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The role of digital devices has reached a new height as people are spending more time online than ever before. In the past few years, super app development has become a trend as people prefer to use the on-demand multi-services app in which users can avail of various services on a single platform.

There are various super apps available in the Google Play Store and App Store. These apps offer multiple services to meet the users’ needs. With this app, users can order food/grocery online, book tickets, send a message to friends, and make a trip from one place to another.

What is a Super App?

In this fast-paced & digital world, the term Super app is a great buzz across the world. Especially, there is significant growth for a Super app in China and Southeast Asia.

In simpler terms, Super app is a virtual platform with various offerings and services available for the customers to avail it of with ease. One such promising app is Grab, in which users can book a ride, buy groceries, order food online, split bills, and deliver products. It is an all in one platform. Other prominent super apps are AliPay, WeChat, Gojek, and Alibaba.

According to Statista, mobile apps will produce $935 billion in 2023, which is double the digits of 2019. This indicates that the demand for super apps will surge in the future.

Benefits of the On-Demand Super App

  • Consistent Customer Experience

The on-demand super app is designed in such a way it offers a wide range of services. This way, you can draw huge attention from more customers. Super app development includes grocery delivery apps, food delivery apps, taxi booking apps, and so on. With the app, customers can choose any of the available services from a single platform.

  • Saves Customers’ Time and Effort

Customers have the advantage of availing themselves of multiple services under one roof. It reduces time and effort for them while searching for the service. This maintains the customers’ satisfaction which is the key to your business success.

  • Multiple Payment Options

In this digital era, customers mostly prefer digital payment modes instead of cash payment. The on-demand super app development offers both online payment and cash payment. No matter whether you are into grocery delivery app development or taxi app development.

  • Saves Customers’ Phone Memory

Customers do not have to install several applications for availing themselves of various services. Installing the all-in-one super app solution instead of installing multiple apps saves phone memory. Also, it saves internet data. 

  • Improve the App’s Performance

Super apps collect a multitude of data from providers. With the help of analytics, you can improve the app’s performance upon analysing the customers’ preferences.

The Most Successful Super App Solutions In The Global Market

  • AliPay

AliPay is a China-based e-commerce platform that has become the leader of the shopping market. However, customers are troubled while making a transaction via their bank accounts. At that time, Alipay was introduced and resolved the customers’ issue. Later, it expanded its financial services for everything starting from loans to mutual funds, insurance policies, and travel bookings.

  • GoJek

The payment system problem has made Gojek partner with local banks. Notably, it has partnered with more than 300,000 micro, small, and medium enterprises. When the problem is not with cash, but the people find it difficult to manage their finances. Therefore, Gojek introduced Go-Pay, in which people can keep track of their transaction history.

  • WeChat

Instead of becoming one of the messaging apps, WeChat becomes the one-stop solution in which users can transfer money, pay bills, book tickets, and so on. It has expanded its horizons with new offerings and services.

  • Grab

Grab is an Asian-based on-demand super app owned by a Singapore startup. It offered transportation services and expanded into food delivery and online payments.

  • Rappi

Rappi is an American-based All-in-One super app solution that includes delivery of groceries, alcohol, food, medicines, and much more. In the initial stage, Rappi started its operation as a grocery and food delivery app. Later, it expanded its services to travel, bike rental, and bill payments.

Come up with your unique idea of resolving the issues effectively, as this paves the way for you to withstand the heavy competition in the global market.

Let’s See How the On-Demand Super Apps Generate Revenue

  • Commission Fee

The Super app partners with other businesses to help them make more sales. In return, it charges a certain amount of penny from the businesses as a commission fee.

  • Customer Fee

As the super app offers a convenient one-stop solution to the customers, they have to pay a particular amount on each order placed. The comfort and convenience of the customers make the app more successful.

  • Delivery Commission

This is most suitable for transportation service. Once the driver finishes the ride, the customers make payment. After that, a small amount of money will be charged from the driver as a commission.

Simple Step by Step Instructions to Consider During Super App Development

Let’s explore the following steps if you are thinking of going ahead with the super app development.

Step 1 – Choosing an App Platform

The three options to develop the on-demand super app are Native app, Cross-platform app, and Web store. Choose on which platform you are going to launch your app depending on your target customers. If your reach is limited to a certain target customer, it would be good to consider a single platform app.

Step 2 – Feature-set of the Super App Solution

To develop a super app solution, you have to consider incorporating the following essential features.

  • GPS tracking
  • Multi-language support
  • Push notifications
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Social media login

Besides, adding innovative and new features helps to make your app stand apart from the competition.

Step 3 – Technology Stock

The technology used to develop the super app must be robust to handle various functions seamlessly. It comprises Android Wear SDK, Bootstrap, Fabric, Laravel, HTML5, Realm, Select2, and much more.

Step 4 – App Design and Development

Once you are done with analysing your target audience, business model, and feature-set integration. Upon finalizing the app’s functionality, get the wireframe to get the conceptual understanding. If you are satisfied with the wireframe, ask your developers to proceed with the front-end development and back-end coding.

Step 5 – App Launch

Next, make sure that the super app is free from bugs, glitches, and errors. As developers perform alpha testing of the app internally, it would be better to test it with real users as well. That is beta testing, in which you have to get feedback from the customers. Upon fixing the issues if any, it is time to launch the app on the platform you choose.

How to Estimate the Cost for Super App Development?

One-Stop Solution
The cost of super app development is not constant and relies on your requirements, including app features, technology stack, app platform, and so on. The average cost for app development ranges between $100-$150 per hour in the United States and Europe, whereas it ranges between $20-$40 per hour in India.

As there are multiple solutions to launch an on-demand multi-services app, preferring to go for an MVP, a readymade All-in-one super app solution is a wise choice. It may cost around $10000-$15000. With customization, it would cost around $15000-$25000.  

Future of Super App Development

Obviously, the future of super apps is bright. As there are many benefits, it is expected that many new players might come into play with the all-in-one solution. The success of the super app relies on how effectively the problem is solved. With the evolution of such apps, people feel more comfortable and convenient in availing themselves of various services under one roof.

Another prominent reason behind the success of the super app is understanding the country-specific preferences of the target audience. The customers’ needs vary depending on the country where they live.

Super apps are already entered into the field of transportation, e-commerce, travel sector, and payment banks. The super app development will boom further in the coming years. Therefore, if you are interested in entering the on-demand industry with the super app solution, the best time to consider app development is now.

Final Note

Technology advancements transformed the world we live in with the emergence of new brand solutions that simplify people’s work and are helpful in day to day life. The prosperity of the super app is captivating. 

However, there are a lot more opportunities for newbie entrepreneurs to reap the benefits of success and more profits with the on-demand super app. Therefore, if you think a similar app like the super app will boost a business to a great extent, we are here to help your app ideas into reality.

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