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At present, people have the advantage of availing all services easily at their doorsteps. All they have to do is to place a request in an online app with a few taps, and the order or service will reach them in a few minutes. Mechanic services have also joined the list of on-demand services and are faring well in the market for the past few years now. It is a business that has high scope in the market and will become successful in a short span with the right application and service of high quality. 

This on-demand mechanic app will allow customers to hire professional mechanics to get their cars repaired in a short amount of time. At Uberlikeapp, we offer a feature-rich and white-labeled online mechanic services platform that will gain you a customer base, help establish your business, and generate revenue expeditiously. We believe that a simple and attractive workflow, and a premium set of features, and good service is the key to success in the on-demand market. An overview of these three crucial factors is provided below. 

Simple workflow of an online mechanic app:

The mechanic app has an easy to navigate workflow that will be less time-consuming. 

  • Users have to download the app and log in or sign up with their mobile numbers, email IDs, or any supported social media accounts. 
  • They have to complete the authentication process by specifying the unique code they receive to their phone numbers. 
  • Professional service providers have to complete a verification process for which they have to upload certain documents to the app. 
  • The admin will verify the documents and approve service providers, after which they can start accepting user requests. 
  • Customers can choose a service of their choice and specify the location, additional instructions, etc., and confirm the request. 
  • Service providers will accept user requests and arrive at the specified location to provide the service. 
  • After availing the service, customers will be able to pay through any one of the payment gateways integrated into the app. 
  • Service providers will receive their earnings after the commission cut down by the admin. 
  • Customers can rate service providers based on the service provided, attitude, and more. They can also provide feedback if required. 
  • Service providers will also be able to rate users after providing the service. 

What is the premium set of features included in the Uber for mechanics app?

The online mechanic services app has a set of app attributes that will make the app robust and efficient. They are listed below:

Distinct panels:

The app has separate apps for the admin, service provider, and user with respective options and simple working principle, as mentioned earlier.   

Fare calculation: 

The mechanic app has an in-built fare calculator that will display the total fare, distance fee, and surge fee if required. This will help customers book professional mechanics under their budget. 

Location tracking:

Users can track the live location to know the estimated arrival time and help guide the mechanics to the correct location. 

Secure payment modes:

The mechanic app has several payment gateways integrated into it. It is safe and will not track any banking or personal information of users. 

Search filters:

This feature enables customers to find the right service they want. Multiple filters will be available from which they can choose the ones required. 

Multilingual and currency support:

To provide access to users globally, this feature is included in the app. Users can view the app in any language of their choice and pay via any currency they possess. 

Messaging feature:

The app has a chat feature that will allow users to communicate with the mechanics and technical team in case of any queries or concerns. 

In-app invoices:

Detailed invoices can be generated for each service along with details such as type of service availed, total fare, user details, and more for user reference. 

Wallet system:

The mechanic app has a wallet for each user, and they can add money to it. It can be used to pay for the services they avail. The admin also has access to the wallet. 

How to ensure customer satisfaction?

Providing utmost customer satisfaction is one of the key factors for the success of your business. There are a few aspects discussed below that will help you fulfill their requirements efficiently:

Flexible services:

The app should help customers find a suitable service of their choice, and service providers should be flexible enough to offer the customized service that users request.  

On-time service:

Customers are the king, and they should not wait for an extended period of time to avail of mechanic services. So, make sure that service providers offer the requested service within the estimated time. 


Customers should be provided with offers and discounts from time to time as it will make them lean towards your app for all their mechanic services. 


This is another source that will help you gain a customer base in a short time. You can provide referral rewards to customers for each successful referral they contribute. 

Technical support 24×7: 

The queries and questions of users should be resolved as soon as possible by the dedicated support team. Include an in-app chat or call facility to help them connect to the team quickly. 

Quality of service:

The mechanic service offered to customers should be effective and efficient. Good quality service is the major factor that will skyrocket your revenue in a short period. So, ensure that the service provided satisfies the customer. 

Wrapping up:

The factors discussed above provide you with an overview of building a successful on-demand mechanics business in the market and fulfilling customer satisfaction. These insights will help you sustain in the market for a long period. Get in touch with our experts to launch an on-demand mechanic app right away. 

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