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Nowadays, it is easier for people to order their favourite food from local restaurants and get it delivered to their doorstep within a stipulated time. This is possible only because of the food ordering and delivery apps. Recently, BeyondMenu has caught many food lovers’ attention. As an entrepreneur, if you want to set your foot into the food delivery service business with the BeyondMenu like app, this blog will give insightful information.

Why Do You Have To Launch The BeyondMenu Like App?

The food delivery service business is expanding rapidly in recent times. It is rare to see people without smartphones. As the technology grows, they wish to avail every service using mobile apps. The net value of the online food delivery market in Europe, America, and Asia is more than $1billion. Globally, its net worth is $83 billion. 

Food ordering & delivery apps are not only beneficial for customers but also for food vendors as they can easily reach potential customers. It improves your brand visibility in the digital space, customer satisfaction, and much more.  

At the onset of coronavirus transmission, food delivery apps have witnessed considerable growth. We all know that many businesses went down during the pandemic. But, the food delivery apps revolutionized the industry as the majority of the people prefer apps for ordering the food instead of visiting the restaurants. The fact is that they are forced to stay indoors to prevent the spread of virus transmission. Even after the lockdown relaxations, they go with the food delivery app as it is very convenient. 

Leon Chen founded BeyondMenu in 2009 and it has been running successfully since 2013. Currently, it is the most popular downloaded app and its rating is high in several countries. In March 2021, the number of app downloads was 80K and its revenue was more than $5k. They facilitate customers to provide feedback about the app. Thus, it helps to boost their business. From these data, it is evident that investing to develop & launch a food delivery app like BeyondMenu is a righteous decision. 

How a Food Delivery App Like BeyondMenu Works?

The working model of the BeyondMenu clone app is similar to other food delivery apps. This app establishes a connection between the customers and nearby restaurants. Thus, it makes it simpler for customers to order food and get it delivered at their doorsteps. Below is the workflow of the food ordering and delivery app like BeyondMenu. 

  • Customers have to install the app and sign up with it using their email ID and mobile number. They can even register using their Google account. 
  • They browse for nearby restaurants and search for their favourite food. Upon selecting the food, they confirm the order. 
  • Now, the restaurant owner receives the order request from the customer. Restaurant owners have the option to accept or decline the order request. Upon accepting the request, they prepare the order and pack it. 

Fundamental Features Of An App Like BeyondMenu

The BeyondMenu clone app’s basic functionality comes with three modules/apps, namely, Customer app, Delivery executive app, and Admin panel. Following are the must-have features to be included in your food ordering and delivery app.

  • New users have to sign up with the app using valid details like an email address and phone number. A Quick registration process will let the users register quickly that is using other social media accounts. 
  • Customers have the option to add, delete, and manage the items in the shopping cart. The cart will let the customer add the items they selected. Before confirming the order, they can delete any items from the cart if they do not want to buy. 
  • The Multiple payment integration will facilitate the customer to pay online or cash on delivery depending on their choice. Digital payments include credit/debit card, UPI, etc.
  • The Data Insights feature will let you know about the food ordering & delivery details such as restaurant, orders, customers.
  • The Order Tracking feature in the customers app will let them check the delivery executive’s location upon confirmation of the delivery request.

Possible Ways To Generate Revenue From The BeyondMenu Clone App

There is a tremendous growth of the food ordering and delivery apps in the market. You can get more profit with minimal investment. A few of the standard revenue-generation models from the BeyondMenu clone app are as follows.

  • Commission-based revenue model

It is the efficient monetization strategy that empowers you to earn a huge profit. You can charge a certain percentage of money from restaurants (who registers with your app) for every successful order delivery.

  • Registration charge-based revenue model

To use the BeyondMenu clone app, the restaurant owners have to register with it. You can charge them for listing their restaurant name in the app. You have to verify the restaurant profile before listing its name.  

  • Subscription-based revenue model

This seems to be a perfect example of a recurring revenue method. You can let the restaurants and customers use some of the advanced features by collecting a subscription fee from them.

  • In-app advertising-based revenue model

You can let third-party food vendors promote their service on your app. This type of revenue model is common among online food delivery service businesses as it helps to generate revenue considerably. You can collect money from third-party food vendors based on the click-through rate of the advertisement. 

Business Models of the Food Ordering and Delivery App

Before you set foot in the food delivery service business with the BeyondMenu clone app, you have to find your niche based on your target audience. Make sure to conduct proper market research and analyze it carefully, as it helps to build a successful business plan. 

There are two popular food delivery business models: The aggregator model and the Platform with logistic support. Choose a suitable business model. In addition to this, keep in mind that you have to decide the app features, app functionality, and technology stack, and app platform. 

BeyondMenu Clone – A Budget-Friendly App Solution

The cost of developing a food ordering & delivery app like BeyondMenu depends on various parameters, including the features and functionality of the app. In short, it solely relies on the business model you choose. The app development cost increases if you choose the more complex technology stack. Therefore, you have to take a wise decision in choosing the tech stack. Thus, it is easy to build a food delivery app like BeyondMenu in your budget.

Why Is It An Ideal Choice To Invest In The BeyondMenu Clone App?

However, investing in the BeyondMenu clone is an excellent choice. There is no doubt that the online food delivery service industry is an ever-flourishing one in upcoming years. With the changing market trends, you have to stay ahead in this highly competitive industry. For this, you can prefer the advanced BeyondMenu clone app solution. Below are some of the advantages of this solution.

  • It paves a way to enlarge your food delivery business.
  • It boosts the sales of your business.
  • It strengthens your business visibility to a broader range of customers.
  • It provides hassle-free food ordering to your target customers.

Bottom line

Food ordering and delivery apps have transformed the way of the food ordering process. As the business’s success is determined by customer satisfaction and convenience, many prefer food delivery apps. Thus, this is an ideal time to launch a similar app like BeyondMenu

Hoping so, this blog will give insightful information about launching your personalized app in the profitable market. At UberLikeApp, we ensure to offer a food delivery app based on your business requirements. Connect with us for BeyondMenu like app development.  

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