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People have always been fascinated by modern technology’s potential and the way virtual communication enables people to interact like the real world. The notion of building genuine relationships have been through several stages of evolution, but it did not fade away. With the introduction of social media apps, entrepreneurs have started decoding and devising innovative strategies for interactions. They began experimenting with various mediums and platforms on building a virtual ecosystem that could possibly replicate the real-world connection.

Where did the evolution of social media apps bring us to?

Although the COVID-19 breakout has thrown people into isolation, they were prepared to cope up with the change. People were already using virtual mentoring portals within their personal circle. However, they faced specific challenges in adapting to the challenges of remote work. One of the primary challenges that will be met by every remote working team is their written communication can be easily misinterpreted. People will have to be overly optimistic with communication and assure readers that you are well-intentioned. 

Since more people have shifted from traditional media to social media apps, reports suggest that an average user spends a considerable amount of time on social media. The trendsetters on these apps have gradually turned into influencers. They are the stars of social media platforms and play a larger role in it. Furthermore, influencers can build a brand image regardless of what they sell; however, it must be congruent with their niche. 

The same goes for celebrities as the social media apps offer the ideal way for digital to get in touch with their fans virtually. They can build loyal customers through regular and direct communication with their fans. Social media platforms have come a long way that celebrities can be in touch with their followers all the time. It has the potential to grow more prominent as it is progressing at a breakneck speed.

The dormant potential of video mentoring platforms:

An influencer is someone who transforms or creates a consumer behavior. The evolution of social media apps has given them a new set of tools to formalize and monetize their presence and popularity. Online mentoring portals fall under the hood of premium social media platforms and have already become the talk of the town. The ugly truth of every social media platform is that a smaller audience will fetch higher engagement rates for the platform. Social media apps have become crowded, and celebrities find it difficult to reach their fans. The tighter the crowd, the better will be the economics. By broadening this trend, entrepreneurs have eventually started to develop premium social media platforms. It is an innovative customer acquisition engine that benefits both parties by monetizing the whole platform. 

People have always longed for individual attention or exclusive content. The intuitive functionalities of these apps make experts more accessible for their audience. In other words, they can seamlessly reach more audiences by hosting multiple sessions and can earn appropriately. Plus,  they get to experience one-on-one sessions with their favorite celebrities/influencers. Aspiring entrepreneurs have started to embrace the monetary potential of online mentoring platforms. These platforms are likely to be a hub for influencers, intellectuals, celebrities, TED speakers, etc., to interact with their audience. Their content will be exclusive, and only their subscribers can access it.  

Where do online mentoring platforms fit in?

The line between traditional media platforms and people are increasingly getting blurred. The advent of online mentorship platforms has given numerous crossover opportunities in several forms that are exceptionally feasible. Emerging from the roots of premium social media platforms, these apps can establish a similar win-win situation. These apps are optimized to create more business opportunities to set the odds in favor of entrepreneurs. The ultimate purpose of these platforms is to provide original content directly from the creators. It can be an effective platform to build their audience, distribute their content to their micro fan base, and earn money from it.  

What is the future for virtual mentoring portals?

Privacy is something that developers have majorly focused of late. Since these platforms are the epitome of exclusive content, the creators must go the extra mile to create interactive and personalized content in order to sell them. The monetary prospects of a profile will depend on the quality and quantity of the content produced. Business analysts have predicted an upward trajectory for these platforms. It is evident that these platforms are viable and thriving for people. Since people using social media platforms get the utmost freedom, it has gained an excellent reputation. These platforms have become crucial to the livelihoods of several people in this pandemic as the real world is going through a tough time. 

Video mentoring Platform

A new era is emerging in this place where authenticity and profit join hands. These platforms can create the trend of “solopreneurs” by disaggregating work and making it more individual. They bring the utmost creativity in people and generate more business opportunities. A  video chat app like Superpeer has captured what social media platforms fail to capture and will alter the definition of the word “Career.” Unlike other platforms that are brand-agnostic and search-driven, these platforms have taken center stage. Ultimately the burning question on every entrepreneur’s mind is if the subscription-based social media platforms are their thing?

Answering the burning question:

The subscription-based social media platforms can be a perfect fit for two types of businesses-One who offers access to content and the one who provides a service repeatedly. It can be eventually narrowed down to your niche. You can choose to develop a standalone platform that solely focuses on a single niche or provide content from multiple categories. Subscription-based platforms can thrive in the market for a long time only if they benefit your users and emotionally transform them somehow. If you create a reliable Superpeer clone app, you can rely on it for a scalable and consistent income in the long run. Building a membership-based platform can help you in the following ways. 

  • You can seamlessly build a community of people by bringing together the most active and interesting people from your niche. 
  • You can effortlessly monetize the content as it will be the ultimate goal of every business. 

They will prefer to get special attention from the celebrities/influencers and so integrate appropriate features to provide more value to their money. Since these platforms have great monetary potential due to creativity and customization options, you must ensure that the initial hype around your app must be abruptly more than enough. 

Concluding words:

We hope you got a much clearer idea of the online mentoring platforms and business prospects of developing an app like Superpeer. If you are interested to learn more about the business from experienced minds, reach out to us. Traverse through the path of transforming your ideas into a top-notch video chat platform and eliminate every potential hurdle. Discuss your business needs with our experts for a successful venture in this lucrative market.  

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