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Tiktok, a short-video platform, reached millions of users in a short time since its launch in September 2016. It has been ruling the social media platforms for a long time with its unique features and functionality. Furthermore, it is the first non-Facebook app that reached 3 billion downloads worldwide. According to Reuters, it was valued at $1 billion in 2020. These figures are evidence that TikTok is popular among internet users. Unfortunately, it came to an end, and it got banned in India along with the ban of 59 Chinese apps. At the time, ShareChat’s Moj was introduced with the similar functionality of TikTok. With the passage of time, Moj became the highest-grossing app in India. As Moj is a recent substitute for TikTok, most entrepreneurs are interested in launching a Moj Clone app to capture the profitable social media industry.     

Moj – India’s Best Video-Sharing Social Networking App

Moj is an Indian-based short video sharing app launched in June 2020, in the same month & year of the TikTok ban. In simpler terms, Moj is the substitute for TikTok, with the same features such as Special effects, stickers for emoticons, short videos, and many more. It enables the users to download videos, supporting 15 languages for the ease of users. Through this app, users can create a 15 seconds video and share it with their friends. Surprisingly, it gained popularity in a very short span with millions of active users.   

The Moj App Reaped Success In Quick As A Flash

Moj was introduced to replace the most popular & trending TikTok, which has already caught millions of users. It is a well-known fact that users desperately wanted a short video-sharing app similar to TikTok at that time. This was the predominant reason for the success of Moj in a short duration. 

The Moj app has crossed 50 million downloads only on Google Play Store. Furthermore, it has reached the milestone within a month of its inception. Except for Aarogya Setu, Moj is the first app to cross five crore downloads recently. 

Furthermore, it has raised $35-40 million in its financial round from investors. In the quarter of 2021, its revenue generation was nearly about $11.60 million. As of December 2020, it is valued at $8.22 million. This revenue increase is proof that Moj has secured its place in the social media industry. And, it is clear that launching an app like TikTok is a profitable niche.  

If you are aiming to enter the profitable social media industry, Moj clone social video dubbing & sharing script is a perfect ladder that will pave the way for you to launch your own app and reap the benefits in the twinkling of an eye.

Impressive Features To Include In Your Short Video Sharing App Like Moj

Moj Clone

  • Create Videos

This feature in the short-video sharing app will let the users create a video with their creativity. For this, they can use the app’s built-in audio file or the device’s audio file. They can perform lip-syncing, dance, and share their expressions. 

  • Location-Based Content

The app integrated with this feature shows content posted by other users who reside in and around the same location. Furthermore, users have the option to include their current location in the content they post in the app.  

  • Augmented-Reality Filters

This kind of filter has become more popular, so you ought to consider incorporating it in your short video-sharing app. This filter will facilitate the users to create funny videos by adding stickers. 

  • Social Media Sharing

Users can share the posted content with their friends through other social media platforms. This is one such way to increase your brand’s popularity. As a result, you can generate more revenue by implementing multiple revenue streams.

  • Real-time Analysis

Once posting videos, users can check the other users’ replies and heart emojis on their posts. Furthermore, they have the option to discern the live viewers and broadcasters on a graphical representation.  

  • Push Notifications

The app will alert the users regarding trending videos and hashtags via in-app notifications. Through this feature, they get real-time updates which will open the way to enhance user engagement.   

A business Model That You Ought To Consider For Your Moj Clone App

  • Advertising

You can charge the advertisers for promoting their brands/products on your platform. You can charge them on the basis of the cost per click model. Or else, depending on the price per mile model. 

The cost per click model is charging the advertisers for every click on the posted advertisement. Contrarily, the price per mile model is charging a specific percentage of the amount from them for every thousand ad views.   

  • In-app Purchase

The in-app purchase business model is common for social media apps, especially video-sharing apps. This simplest business model will let the users send virtual currency or coins to live broadcasters to support, which they have bought with real money. In simpler terms, users can exchange virtual currency/coins for gifts.  

For instance, in TikTok, users can share virtual gifts with each other within the app. To send a gift to someone every time, they have to make a payment with TikTok coins. And, a person who receives the gift can convert it to diamonds and monetize it. Although, TikTok will charge a fee of 50%. Between 2016 and 2019, TikTok has earned $75 million via this model. 

Similarly, you can set a fixed percentage of the amount to charge from the users when they purchase virtual currency for sending gifts. Ensure to set competitive pricing. 

Perks Of Opting For Our Readymade Moj Clone Solution For Your Business

At UberLikeApp, we provide a white-label & ready-made Moj Clone solution, which is packed with salient features, crafted using recent technology for a seamless user experience. Furthermore, this is a highly customizable and fully scalable short-video sharing app solution. So, this will suit your business model after a small tweak. However, the incorporation of user-friendly features will open the way for you to gain more customers. 

The demand for the short video-sharing app has surged in recent years, especially after the ban of TikTok. Therefore, replicating the same concept with unique features will make your app stand apart from the competitors’ apps. As you are preferring the successful business model, it will be sure-fire and grow your business with small modifications in the clone app solution. Let’s look at the impressive features and business model of the Moj Clone app in the following sections.  

Summing Up

Moj Clone Script, a white-label short video sharing app solution, will facilitate you to launch a Moj Clone app in the wink of an eye. Undoubtedly, the video-sharing segment is burgeoning, with more than 15 popular apps existing in Google Play Store. Next to TikTok, Moj has tremendous growth, which has inspired young entrepreneurs to launch a similar app and reap the benefits of success as swiftly as an arrow.   

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