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Social media apps have been growing exponentially. It changed the way people connect and interact with each other. One interesting thing that made social media apps more famous is the freedom to share thoughts. Therefore, the number of users surging to a great extent. New age entrepreneurs cannot miss this opportunity to become a part of this industry. If you are one of these, this blog is for you. Read on.

MeWe – An Alternative App To Facebook

MeWe is an American-based Next-Gen social network app and it was launched on May 16, 2012. Since the launch, the number of app users increased to 9 million in October 2020. It is the most downloaded app as of January 2021. 60% of the app’s traffic is international, and 35% of members are active-exceeding industry standards. In the App Store, it is the #1 most downloaded social networking app that overtakes the position of Facebook.

We already know that Parler is an alternative for Twitter. Similarly, MeWe is an alternative for Facebook. At times, it sounds like it is similar to Parler. It is not exactly as you think. It is no surprise that Facebook dominates all the social media apps for a long time in the industry. 

After the US Presidential elections 2020 declaration, many users, especially Trump supporters, searched for an alternative to Facebook and Twitter. And, they shifted to the MeWe, a platform that offers free speech and privacy. This is one of the main reasons for the increased user base in this app. 

How MeWe Differs From Other Social Media Apps?

Users are a small fish in a big pond on a popular social media app like Facebook in simpler terms. On the other hand, users will be a big fish in a small pond on MeWe. Other social media apps display advertisements and users’ privacy is in doubt. But, MeWe does not display any advertisements to users and keeps privacy at the core of everything. It offers better privacy features. 

Concept Of Social Networking App Like MeWe

There are numerous types of social media apps. You have to come up with your business model that you are going to implement. Some popular types are Social networking, Microblogging, Photo sharing, Video sharing, and Discussion forums.  

The social network app aims to provide the users to establish a connection with other users and interact with them virtually. MeWe comes under this category. It is an ad-free app that mainly focuses on users’ privacy. One main good thing about this app is that there are no ads, no spyware, no bs, no targeting, no political bias, and no news feed manipulation.

Essential Features To Consider When Developing The Mewe Clone App

When you build your own social networking app similar to Mewe, you must consider at least one unique feature. This differentiates your app from the competition. Even though each social networking app is different, some of the must-have features are necessary for any social networking app. Here they are.

  • Registration

The first step in a social networking app is letting the users register or sign up using an email address, mobile number, or other social media account. 

  • Post likes, comment, and share

Allow the users to like the posts posted by the other users whom they follow. Also, let them comment on the posts that are available in public. It is the users choice to enable or disable the post sharing feature. If one user disables this feature, the other user cannot share a particular user’s post.

  • Notifications and News Feed

The Notification feature will let the users get notifications about any activity in which they are involved in. It includes push notifications also. If they are while away from the app, this feature will send personalized notifications.     

The News Feed feature will facilitate the users to view posts based on their interests/likes. This criterion will be set while developing the backend of the app. 

  • Chat

Users can send messages to their friends who use the app. Apart from this option, they can even have a group conversation and broadcast the messages. Users can send texts, images, videos, and GIFs to their friends privately using the private chat feature.

  • Community

Users as an individual can create a private or public group to run a community of people having the same interests just like Facebook.

  • Analytics

This feature is incorporated in the admin panel. It generates a report upon collection of the user’s behaviour and preferences. You will get the overall performance of the app once you analyze it thoroughly. 

  • Report and block

Users can report or block other users who spread hatred via the app. The blocked person can no longer send messages or view the post of the user who has blocked. 

MeWe Clone App Development Model

In general, it majorly involves four phases: App design, App development, App testing, and App launch. MeWe clone script is a readily available, customizable, and scalable app solution. It empowers entrepreneurs to launch the social network app in no time.

As it is a white-label solution, it is easy to customize the app’s design with appealing images. Consider incorporating the significant features as well as advanced/innovative features that appeal to the users. The changes that you make in the app should be based on the user’s preference. For this, you have to conduct research and analyse it. 

Upon designing and developing the app, it has to undergo various levels of testing. So, the app will be free of bugs, glitches, and any errors. Now, the app is ready to launch. It is up to your wish to launch on Android, iOS, or both. Choose your app platform based on which audience you will target.

How Does A Social Network App Like MeWe Earn Revenue?

There is no necessity for a social media app to offer free services to users. MeWe does not allow other third-party to promote their products or services. It makes money using the Premium revenue model

It offers a monthly subscription for availing premium features like Video Journals, Unlimited voice & video calls, Unlimited custom emojis & stickers, Unlimited custom themes, 100GB cloud storage, and a Premium profile badge. 

Premium users have to pay based on the features they avail. Like this, you can charge the users for availing themselves of the special features and in-app purchases. You can set a certain percentage of the amount for each feature. 

How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like MeWe?

The price of developing a social media app like MeWe varies depending on the following parameters. 

  • App features you choose to incorporate,
  • The platform you decide to launch the app, 
  • App developer experience,
  • The geographical region of an app development company you choose,
  • Time frame, and much more

Moreover, building a social network app from scratch needs a considerable amount of money to invest. On the flip side, developing the app using the MeWe clone script is budget-friendly.  

Final note

Obviously, starting a business and keeping it stable is quite tricky. With proper market research and implanting your unique marketing strategies, you can excel in your business with the MeWe clone app. At Uberlikeapp, we cater for you the clone app solution that is built using the latest technology with cutting-edge features. Connect with us for social media app development.

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