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On-demand services apps witnessed an upsurge, especially the grocery delivery apps’ demand is increasing immensely.

Moreover, OneCart is the fastest-growing premier grocery delivery business in South Africa. It offers the convenience of getting the groceries delivered to the customers’ doorstep on the same day. Apart from this, customers can shop for pharmacy, pet, wellness, liquor, and baby items from a nearby supermarket. 

Hence, it is the perfect time to set foot into the on-demand market with the OneCart Clone app if you are running a grocery store.  

OneCart – A Glance at an Emerging On-Demand Grocery Delivery Platform

OneCart is South Africa’s emerging grocery delivery service. Customers can shop online using the app and their order will be delivered probably on or before 2 hours. Some of the stores partnered with OneCart are Woolworths, Pick n Pay, Dis-Chem Pharmacy, FitChef, Mr Pet, and OneCart Bottles.

OneCart is operated in North West, Gauteng, Free State, Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Mpumalanga, and KwaZulu-Natal. Initially, it operated in four regions and extended its service by operating in 40 locations. Its first and second financial rounds were conducted in 2018 & 2019 and received an investment of under R-10 million.

Business Model/Working Model of an App Like OneCart

OneCart works similar to the other grocery delivery apps but with a slight twist. It does not own any grocery stores and so its business relies on whoever is going to use the app. Its backbone is shoppers, grocery manufacturers, and retailers who sell groceries. This platform also paves the way for them to advertise their products.

An app like OneCart comprises three versions – User, Shopper, and Delivery executive. Also, it includes a powerful admin panel for the app owners who can manage the entire grocery delivery process. Let’s see the streamlined workflow of a grocery delivery app like OneCart. 

  • Users’ Part

Users/customers can choose their favourite grocery stores listed in the app. They can choose their essentials from the product listings and place an order. They have the option to pay online from available multiple payment modes. Or else, opt for cash on delivery and pay the delivery executive after order delivery. One advantage is they can schedule the orders for the same day, next day, or a week. 

  • Shoppers’ Part

Once the customers’ confirms the order, the app notifies the shoppers regarding orders. They confirm the order request and pack the ordered items. Then, they hand over the items to the delivery executives. During this process, the shopper stays connected to the customers. This is to ensure that the shopper picks the best items.  

  • Delivery Executives’ Part

The delivery executives’ role is to collect the ordered items from the shopper and deliver them to the customers. They can opt for the best-optimized router displayed in the app. Meanwhile, the customers can check the order status and delivery executive’s location in real-time.

After the customers receive the order on time, they can review/rate the quality of the product along with the service. 

Basic Features To Incorporate While Developing A Grocery Delivery App Like OneCart

OneCart clone app

Developing and launching a feature-rich grocery delivery app like OneCart is an effective way to gain more customers and run a venture for the long term. Let’s see some of the basic features to be considered during app development. 

  • Let your customers carry out the easy onboarding process so that they can sign up or register with an app hassle-free. 
  • Various listing of products and categorizing them in the app will make the customers search and select an essential item for placing an order.
  • Quick search allows the customers to search for their favourite grocery stores. Also, it will be easy for them to browse for products by applying a filter. 
  • The delivery scheduler feature lets the customers schedule the delivery date and time as per their convenience.
  • Offering exciting deals, offers, discounts, and promo codes on special occasions encourages the customers to shop more via the app.
  • A plethora of secure & various payment options makes the transaction easier. It includes card payment, cash on delivery, e-wallets, and net banking.
  • The real-time GPS functionality helps the customers keep an eye on the movement of the delivery executive to check the order status. This way, they could know the estimated time of delivery. 
  • The selected grocery items will be automatically added to the shopping cart. They can know the total amount of the chosen product before payment.
  • Order history contains the order summary and information of all the previously ordered products, along with the pricing detail.  
  • Customers can rate and review the product’s quality which they have purchased via the app. 

What Are The Monetization Strategies To Consider During OneCart Clone App Development?

There are various monetization ways to earn from an on-demand grocery delivery app. Let’s explore the standard revenue models to consider while you go ahead with the OneCart Clone app development.

  • Delivery Fee

When it comes to OneCart, it follows a two-level system to charge for the delivery cost from the customers. It charges a flat delivery fee of R45 on each order. 

In contrast, other grocery delivery apps’ delivery fee varies depending on the order quantity and delivery. 

It is your choice to stick to a flat fee or charge the customers according to the location, delivery time, order value, and so on.

  • Merchant Fee

OneCart charges a certain percentage amount on the basis of orders from the merchants/retailers. You can set your own percentage amount to charge the merchants.

  • Shopper Fee

OneCart charges between 5% and 7% of the total order value from the shopper on each order they complete. Similarly, charge your shoppers a particular percentage of the order value. 

  • In-app Advertisement Fee

You can charge the local grocery stores and retailers for displaying advertisements on your platform. 

Other on-demand grocery delivery apps’ consistent source of income is a subscription, whereas OneCart does not follow this revenue model.

Estimation Of Cost To Develop OneCart Like App

When it comes to the cost for the development of the OneCart like app, it is a variable aspect that relies mainly on your requirements and needs. You should keep in mind that the grocery delivery app has three apps and one panel that are incorporated with various features. Key factors that contribute to the on-demand grocery delivery app development cost are listed below.

  • App platform
  • App development company’s location
  • App design
  • Technology stack
  • App features
  • App complexity

Moreover, opting for the OneCart Clone needs less investment and time in comparison to app development from scratch. Due to this, many are preferring the OneCart Clone script, which is a ready-made app solution that allows them to launch the app instantly.

Other benefits of the grocery delivery clone app solution include customizable, scalable, white-label, tailor-made, quick global launch, and many more.

Wrap up

The ease of convenience of ordering groceries online is the major reason for the popularity of the on-demand grocery delivery app. OneCart Clone app development facilitates you to plunge into the profitable market shortly with an app. It is a promising idea of launching a grocery delivery app to establish a new venture.

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