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The on-demand handyman service app is one of the most popular and profitable business ideas in the current market. As the millennial generation prefers comfort and convenience more than anything else, finding potential customers will no longer be a problem. For enthusiastic entrepreneurs striving to start a business, an on-demand handyman services app can be a perfect option to go with.

This article will brainstorm you with the app’s workflow and the features that should go with your MVP. Launching an MVP for your app can be the perfect way to kickstart your startup to yield profits in the long run.

The workflow of an on-demand handyman services app:

  1. Customers register their account on the platform by entering the necessary details
  2. Customers will be asked to enter their current location for the handyman to reach
  3. Then the customers can select through the list of services offered on the platform
  4. They can choose the time and date of the service according to their preference
  5. The users will get an estimated fare before booking the service
  6. If the customers are not satisfied with the estimated pricing, they can choose to go with another service
  7. The handyman will show up at the location mentioned by the customer on time
  8. After the completion of the requested service, the customers will get the bill amount on their app
  9. They can choose from an array of payment methods to complete the process
  10. The users will be asked to review and rate the service

Critical features that should go with your Uber for handyman app’s MVP:

The Uber for handyman package comes with three apps for customers, admin, and handymen. These apps will be optimized accordingly to offer a premium user experience with the culmination of best-in-class features. Let’s discuss its set of features and functionalities.

Admin panel:

The Admin panel can be referred to as the master panel that controls the app’s overall functionalities. It is a web-based application/panel that can be accessed only with proper authorization.

Bookings management:

Admins can access every user’s current and previous booking details and the handyman’s information assigned to that task. They can also generate reports based on the users’ spending patterns on the platform.

Manage customers’ and handymen’s’ profile:

The admin will have the ultimate authority over adding or removing user profiles on the platform. They can also choose to ban or unban any user profile if reported to be fake or with a bad reputation.

Site management:

The admin has complete access to the elements in the application. They can make changes to the web site’s logo, content, and technical elements such as URL, filters, etc.

Cancellation details:

The admin panel has a separate section to view the cancelled bookings on the platform. They can also view the reasons stated by the users and chat with them.

Manage notifications:

Admins can send notifications for both customers and handymen to inform them about upcoming offers, maintenance break, updates, discounts, etc.

Customer-side app:

Offering enhanced customer service is crucial irrespective of the business. The Uber for handyman app has unlimited customization options to tweak the user experience to its maximum level. They should be able to place their request for handyman services quickly and seamlessly.

One-click registration:

Users entering their phone number or email address to register their account on the platform is a bit old fashioned. You can integrate social media plugins for users to directly login from their Google and Facebook accounts.

Multiple services list:

The customers can browse the app and choose from the list of available services on the platform. They can also search for their required service and make use of the filters available in it. Search filters ensure well-refined search results based on price, availability, type of service, etc.

Payment options:

The customers should be able to choose from a plethora of payment options. Ensure that you have a secure payment gateway on the platform. Credit/debit cards, UPI, PayPal, and net banking are some of the popular payment methods.

Cost of developing an app like Uber for handyman services:

The features and functionalities that you choose to integrate into your app will directly impact the cost of developing your app. The more features you choose to incorporate into your app will increase its complexity. Henceforth, developers will require more time to build your app, and it increases the total cost. Here are some of the factors that influence that cost of development:

  • Features and functionalities
  • UI/UX design
  • Additional integrations on the app
  • Rigorous testing
  • Mobile platform


Developing a user-centric app will be the perfect way to grab the attention of your customers. If you feel lost in understanding this sector’s business prospects, do not hesitate to contact our On-demand handyman app development team. An expert opinion will clear your thoughts and ensure everything from scratch to launch.

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