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The advent of on-demand service apps has started a revolution in the market. Its potential to provide enhanced convenience and comfort for the customers has redefined the market. The on-demand courier delivery services are often overlooked by the masses, but they are playing a significant role in providing instant deliveries globally. This article will dive deep into the on-demand courier delivery app development process as a step-by-step guide. 

Steps to building an on-demand courier delivery app:

Choose a suitable business model for you

It would be best if you chose the ideal business model for your business before getting started. Research the market and learn about the existing business models, in order to make the right decision, consider critical factors like business specifics, long-term goals, audience,  resources available, etc.  

Specify your business goals and requirements

Before getting started with the app development process, it is crucial for you to understand the market specifics, underlying opportunities, and requirements for your business model. Here are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself to get a better understanding of your position in the market as the answers will have a direct impact on the scope and functionality. 

  • What is the geography of your business, will you be operating in one city, whole country, or worldwide?
  • What are the types of deliveries you will offer?
  • What are the average parcel size, weight, and packaging type you will handle?

Identify the scope of features that goes into your app

Now that you are done with the theoretical aspects of your app, it is time to move on to the practical implementation of your idea. You start with it by prioritizing your app requirements and documents. In this section, you will have the space to create functional specifications in order to set things on the right path.

The scope and functionality of your business are subjective and significantly depends on the specifications of your app and business models. Here are some of the basic features that shouldn’t be missed on any on-demand courier delivery app as they are vital for the proper functioning of your business. 

Multiple packaging options:

The users should be able to choose from multiple types of packaging in the market. This packaging feature will also ensure the safety of customers’ packages while shipping. The charges of each packaging type will be clearly mentioned in the app and vary with its size.

Real-time tracking feature:

The real-time tracking feature is the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of every on-demand service app in the market. This feature gives customers the upper hand, which they lacked in traditional business models as they can keep track of their packages. It plays a crucial role in enhancing the user experience as they will get an assurance over the safety of their package and get it delivered on time. 

Push notifications:

Push notifications can be helpful for users to receive live updates of their delivery status. Entrepreneurs can also use push notifications to send crucial information such as the current stage of delivery, estimated time of delivery, offers, discounts, promotions, change in route of delivery, etc.  

Customers will receive the contact information of drivers and shippers via push notifications. It is proven to be an effective strategy to boost the overall revenue. Push notifications are significantly responsible for customer retention.

Payment gateway:

The payment gateway is another crucial feature that requires your fullest attention as it enhances the overall user experience effectively. Our On-demand courier delivery solution is loaded with multiple payment gateways such as credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI, PayPal, etc. Our app is also optimized to send a digital receipt of the bill for every transaction, and it will include crucial information such as time & date of delivery, item description, shipment charges, item description, etc.

Ratings and reviews:

Ratings and reviews can be an excellent feature to improve your services. The user feedback will be made transparent and be used by other customers for reference. Since the user feedback is based on real-world scenarios, it helps to introspect your services effectively. 

Rewards and offers:

Rewards and offers can be an effective way to attract your customers as people will like to avail them often. Our technically enhanced platform will enable your admin team to send customized offers to your customers and will help in increasing customer loyalty. 

App development

As you are set with the business model and essential features, it is time to focus on the app development part. The app development process includes UI/UX design, testing, and programming. You can rely on our professional app development team as they have extensive knowledge in developing mobile applications and designing user interfaces. 

Launch your MVP and improvise it

Launching your full-fledged app can be one of the most commonly made mistakes as it would ruin the future of your business. It would be better if you go with an MVP as it will have only the prioritized features and functionalities for basic operations. Once your MVP is launched in the market, keep an eye on the user feedback. It will help to get valuable insights as they are based on usability in real-world scenarios. 

The user feedback can help in making insight-driven business decisions and make improvements in your services. Devise a plan to release your app in a phased manner as it would kindle the expectations of your target customers. 


In today’s digital era, Courier service app development are necessary for almost every sector. The advent of eCommerce apps has taken the market prospects of courier delivery apps forward as millions of packages are being sent all around the world. Get in touch with our app development team to kickstart your venture in this profitable sector today! 

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