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Although the consumption of marijuana for various purposes has been in practice for several years, its usage has spiked in recent years. People are getting increasingly aware of marijuana’s’ medicinal properties and benefits. A plethora of legal dispensaries have started to pop up all over the US after the legalization of its consumption. This article aims to entrepreneurs with plans to enter this sector with a white-label cannabis delivery app. The business models and revenue streams in this niche will be briefly discussed in this article.  

Business models in the on-demand cannabis delivery business:

Delivery centric model:

In this business model, the entrepreneurs will take care of the delivery process, and it can be the ideal choice if they don’t have the access or resources to produce the products. Entrepreneurs can join hands with dispensaries or cannabis stores to provide logistics and delivery services. An agreement must be signed between the entrepreneurs and providers to 

Single store model:

This can be the ideal choice for entrepreneurs running a cannabis store. Since they are already into the business and have a well-scaled customer demographic, the single store model app can be the perfect way to boost your sales and to expand your service area. Entrepreneurs can hire their custom delivery fleet or opt for a third party delivery service. The customers can directly place their orders on the platform and opt for faster deliveries.

Aggregator model:

The aggregator model is a platform for users and stores to interact and has become a popular choice for budding entrepreneurs in this niche. The aggregator model establishes a reliable network that connects providers and facilitates the smooth purchasing of products. This business model’s flexibility options help freelance delivery executives get on-board seamlessly and ultimately boost their overall revenue. It has three main stakeholders, namely:


The customer base will be the driving force of this business as they will get the utmost convenience and comfort from the app. Buyers can purchase products for treating various medical conditions or recreational purposes. They will expect the products to reach their location in the shortest possible time.


Dispensaries will get an exclusively designed mobile application with innovative features to seamlessly manage the businesses. They will have options to handle the inventory and keep them updated with stocks easily. They can also include additional details on marijuana strains, dosage, etc.


For every on-demand service business, delivery fleets are critical as they directly deal with customers in the final stage. The driver-side app will be simplistically built to provide easy directions for the drivers. Right from collecting packages from the shop, every move of the delivery executive can be monitored by the customers. With the integration of push notifications and  GPS features, customers will not miss any updates on their packages.  

The checklist for your on-demand cannabis delivery app:

No matter how well the app is optimized, here are a  few noteworthy offerings that will be expected by audiences of every segment. 

  • The customers should get seamlessly connected to the nearest cannabis dispensary that sells a wide range of products. 
  • The app must have a reliable payment gateway, and so entrepreneurs must make sure that the latest encryption technologies go into developing it.
  •  The app must have a proper database of freelance drivers and track their working hours for appropriate payouts.
  • Entrepreneurs should ensure that the app is built with a minimalist approach for customers’ ease of use.
  • They must ensure that the app gets regularly updated based on the bugs and glitches mentioned in the user feedback. 

Revenue models in the on-demand cannabis delivery business:

Delivery and commission fee:

Entrepreneurs can charge commission fees from the sellers for every order placed by customers on the app. On the customer side, delivery charges can be charged based on the delivery location mentioned in the order.


Advertisements are popular among entrepreneurs, and it is a proven strategy to boost revenue effectively. Entrepreneurs can charge the brands for advertising based on the content and duration. 

Membership plans:

Membership plans are aimed at customers for providing various offers and advantages. Members can also get early access to special sales, no delivery charge, freebies on every order, and other useful incentives.  

Concluding words:

Several countries have made their initiative towards removing the ban imposed on the consumption of marijuana. Since every business is progressing towards its peak in an evolutionary phase and more entrepreneurs are marching towards this sector. The on-demand cannabis delivery business is relatively new in the market; now is the perfect time to dive into it. Contact our cannabis delivery app development team to provide a unique and desirable solution for the masses. 

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