On-Demand Medicine Delivery App Development

Ever since the introduction of on-demand service apps, entrepreneurs have started to implement the same business model in every sector. It has significantly transformed the way people get essential services like cabs, food, groceries, massage, etc. With the increase in the number of smartphones and the availability of internet services, people are able to get essential services delivered to their doorstep effortlessly. 

Medicines have remained as the essential items for everyone as people will not prefer to wait in queues. If you are in the pharmacy business, you will be looking for opportunities to adopt various business strategies. With the ultimate goal of building strong customer relationships and increasing the overall revenue, you can take your business to the next level with a medicine delivery app. The concept of on-demand delivery services can be seamlessly integrated into the pharmacy business. As the millennial generation has started to use on-demand services apps on a daily basis to get essential services, it is truly a game-changer. 

Why should you invest in an on-demand pharmacy delivery app:

Although the sector faced criticism and downfalls in its early stages, it is now exhibiting steady growth in terms of user engagement and overall revenue. Zion Market Research is a US-based obligated company that creates futuristic, cutting edge analytical solutions, and reports with precise information. It deals with reports of companies in various sectors with an expert eye on the client’s needs. They have recently released predictions for the on-demand medicine delivery service sector in which they stated that the market would inflate to $107.54 billion by the end of 2025. 

These reports indicate that investors in this niche are currently making significant profits with their solutions. Customers also prefer these platforms since they offer door delivery services on-time without any hassles from their smartphones. Furthermore, the entrepreneurs have integrated intuitive functionalities and exclusive features on their platforms to provide a better user experience. As the competition is relatively less in this sector, budding entrepreneurs can easily claim their spot in the top tier.  

Advantages of an Uber for pharmacy app:

Escaping long-lines at the pharmacy stores is not the only advantage offered by these platforms. It also improves the buying experience and gradually leads to winning new customers. Here are some of the significant benefits provided by these platforms.

On-time deliveries:

Since medicines are of utmost importance for everyone, entrepreneurs take measures to ensure that their orders get delivered before or on-time. With the well-organized team of delivery executives, medicine deliveries will be made precisely without issues.

In-depth information:

Since customers buy medicines online, entrepreneurs should ensure that the medicines’ details are clearly mentioned with the product. They should also assign a team to verify the authenticity of the description and facts mentioned alongside the product. Discuss with your development team to design the interface in such a way that the pharmacy owners can mention the benefits and side effects of the medicines highlighted precisely. 

Real-time tracking feature:

Real-time tracking features can be considered as a savior angel in disguise for almost every on-demand service app. The customers will be able to track their orders seamlessly on the app. On the other hand, the pharmacy store owners can also track their delivery executives’ location.

Discounts and offers:

No customer has ever turned down discounts and offers provided by the service provider. It can be an effective way to boost the visibility of your platform and to get loyal customers. You can also offer loyalty points for customers, and they can be rewarded on special occasions based on their points.

Establish a seamless relationship between customers and drug stores:

Customers will no longer face the issue of having a lack of communication between themselves and the stores. The app’s in-built options allow them to call/chat directly with the shop to offer special instructions or clarify queries. 

Features that millennials will expect on your medicine delivery app:

Now that you have understood the business potential and advantages of the medicine delivery sector, it is time to dive into the features that customers will expect on your platform. Features and functionalities influence the user experience on a platform significantly, such as:

Consultations with specialists:

In case the customers are not sure about medicine or find it difficult to choose, they can consult a specialist anytime on the app. They can contact specialists via online chats or video calls. The helpline should be made available 24/7 for users to access the services at any time of the day.

Return policy:

In some scenarios, the users may change their minds about the purchase and will prefer to return them. They might raise issues with the orders regarding the quality. In such cases, they should be able to contact the customer support team to demand a return. However, ensure that customers are well informed of your return policies before claiming a refund. 


Since people live a hectic life, there are chances that people will forget to take their regular medicines. The app should remind them based on their dosage and intimate them regarding refills and shortage in medicines.

Schedule deliveries:

Schedule deliveries can be useful for customers as they live a tight regime. It can also help strengthen their connection with the app effectively and will result in more loyal customers. With the help of a vast network of freelance delivery executives, delivering medicine according to the customers’ schedule will not be a problem.  

Monetization streams in the on-demand medicine delivery business:

The ultimate aim of any business is to yield maximum profit. The advent of mobile apps has opened up new avenues of entrepreneurs’ opportunities to increase their overall revenue. Here are some of the popular revenue streams in the market; choose the ones that suit your business ideally. 

Commission-fee from the providers:

The commission fee is one of the popular monetization methods followed by almost every on-demand service app in the market. The entrepreneurs can charge a commission fee for every purchase made by the user. According to the bill amount, the customer’s payment will be directly transferred to the store owners’ account after deducting the commission fees. 

Featured listing:

As there are numerous providers on the platform, the customers will search for the store or medicine name to place an order. The store owners can pay entrepreneurs to increase the visibility of their store. They will be charged based on the duration and number of sections featured. It can be an effective way for store owners to boost their profits and increase user engagement in their store.


Advertisements can be a great way to increase your overall revenue. Discuss with your medicine delivery app development team to optimize your app’s interface for proper placement of ads. The customers will not prefer an overdose of advertisements in the app. You can advertise for the following brands/companies:

  • Pharma companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Hospital chains
  • eWallet companies
  • Pharmacy stores
  • Diagnostic centers
  • Healthcare devices
  • Nutritionists
  • Influencers


With the recent increase in the number of on-demand pharmacy delivery apps in the market, customers’ expectations keep on rising. Apart from the primary goal of offering medicine deliveries, people are expecting other healthcare services. As entrepreneurs keep expanding their businesses to other geographical areas, the burden to provide uncompromised healthcare services keeps increasing. As customers prefer comfort and convenience more than anything else, the competition keeps multiplying in the market. If you are planning on getting into this sector, now would be the appropriate time.

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