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Due to the recent pandemic outbreak, the entire world has been affected adversely. People are staying indoors in order to protect themselves and other people. Social distancing and self-isolation are the two major practices to be followed in this outbreak season. In such a situation, all schools, colleges, and other educational institutions are closed down for an indefinite period. So, people have started using e-Learning apps that enable virtual learning. With these incredible apps, students will not miss out on their courses, tutors will have a source of income in the lockdown season, and business owners will yield a good profit. 

To support the above-mentioned fact, there has been a significant rise in the number of users who take up courses via an online app in the current situation. The revenue generated by business owners has also witnessed a drastic increase in the past few weeks. On the other hand, many e-learning apps are also providing online courses free of charge. Being an aspiring entrepreneur, you can launch an Uber for tutors app that will help people in this lockdown period. 

We, at Uberlikeapp, will help you launch an efficient and feature-rich app in a few days. With this app, you can generate a considerable amount of revenue and, at the same time, cater effectively to the educational needs of users. 

Major panels of the online tutoring app:

The online app has three dashboards that have respective features and workflows. They are specified below:

Student/User app:

With this app, students can sign up and register for any course they want. The list of courses is available along with the tutor profiles. They can pay for the course and take up classes from anywhere. 

Admin dashboard:

The admin can log in to the powerful dashboard with the credentials provided and manage the process efficiently. They will also have access to all information and resolve any disputes that arise between tutors and students. 

Tutor app:

Instructors or tutors can register with the app and list the courses they are offering. They can also upload videos to the app that can be accessed for a fixed price. They will receive their earnings after the commission has been cut down by the admin. 

Effective feature-set of an Uber for tutors app:

The e-Learning app has a set of crucial features that has to be included in the app in order to make it user-friendly. They are:

Easy registration:

Students and tutors can sign up effortlessly with the app using their phone numbers or email IDs. 

Profile setup:

Tutors who register with the app can build their profile by specifying a few essential details such as name, location, qualification, and more. 

Scheduled classes:

Users can schedule an online class with their favorite tutors by specifying the correct date and time. Tutors will accept requests and provide classes during the designated time. 

In-app notifications:

Alerts on scheduled classes, new courses, request status, etc., will be sent via push notifications, text messages, and emails. 

Location tracking:

If tutors make appointments to visit students, then tutors and students will be allowed to track each other’s live location via the app. 

Course fee:

Students have to pay a fixed fee for each course they want to take up the online app. Once they select a course, the fee will be displayed in the app. Students will have to pay the fee via any one of the payment gateways available in the app. 

Favorite tutor:

With this feature, students can mark their favorite tutors and opt for them when they want to take up a similar course. 

Service history:

Tutors will have a separate page where they can view the number of courses they have provided and the number of students they have tutored. 

Availability status:

Tutors can display their availability status with the help of the slide bar available in the app. If they are not available, students can opt for another tutor. 

Video and chat facility:

The app includes call, chat, and video calling features that will help users and tutors connect with each other for online classes or any other queries. 

Accept/reject student requests:

Tutors can accept or reject student requests based on fixed parameters. If they reject it, the request will be forwarded to the next available tutor. 


Students and tutors can share the referral links provided to them, and if any new user joins using the link, the existing users will receive rewards or offers. 

Analytics and reports:

The admin can access all in-app analytics and reports generated anytime. This will give them an idea of what needs to be improved and how to increase the customer base. 

Featured tutors:

Tutors can pay a fixed amount to the admin to get listed under the featured list. Tutors available under the list will be suggested first to students. 

Verified symbol:

On successfully completing the registration process, tutors will be given a verified mark near their profiles. 


The admin can view reports and get to know the particular location in which the demand is high and extend the search radius accordingly. This feature will help in satisfying the increasing demand in that region.

24×7 customer support:

Students and tutors should be able to contact the support team any time if they have any queries to be resolved. They can use the chat or call feature to get in touch with them. 

Hosting ads:

The admin can display ads of other brands in the app and receive a fixed sum for hosting it. This will be a potential source of revenue for the business owner. 

Reviews and rating system:

Tutors and students can rate each other at the end of a course and review the class. It will help other users choose the course or tutor without much hassle. 

Bottom line:

Help students and tutors in this outbreak season by launching your on-demand tutoring app in the market. Our experts will help you build a feature-rich and an optimized app in a few days. Get in touch with us to learn more about the tutoring app.

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