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As an entrepreneur, you have to consider the recent market trends and implement your ideas into reality with a mobile app in this digital era. You may or may not know about the content sharing and streaming platform. It is a platform where celebrities engage themselves with the followers as it is necessary for them throughout their media career. Majority of the internet users have at least a single social media account to connect virtually with the world. 

OnlyFans – Market Statistics and Its Popularity

Despite having a constant revenue stream for entrepreneurs, celebrities can even generate income by connecting with their followers. Therefore, there is a demand for a premium content subscription app to a great extent. Why won’t you step foot into this industry? If you are in a doubt, you can see the popularity of one of the most popular content sharing and streaming platforms, i.e., OnlyFans.

  • Amid the pandemic, celebrities seek an alternative source of income. And, OnlyFans seems to be the one that suits them as they can connect with their followers and earn income from the app.
  • Not only celebrities, but OnlyFans is also widely preferred by models, musicians, journalists, podcasters, and many more to showcase their skills to the world. Thereby, they all can have a constant income source. 
  • In 2020, OnlyFans generated a revenue of $2 billion, according to Bloomberg. In addition to these statistics, Timothy Stokely reported that this app is paying $200 million to content creators per month. 
  • As already mentioned, many content creators preferred this app amid the pandemic. This app witnessed an uplift in revenue generation in March 2020. 
  • In terms of revenue generation, OnlyFans beats other content apps such as Patreon, Twitch, Cameo, Bandcamp, Outschool, Gumroad, and Substack. Reported from September 2018 till July 2020, the growth of the OnlyFans seems to be a hockey stick in a graph. 
  • As of now, this app has more than 30 million users and 450,000 content creators.

OnlyFans Clone Solution – How It Benefits Your Business?

As a result, many entrepreneurs are curious about developing a replica of the OnlyFans app and launch it in the market. For that, you can go with any one of the two popular ways. One way is conventional and the other way is using the white-label solution. The convention technique requires a lot of time and money as it is to be built from scratch. On the other hand, the OnlyFans clone app development using the white-label solution has gained a positive response from many as it has the following advantages.

  • Time-conserving & cost-effective

Compared to making an app from scratch, the OnlyFans clone app solution paves the way for entrepreneurs to develop and launch their app right away. Another important thing is that it is a cost-effective solution. 

  • Scalable & customizable

The app solution is fully customizable according to business needs. You can integrate your brand name and logo into the app.

Must-have Features of the OnlyFans Clone App

To make your app unique from others, you have to incorporate features that cope with the latest technology. Here are the features that have to be considered while developing the OnlyFans clone app. 

User app

  • Registration

Like other social media apps, users have to register with this content sharing and streaming app using a name, email ID, and phone number. They can even login with other social media accounts.  

  • Recording & sharing video

Users record shoutouts from celebrities and are able to share them with their friends on other social media accounts. 

  • Geolocation

All the on-demand services app has the Geolocation feature. Likewise, the content sharing and streaming app have been integrated with Geolocation as users can find a nearby celebrity.  

  • Instant alerts

This feature will let the user be notified via the app whenever the celebrities they follow shares content in the OnlyFans clone app. Apart from that, the app notifies the upcoming sessions. 

Celebrity app

  • Social media profile linking

Usually, celebrities have accounts on the most popular social media platforms. This feature will let the celebrity link their other social media accounts to this app. 

  • Schedule post

In order to engage with the followers regularly, celebrities can schedule the post they need to share in the app. 

  • In-app chat

Celebrities have the option to chat with their followers who requested shoutouts. In addition to this, they can schedule a chat session with their followers.  

  • Analytics

It facilitates the celebrities to know their content reach among their followers. Apart from this, they can see the number of followers who viewed their profile, the number of likes to a particular post, and which is the most-viewed video shoutouts. 

Admin panel

  • Dashboard

This feature will let the admin perform various operations like manage a user profile, verify a new user profile, and so on. In short, they can control everything via the app. 

  • Manage profiles

The admin lists the celebrity profiles and manages them in the app. Therefore, it is easy for them to generate income by collecting a particular amount of money from celebrities as a commission.

  • Badge verification

They would verify the celebrity profile and give a badge to them. A celebrity profile with a badge seems to be authenticated. Therefore, it is easy for users to find their favourite celebrity. 

  • Analytics

Using this analytics report, the admin can know the performance of the app. Considering these insights, they can optimize the app accordingly to reach a wider audience.

Common Revenue Streams of the OnlyFans Clone App

You can boost the ROI by generating money in various revenue streams. A few of the common methods to generate revenue are as follows.

  • Subscription-based revenue stream

You can offer various subscription plans depending on the features you provide at varying rates. Like, providing plans like bronze, silver, gold, and much more. So, the users have to pay some percentage of the amount in availing these subscriptions. You can collect a subscription fee on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

  • Fundraising revenue stream

You can facilitate investors to organize fundraising events with users. Even celebrities can conduct fundraising campaigns for social issues and other causes. This is one of the efficient ways to gain revenue with the app.

  • In-app purchasing revenue stream

You can allow investors to promote their products or brands. This marketing is widely trusted by followers when compared to promotional ads. It is a win-win situation for the respective product owners and celebrities who are branding the product in the app. 

  • In-app advertising revenue stream

You can collaborate with third parties and let them advertise their products, brands, or services by displaying ad banners in the OnlyFans clone app. You can charge them based on the views, impressions, and click-through rate.

How Much Does it Cost to Make an App Like OnlyFans? 

Finally, if you have decided to develop the OnlyFans clone app, you have to consider your budget. There are numerous criteria to decide the app development cost. Criteria like app platform, app design, project requirements, time frame, and feature integration directly influence the OnlyFans clone app development cost. As the cost of app development varies for each individual, approach us to get a rough estimate of it.

To Conclude,

Hoping so, this blog has inspired you to develop the OnlyFans clone app. If so, partner with us and get your quota. We’ll help you to customize your app and deploy it as per your requirement. It is the right choice and the best time to kick start your business venture with the OnlyFans clone app. 

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