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The saying Rome was not built in a day applies to all businesses as big players like Google, Amazon, and YouTube have come a long way to achieve success. In the technology-driven world, video sharing platforms like YouTube and Rumble become popular among people. This basic technology lays the foundation of the digital offering that is accessible in the public domain. Are you thinking of launching a video sharing app? Definitely, there is a high possibility that your app must be the success story next to the giant players.   

Rumble – An open platform for content creators to manage feeds and monetize their contents

Rumble is a video sharing platform that has gained vast popularity in recent times. This will allow the users to upload content (videos) without any censorship restrictions. It is the primary reason behind the faster growth of this app compared to other video sharing apps.

In 2020, the number of active users in Rumble was 1.6 million. It has skyrocketed to 31.9 million in the first quarter of 2021. Rumble was founded in 2013 by Chris Pavloski. It boasts 50 million unique monthly views and 50,000 content creators. 

Most video contents range between news and short viral clips. It was started as a political platform. But, it turned out to be so as years passed.

According to Pavlovski, his focus is on creating a fair ecosystem for all by giving equal opportunities for all the content creators and reaching many audiences with their contents. It is different from other platforms as it does not deprioritize small creators and prioritize large influencers.

Why do people choose Rumble over YouTube?

YouTube being the most visited platform that comprises video clips, TV show clips, movie trailers, live streams, short documentaries, music videos, audio recordings, and other content like vlogs and educational videos. But, Rumble is considered an alternative to YouTube. The main reason behind it is censorship.

That is, YouTube has begun to hide specific videos from the search results. Then, the people began to look for an alternative app that is without any restrictions in which they can upload content and monetize it. This becomes a conservative platform.

Since the launch, Rumble has chugged along as a fair video platform that features mostly viral videos and cute animal clips. In the beginning, it was an unknown platform and later, it became popular when people searched for an alternative platform to YouTube, which does not have censorship.

Features to consider during Rumble clone app development

  • The Conversion of Video Resolution feature will allow the users to convert the video formats to FLV. This helps for smooth and uninterrupted video playback. This feature is designed to reduce large memory units into smaller fragments without affecting the video quality.
  • The Rumble clone app offers the Multiple payment options feature that comprises card and digital payment options. This feature can be customized depending on your business requirements.
  • Users can opt for their native languages as the app is incorporated with the Multilingual feature. Some popular languages include English, French, and Spanish.
  • Users can directly connect with their followers or subscribers using the Live Streaming facility feature.
  • The Drag & drop feature in the app will allow the users to upload videos from the local disc, dropbox, google drive, etc.

Working model of the video-sharing app like Rumble

Step 1 – The users can register with a video sharing app through social media. They have to enter their bank details for receiving payments based on the video views of viewers.

Step 2 – The users can upload a video of their choice in the app. Also, they can enter a detailed description of the video to be uploaded.

Step 3 – After that, they can track and analyse the video views and subscribers list to their channel.

Step 4 – They can view the comments on the uploaded video. Based on the video views, they earn revenue.

These are from the users perspective. When it comes to the admin panel, you can manage all the user details and look after the subscription plans. Also, you can manage the payment history.

How to generate revenue from a social media video app like Rumble?

Every video app has its own set of monetization strategies. Below are the following revenue streams of the social media video app like Rumble.

Profit sharing

Users will give the rights to Rumble in exchange for an earning of up to a maximum of 90% of what the content creators make on YouTube.


Users can give up their rights to Rumble and they have the chance of making up to $1000.


Users can generate up to $500 in profit by allowing a non-exclusive license towards the video in which the Rumble and its partner can use the uploaded video. Still, the users own their video.

Not for sale

This revenue stream is not preferred mainly by the users who try to make income out of selling stock footage.

Another way of making revenue is through tagging the videos. Users can tag a maximum of 5 videos per day at a rate of $0.05 per video.

Other popular monetization strategies that you can consider are subscription model, advertisement, pay-per-view, and purchasable asset. This app allows the users to monetize their content and earn apart from the usual way of generating revenue. This is similar to a social media video-sharing app like parler.

How much does it cost for developing the Rumble clone app?

Developing the Rumble clone app seems to be not relatively simple at first glance. Ideally, the app development team mainly consists of Android and iOS developers and the UI/UX designers. When it comes to the Rumble clone app development cost, it is a variable parameter and depends on various factors like app complexity, feature-set integration, geographical location, and so on.

Why choose our Rumble clone app for video sharing app development?

The video-sharing platform is booming. And, our Rumble clone app is designed and developed in such a way that it is mobile friendly. As the clone app solution is customizable, any new and innovative features can be incorporated into your app.

The app solution is available to be deployed on both Android & iOS platforms. With the video-sharing app, you can earn benefits via ads and subscription plans. The ads management system allows you to place an ad in a particular video at the beginning of the video or in-between intervals.

To conclude,

The evolution of technology paves the way for the emergence of video-sharing platforms. Yes, the Rumble clone app is the righteous platform for entrepreneurs to invest and make a strong business foundation. If you really intend to launch a video sharing app like Rumble, reach out to our team of experts. We proffer the clone app solution that is ready-to-use.

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