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Undoubtedly, shopping is something that some people like to do when they are excited or want to vent their sadness. These days, smartphones have influenced every business as it paves the way to shift traditional business to e-commerce business. As the demand for online shopping surges, an  Myntra clone app comes into play which is based on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

This online marketplace gives an opportunity for multiple sellers as they can sell their products independently as an online retailer. Easy access to a wide range of products and secure payment modes are the key elements behind the success of the online marketplace app.

Do you have a thought of starting an e-commerce business? Myntra Clone Script is an exemplary solution that you could consider for shopping app development. This blog is a comprehensive guide to develop an e-commerce app.

Stats & Facts – Is Developing An App Like Myntra A Sensible Choice?

  • Myntra is the No.1 online fashion retailer in India, which was started in 2007. In 2014, it was acquired by Flipkart. This app provides the latest & fashion brands for women, men, and kids.
  • It was voted as India’s Most admired & valuable power brand in 2016.
  • In 2019-2020, its revenue generation was $233.4 million, which is 53% higher than the previous year.
  • According to Statista, it recorded over 44 million visits on its official website in 2021.
  • Recent research shows that the e-commerce market’s net value in the United States is forecasted to reach $740 billion by 2023.
  • Therefore, it is a golden opportunity to enter the e-commerce market with a similar app like Myntra.  

A Feature-Packed Myntra Clone App To Start A Ecommerce Business

  • Social Media Integration

Users do not have to spend much time finishing the registration process. Instead, they can register with the app using social media accounts. Also, they can share the business limits and offers with their friends and family members via social media channels.

  • Product Review

This feature allows the customers to provide feedback about the product they purchased via the app. Moreover, this will be useful for other users while they decide to choose the best quality products. The products with good reviews will be displayed at the top slot in the app.

  • Checkout Process

Customers can place their orders with the details already entered in the app. This makes the checkout process easy. They can choose as many products they need and those will be added to the cart in which they can make necessary changes before payment.

  • Multiple Payment Integration

This helps the customers to choose the available payment mode of their choice. Integrating various payment gateways will indirectly increase business sales. Make sure you provide both digital payments and cash on delivery.

  • Purchase History

The purchase history feature will let the customers view the previously ordered products. Also, they can follow up on payment and items to be delivered. With this, they have the ability to reorder the same products with ease as it saves their time.

  • Advanced Filters

Using this feature, customers can search for a particular product based on the price, brand, and many more. This makes the searching process easier as they can find out their favourite products without any difficulties. 

  • Notification

You can send alert messages regarding sales, discounts, and promotions via push notifications. This will attract the customers to come back to the app and shop more. It is the essential feature that each mobile app should consist of. 

  • Wish List

This feature is essential for the e-commerce app. It lets the customers add their products to buy later. It is for future use as they can save their favourite products in this list and shop later whenever needed.  

Revenue-Generating Model Of An E-commerce App Like Myntra

The demand for e-commerce apps has surged amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. This is because people shifted to buying online as they cannot go out shopping in this situation. 

However, many traditional businesses are moving into the digital space with a mobile app leveraging this opportunity. This is one effective way to generate huge revenue by performing various monetization strategies. 

Let’s see the revenue-generating model that you could consider while developing an e-commerce app like Myntra.

You can provide products at a lower price which you have got directly from the manufacturers. Also, with retail shipping, the price will be 30% – 60% lower than the other dealers and distributors. As an online retailer, there is no need to maintain large stock. They can order the products from any suppliers where a particular product is available.

E-commerce apps like Myntra pave a platform for small retail stores to reach a wider customer base and pay a certain percentage of registration. You can charge the retailers a commission fee on each product they sell. You can give access to avail offers and discounts to the users. This way, you can retain your potential customers.

Key Points To Consider While Developing Myntra Like App

  • The first thing you should do is know which customers you want to target to sell your products.
  • Next, know the recent market trends and perform competitors’ analysis for better ideas.
  • Now, it’s time to determine the app’s future scope. Do not merely copy and exactly replicate Myntra. Instead, make a better version of it by integrating user-friendly features.
  • Decide on which platform to choose for Myntra like app development. The selection of the app platform relies on the goods type and targeted customers.  
  • Choose the revenue & business model and then plan a budget for developing your e-commerce app.
  • Last but not least, partner with the right technology partner.

What Factors Will Affect The Cost of Myntra Clone App Development?

Developing a Myntra like app depends mainly on your requirements. Significantly, it depends on app design, app complexity, app platform, and mobile app development company. Now, let’s look at detailed insights on these factors.

  • App Design

Appealing UI/UX design is a crucial part of the online shopping application. Therefore, it is necessary to update the app with the latest design. However, the design cost may reduce when you prefer to utilize advanced structuring devices and designs.

  • App Platform

App development cost wouldn’t be the same as it varies depending on the platform you opt to develop & launch. The fact is developing an app for iOS is less expensive compared to Android. If you are more conscious about the cost, it would be best to opt for a cross-platform app.

  • App Size

App size involves the features and functionality of the app. The more features you wish to add, the cost will elevate accordingly. You can reduce the cost of app development by considering only the essential features. If you do not have budget restraints, you can consider including the unique features that make your e-commerce app stand apart from your rivals.

  • App Development Team/Company

The skills and experience of the app developers are the major elements that contribute to the app development cost. Also, the location of the app development team/company plays a vital part. For instance, the cost will be higher in the United States than in India and Europe.

  • Third-Party Service Integration

Integrating payment gateways also determines the cost. It is better to include various payment options as users can choose their preferred one while making a transaction. Moreover, the built-in app wallet makes the payment process hassle-free as they do not have to leave the app for payment.

Ready To Develop The Myntra Clone app? What’s Next?

If you intend to develop the Myntra Clone app, you have to choose which approach you are going to prefer for app development.

One approach is developing the e-commerce app solution from scratch and the other approach is opting for the ready-made e-commerce script. Creating from the beginning is time-consuming and requires huge investment compared to choosing the multi-vendor e-commerce clone script.

We offer a white-label e-commerce solution that is well-crafted with the latest technology and packed with user-friendly & essential features. Reach out to us for e-commerce app development.


With a mobile app, you can reach out to more customers and provide them with the comfort of buying online anywhere and anytime. Therefore, launching an app with user-friendly features is one of the simplest way to grow your business. 

Hopefully, this blog gives valuable information on e-commerce app development. As online shopping is flourishing these days, it is a good opportunity to enter this sector with the Myntra Clone app. 


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