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With the advancement of digital technology, businesses prefer developing a highly intuitive mobile app in this digital era. Sephora is a beauty retailer founded by Dominique Mandonnaud. It offers various products that include skincare, fragrance, body care, hair care, and makeup. Moreover, it has turned to digital technology to provide customers with product exploration amid the Covid-19 pandemic. This company has come with new strategies to meet the customer requirements in a digital experience landscape.

This social e-commerce app has been incorporated with Augmented Reality for a seamless user experience. Also, they have come up with the Try Before You Buy concept that will allow the users to try out cosmetics & products virtually. This helps the users to make purchase decisions more accurately.

Tremendous growth of the Sephora app

 The revenue of Sephora for the last 3 years was reported as USD 50,000,000 – 74,999,999. There is a projection that the growth will continue in the coming years with a gain of 10% annually during the next five years. It is not only gaining popularity in the United States but also concentrating a global audience. Significantly, there is a speedy increase in the number of app users.

 The reason behind the tremendous success of Sephora is personalization as they collect the users’ data to give a personalized experience hassle-free. It is easy to understand the users’ choice of where they often search for outside product recommendations, reviews, and prices by collecting the data. Yes, the Sephora app is designed and developed with a virtual assistant. This enhances the user’s experience and helps to increase the potential users.

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 Top 5 key strategies that drive the success of a beauty app like Sephora are as follows:

 The company aims to cater a seamless shopping experience to the users. In the years 2017 and 2019, Sephora has witnessed tremendous growth with the $6 billion revenue generation. Compared to the previous years, it is a 50% increase in revenue. Let’s have a look at some of the strategies to make a beauty app like Sephora successful.

  •  Customer experience

 The key to success is customer satisfaction, as they have to be comfortable in using the beauty app. With the help of various technologies, considering the customer-faced tactics helps to gain more potential users. As mentioned earlier, Sephora has swiftly moved to the digital space by using Augmented Reality, in which users can try out cosmetics before they purchase.

  •  Omnichannel strategy

 Sephora is a pioneer in trying the omnichannel strategy. A mobile app is a central hub where the users can access any new products, video tutorials, celebrity news, fashion trends. In addition to providing the best customer experience, they nailed it in marketing. In 2018, the company merged its physical and digital teams to develop an omnichannel approach. This seems to be an easy way to track the entire customer journey starting from online browsing to in-store interactions.

  •  Data-driven mobile technology

 The company recognized that most users are using smartphones to check online reviews and compare the price of products. So, they developed a retail strategy by taking advantage of mobile technologies. The Sephora app is designed in such a way to offer valuable information to the users. Since the day of entering the digital space, it has foreseen the rise of customers with more number of app downloads.

  •  Augmented retail strategy

 The company has included video tutorials in the app as many users view beauty and cosmetic-related videos. This increases customer engagement. They have included the evocative images in the retail strategy by using micro-influencers and brand ambassadors on social networking platforms.

 How has Sephora adapted to the Covid-19 pandemic situation?

 Amid the pandemic, it is necessary for businesses to shift to the digital platform to meet the users’ needs. Sephora concerns the users more and gives top priority to their safety. At the onset of the global pandemic, this company has quickly adapted to new normalcy by offering the best quality service with an app. Also, they have limited in-store product testing and have to follow the Sephora Health & Safety Guidelines.

 The incorporation of the Virtual Reality feature in the app has paved the way for users to get virtual consultations and shade finders. This company has established a strong online presence. This digitization is very beneficial for users as it is very convenient for choosing suitable cosmetics and makeup products.

 Exciting features to consider while developing the Sephora clone app

  •  Virtual artist

 It is the most talked-about feature as it takes personalization to a new level. This feature uses Augmented Reality as users can try out lipsticks and false eyelashes virtually.

  •  Beauty advisor recommendations

 The Sephora clone app offers various makeover options that include full-face makeovers and mini-makeovers. Users can get to know the perfect foundation shade and eyebrow lashes.

  •  Personalized alerts

 The app sends a message regarding the reward points, new product arrival, and upcoming events & training via push notifications. Sending personalized messages helps user engagement and gain potential users.

  •  Location-based messages

Apart from the personalized alerts, the Sephora clone app sends location-based messages to the users. Also, the users will be notified when they approach a nearby store location, including mobile-exclusive deals, product recommendations, and events taking place in the store they have visited.

  •  Beauty quizzes

 Discovering the perfect beauty product is quite an overwhelming task. The company addresses this issue and offers different features for users to know the perfect product for them. Product quizzes help the users to determine the perfect cosmetics and makeup products that suit them.

 A streamlined workflow of the Sephora clone app

  • The users can sign up or register with the Sephora clone app through social media accounts.
  • After the registration, they can choose the perfect style for their skin tone using the filter options.
  • Next, they can access the available shades, formats, and brands. Once done, they can capture the style using the 3D recognition feature as the app is integrated with Augmented Reality.
  • Users can buy the perfect product that suits their skin tone or lips.
  • Lastly, they have the option to review and rate the app. 

How much does it cost for developing a beauty e-commerce app like Sephora?                

Technology is the game-changer as it paves the way for every business to move towards the digital platform. If you want to take a business to a new height, developing an app like Sephora is profitable. When it comes to the cost of developing the Sephora clone app, it solely depends on the requirements. A few of the prominent factors that affect the app development cost are app features, app design, app platform, an experience level of the app developer, geographical location, and much more.

Wrap up

Technology is growing in a faster manner. Coping with the recent technology and current situation (Covid-19 crisis) is necessary for a business to run successfully. The Sephora clone app is the right choice for newbies to invest and they can gain profit shortly. Reach out to UberLikeApp for Sephora Clone app development.

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