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The inception of on-demand grocery delivery apps has offered the heavenly experience of getting essentials delivered to our doorsteps. It is a flourishing market that has attracted a myriad of entrepreneurs as people appreciate the service. The question that prevails in every enthusiastic entrepreneurs’ mind is the list of features that should be integrated into these apps. This article will dissect the crucial features that you shouldn’t miss on your grocery delivery app.

Features in Customers’ side app:


Customers will have to register their accounts in the first interaction screen before starting to use the services. They can either enter their phone number or email address to get started. The latest apps widely use social media plugins as it makes the whole process easier and faster. The customers can easily log in with their Google or Facebook accounts.

Profile management:

Users can add their necessary personal information like name, gender, address, contact details, payment methods, etc.  

Browse products:

  Users can browse the application to choose the products they require. The products will be categorized appropriately so that users can pick them at ease. 

Search filters:

Search options help customers search for their required products, and filters can help them get refined search results. They can search based on the price, product type, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Add to cart:

Customers can add their required products to the cart. They can edit the items in their cart at any time. Integrating cart features makes the grocery ordering process more comfortable.

Multiple payment options:

Ensure that your platform is loaded with an array of payment options like credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI, PayPal, cash on delivery, etc. Since numerous online payments will be made on your app, ensure that you have a secure payment gateway.

E-wallet integration:

As the world is drifting towards a digital economy, e-wallets are the best option for customers to pay online. The check-out process will be seamless and quick as the money will be instantly debited.  

Discounts and offers:

Ensure that your customers get discounts and offer regularly on the app. Coupons can also be tailored to every customer based on their shopping patterns. 

Delivery Tracking:

The real-time tracking feature is the savior angel in disguise for on-demand service apps. It has a significant part in enhancing user experience. The customers will receive a notification regarding their order at every stage. 

Schedule deliveries:

Customers will have the freedom to schedule their delivery time. They can pick a date and time for the delivery, and it will arrive at their doorstep. This feature is beneficial for working-class people.

Order history:

Users should have access to their purchase history for their reference. They should be able to sort the record by date, month, product, etc.

Push notifications:

Notification is an important feature when it comes to online-based service. You can keep your users informed about upcoming offers, order status, discounts, etc.

Ratings and reviews:

Users should be allowed to post their ratings and reviews about a store after each order. The user feedback can help store owners to improve their services, and other users can refer to it before choosing a store.

Customer support:

Customers should get technical assistance at any time of the day to clear issues on the app. They can connect with the team via chat or call to clear their queries.

Features in delivery executives’ app:

Delivery requests:

The freelance drivers who partnered with the app should have the freedom to accept or reject a request. They can also set their availability at their preferred time to deliver orders and will be paid according to it.

Map integration:

Delivery executives will get the delivery location on their app so that they can easily navigate. The shortest route will be shown along with traffic data for faster deliveries. They will also get turn-by-turn navigation to help them reach their destination.

Work history:

The delivery executives should be able to access their previous works, and it should show the time, payments, location, etc. They should also receive a performance report at the end of each day’s work.

Earnings and reports:

The reports of their total earnings and processed payments should be clearly mentioned in the app. They should also be able to download the reports if required.

Customer support:

Just like customers, delivery executives will stumble upon some issues now and then. They should be able to contact the support team directly to clear their queries.

Features in the admin panel:

User management:

The admin will have the ultimate control over the user profiles and have the authentication to add or remove them.

Product management:

They can add or remove products based on their business plans. They can also add new sections to categorize products precisely. 

Order management:

The admin panel’s dashboard will give an overview of ongoing orders in the app. They can easily access every order’s details by entering a unique ID assigned to every order.

Delivery executives management:

Admin can access delivery executives’ information like contact information, trip details, photos, etc. from the database. 

Payment management:

The admin team can access every payment detail made inside the app by customers and delivery executives. Filters will be integrated to refine the results based on the price, month, date, etc.

Promotions and discounts:

The admin team can send notifications directly to the users regarding discounts and promotions. They can also inform the users about their order status, upcoming updates in the app, maintenance break, etc.

Bottom line:

Now that you have gone through the crucial features that you shouldn’t miss on your grocery delivery app, you can proceed with the development process. Discuss with your Grofers clone app development team to get a perspective of the app’s technical part. Ensure that you get regular updates about the development process to stay on the safer side. 

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