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The Coronavirus has not only become a pandemic globally but has also affected the economic performance of several countries. There is no answer as to when this pandemic will end or if there is a cure to this virus. Scientists across the world are laboring hard to find a vaccine for the virus. 

In this season, many entrepreneurs or businessmen are having a hard time managing their business. They are looking for potential opportunities to invest in and make a profit this season. This may be the right time to put your foot forward and set up an on-demand service that will generate high revenue in this season. 

What are a few profitable business opportunities?

This blog will help you get a clear picture of the on-demand services that will help you earn a good profit. 

E-scooter sharing service:

During this pandemic season, it is not advisable to travel in public transport. Since people are requested to follow social distancing, they will be in need of a transport service to travel from one place to another. 

This scooter service will help people commute with ease and safety. As a part of precautionary measures, you can also place a small alcohol sanitizer bottle in the e-scooter for people to use. You can also provide a mask and gloves for preserving their safety. This will help people maintain social distancing, and you can yield a good profit. 

On-demand food delivery business:

Considering the current scenario, people will not be able to step out of their houses frequently. Especially bachelors and elderly people will need food delivery services so that they can stay safe at their homes. As an entrepreneur, you can cater to their needs by delivering food at their doorsteps. 

As you can see, in this season, many food delivery brands have witnessed significant growth in their sales. So, launching a food delivery service will be the best option. You can also include features such as contactless food deliveries to ensure that social distancing is maintained between users and delivery executives. Users can request delivery executives to leave the order in a particular spot outside their house. 

On-demand grocery delivery:

Since people are under lockdown, they cannot run to the grocery store to buy all their essential needs. In order to help them with their needs, you can set up an online grocery delivery service. You can hire a few delivery executives after a proper screening process and explain all the safety measures to be followed during delivery. 

They can collect the items listed by users and deliver them on time. This is a profitable business that can be launched in this season. 

On-demand workout apps:

During this quarantine period, people cannot go to gyms to work out. They will require assistance to workout at home every day. You can launch an app that contains workout videos demonstrated by trainers across the globe. Don’t forget that a high-quality content writing is a must for such apps as well.

You can verify trainers and let them upload videos to your app. Users can pay a fixed amount and watch the videos available in the app. As the admin, you can also cut-down commission before transferring the earnings to trainers. Third party Ads can also be hosted in the app as it is a potential source of income. 


The above-mentioned services will help you cater to the needs of people in this outbreak season and also generate more revenue. You can talk to our experts to set up an on-demand business in a few days. We have experienced developers who can customize and launch your apps within a short span. 

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