage of battery life. 

  • Technology stack

Life360 clone app development requires working with technology like IoT, GPS, Bluetooth, and WiFi. For geolocation, the standard technologies used are Google Maps API and Apple’s Core Location API. 

  • Different user levels

As it is a family locator and GPS tracker app, it should have different user levels for parents and children, including other family members. That is, parents or group admin can have higher authority access so that they can restrict access to their family members. On the flip side, children and other family members cannot block the location tracking feature. 

Launch the Life360 clone app in the wink

Upon deciding the features and functionality of the app, contact us for Life360 clone app development. We offer the Life360 clone script that is easily customizable and scalable in accordance with your business plan. We ensure that our app solution is provided at an economical price without compromising the quality as it has undergone multiple levels for QA testing. 

Wrap up,

The digital world comes with new business ideas that are beneficial for both users and entrepreneurs. In recent times, the family locator and GPS tracker like Life360 have brought a considerable change in people’s lives. This assures the users’ safety and their family members can track them via the GPS tracking system. At UberLikeApp, with a well-experienced team of developers, we design and develop the Life360 clone app in no time.

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