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People no longer have an interest in waiting for a long time or hang over a call for availing beauty service or booking an appointment for the same. With the advent of an Uber for beauty service app, the beauty service industry has transformed rapidly. Nowadays, people can book an appointment for beauty services with a few clicks in the app. A StyleSeat Clone app is in demand nowadays as many entrepreneurs or beauty professionals want to reach millions of customers by establishing a business shortly.     

Gone are the days when availing of beauty services is considered a luxury. But today, every individual is showing interest in beauty services. Hence, the beauty salon business is lucrative and you can expect more revenue from it. 

Interesting Stats And Facts Of The Haircare And Beauty Industry

Undoubtedly, the haircare and beauty industry is growing rapidly. The net worth of the global haircare industry in 2016 was $69 billion and is projected to reach $87 billion by 2023. The spa and beauty salon industry’s value in 2017 was $128.59 billion and will touch $190.81 billion by 2017. 

As the customers’ demand changes with time, the beauty industry evolves accordingly to meet the demands. Women’s contribution to salons per year is $3,756 and men’s contribution is $2,928. This figure indicates that irrespective of gender, availing of a beauty service has become a part of everyone’s lives.      

The United States is the biggest revenue generator in the haircare industry. The revenue of the US haircare industry in 2019 was $46.5 billion, which comprises over 80,000 businesses. Next to the US, Japan is the highest revenue-generating country when it comes to the haircare market.

These facts and stats prove that starting a beauty salon business is lucrative, especially in the United States. It is high time to establish a grand venture with a salon app like StyleSeat. Leverage this opportunity and mark your place in the lucrative industry.  

Exciting Features To Be Incorporated In A StyleSeat Clone App Development

The right selection of features will pave the way for the app’s success and survival in the thriving industry. Below are some exciting features that you could consider while developing an app like StyleSeat.  

  • Booking Option

Customers can discover and choose their preferred service providers from the available providers in the app. Then, they have to select the service which will be listed. Some prominent services are hair weaving, haircutting, hair coloring, manicure, and braids. After that, they can book their services by providing the required information, including date & time. 

  • Blogs 

It is one of the core features that you can consider including in your app. People interested in availing a beauty service will obviously check out beauty care related videos on YouTube and blogs in web browsers. Thus, you can let the customers access blogs related to beauty care tips, insights for salon owners, and other similar topics.  

  • Call Masking

For some reason, beauticians and hair stylists can secure their contact details when communicating with customers over the phone. This ensures the privacy of them which is the best way to prevent misuse of sensitive information. 

  • Analytics Report

As a beauty salon app owner, you can get detailed reports with details, including the total number of appointments, canceled bookings, revenue generation, profits, and many more. In short, you have the authority to view and manage the entire business operations. 

  • Appointment Management

This feature is beneficial for the beauty salon owners as they can include and customize details like available time slots and opening/closing hours. It will be easy for them to manage the bookings with ease.  

  • In-app Payments

It would be great if you add multiple payment options to your app so that the customers have the choice to select their preferred payment modes. Let the customers prefer cash payment or cashless payment. Digital/online payment options include credit cards, debit cards, UPI, and e-wallets. 

Implicit Workflow Of The On-Demand Beauty Salon App

There is no necessity for you to own a salon to launch the beauty salon app. Simply, you can develop & launch your salon app and let a plethora of salons make use of your app where the customers can have wide options to choose from. Let’s have a look at how an app like StyleSeat works from the customers’ side.  

The foremost step is installing the beauty salon booking app on the customers’ smartphones. Then, the app prompts the customers to register or sign up with their email address or phone number. They can even opt for social media registration in which there is no need to manually enter the initial required information.

After that, they have to provide location access. Or else, they have to enter the location manually. This is for locating nearby salons. Customers can find the salons of their preference by applying filters. They can view the salon profile, which contains relevant information like images, pricing details, time slots for appointments, and many more. 

By checking the salon profile, it is easy for them to choose the salon which is suitable for them. Once they have chosen the salon, they can select the service they need and book an appointment. After booking confirmation, customers can visit the salon at the specified time and get the service done. 

Customers have the option to either pay while booking an appointment or after completing the service, through cash payment or cashless payment.  

Ways To Generate Revenue From A styleseat Clone App Development

It is crucial to decide on the monetization strategies for generating greater revenue before developing the StyleSeat Clone app. Below are some of the revenue model ideas that you can adapt for your beauty and salon app. 

  • Commission Charges

This is the most common and effective revenue model to generate more income from the beauty service booking apps. Whenever the customers book a beauty service and make a payment, you can charge a certain percentage of the amount as a commission fee from the salon owner (service provider).    

  • Sponsorships

You can allow the service providers or third-party advertisers to promote their services/brands on your platform for better reach and increase their sales. For this, you can charge them a specific percentage. The services/brands that you permit to be promoted should be relevant to your business. For instance, allow third parties to promote a face wash, serum, scrub, and other related products in your app.

  • Promotion

Sponsorship is different from the promotion-based revenue model. Sponsorship is letting third-party vendors promote their products. Whereas, the promotion-based revenue model lets the registered salon owners (service providers) promote their services for being at the top of the available salons’ list. Apart from the commission charges, you can collect additional fees from the salon that wants to prioritize other salons in the app. 

  • In-app Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is the common model everyone follows. It is the standard and effective way to gain profits from mobile apps in general once reaching a broader audience. For instance, you can display advertisements in your app. By enabling Google Ads, you will receive payment from Google when your advertisements get clicks.  

How Much Does It Cost For On-Demand Salon App Development?

The final cost of on-demand salon app development depends on several factors. Some of the prominent ones include the platform you choose for app deployment, the features you integrate, the technology stack used for development, and the company’s location. Notably, the cost will be directly proportional to the app’s complexity. Additional factors that affect the cost are UI/UX design and third-party service integration. In a nutshell, your business requirements impact the beauty app development cost.  

Choose Us For On-Demand Beauty Salon App Development

Instead of choosing to develop an on-demand beauty salon app right from the beginning, opting for the ready-made beauty salon app is cost-effective. Our StyleSeat Clone Script is a readily available solution that is customizable & scalable according to your requirements. At UberLikeApp, we provide the beauty salon app that fits your needs. Ensure that the app is created using cutting-edge technology and packed with vital features. 

Final Thoughts

With passing time and changing trends, surviving in the highly competitive market is quite tough. It is imperative to adapt to the changes accordingly. As the beauty industry is evolving, it is high time to launch your on-demand beauty salon app similar to StyleSeat. The white label StyleSeat Clone app facilitates you to upscale your beauty service business shortly. 

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