The model introduced by Uber has revolutionized the way we interact with the service industry. By capitalizing on existing mobile technology, Uber has shown that it is possible to overcome the hurdles present within the traditional market. Now, it is very easy to book a taxi to your doorstep without having to go through the trouble of hailing multiple cabs, negotiating fares and navigating to your desired location. However, the Uber model is not restricted to the transportation sector and can be applied to different fields such as education, entertainment, catering and more.

Your app will certainly make it accessible for service providers and consumers to approach each other. Service providers can market their services efficiently and also be able to manage multiple consumers at a given moment optimally. By integrating instant clearance of dues, you can significantly ease the burden of the service provider. Meanwhile, the consumer will judge your platform based on the variety of choice you can provide. Since your’s is service oriented and hence non-tangible, the ability to observe the status of orders will be well received by the consumer. Finally, by including options such as cashless payments, splitting costs and promo offers can help popularise your business.

Studying the Uber model, we realise that there are two core stakeholders – Service Providers and Customers. The both of them do not function independently but instead, share a symbiotic relationship. Thus, it becomes necessary to understand the needs of each associate to create a killer business idea. This can be achieved by examining the data collected on the app. By identifying recurring patterns, you can implement new features to the platform.

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