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Most of them feel lonely at times or even often. They wait to find the right person to share things with them. Some find people to talk to but don’t see the connection. Some find the best rapport with people but eventually leave when things don’t seem to work out. So there are elements like these that are holding people back from either making friends or partners. Relatively young people are skeptical about meeting new people just because the others don’t match their preference. 

How did dating apps find their niche within the skeptical young generation?

When Tinder was launched in 2012, few were reluctant, but the majority loved the app. It was a simple dating app that had intuitive features. Was that all? No. 

Using the Tinder app was a frolic experience for every user. Instead of zooming past the pictures of their favorite person on social media, Tinder offered the seekers the preferred matches monotonously. Users could see short bios of the people they were interested in—this added clarity to all the users when exploring the tinder app. Later, the tinder app’s popularity was booming because of one legendary factor that is their military-grade security encryption inside the app. This made sure no users can, or third parties can hold any personal information against the users.  

A short statistics proves the increasing users

  • In 2019 – 235 million active users.
  • In 2018 – active users were 250 million.
  • In 2020 – the active users were 270 million.

Before we get down to the importance of Tinder Like App Development, let’s have a quick look at how the world views and defines the advent of dating apps.

What Is A Dating App? 

A modern platform where people meet each other based on their pre-set dating preferences. Users can view people in their location with their pictures furnished with affinitive details below. As we saw earlier, the popular dating app is Tinder. 

The cost to make an app like Tinder

It is a prolonged process if  built from scratch, just like falling into a relationship and making it work. But the better solution, which is quick, is opting for the clone app, which incorporates the same goal of building relationships and making the best of times. The financial development formula for clone apps will look this way

 The size of the app + the feature set + The app design + The customizations + the work hours of developers = Tinder Like App Development.

The Algorithms That Keeps The Users Committed To Our Tinder Like App

  • People who are “liked” often by the other users are generally pushed up for matching.
  • Users with the same “level of likes” are suggested to the users in the same league.
  • Any individual with the highest number of likes will have high scores. 
  • Based on the individual’s attractiveness, their scores are ranked higher.
  • The right swipes an individual is recorded and ranked by the app (this important algorithm is explained below).

Our sassy feature inside our app makes the experience rewarding.

Then it’s time to swipe down to take a look at all of them.

Setting up the bio

Since most users often open an account with their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, they can create their account in seconds. Yes, it’s that easy now. Or the user wants an alternate/regular login, and the user can fill up the credentials tabs to set up an account. 

Advanced GPS

The active GPS tracking and updates are done with our latest technology stack. When a user is looking for a match, the GPS studies the seeker’s locations and compiles a vast set of data of the users’ location, and sends all the active users of the dating app to them in seconds. Tinder advanced GPS notes all the frequent social places of its users.

Swiping right and left

A short mention of the swipe feature seen earlier in the article is one of the most appealing features within our Tinder Like App. The user can swipe right to make a match and swipe left to move on to other profiles. This being the most comfortable tab is our highlight feature.

The VIP Subscription That Adds An Edge To Our Tinder Like App Development

Our VIP pass enhances the user experience with more fluidic usability. The users have a competitive advantage over the regular users. Let’s dwell in the posh area now.

  • Users wanting to meet more people can make use of the extensive swipe right.
  • Users wishing to make their profile more visible for a long time can use our VIP feature.
  • With our VIP feature, the users can get rid of pop-up ads.
  • VIP feature notifies the user of all the right swipe immediately.

So How Can A Tinder Like App Look To Monetize Their Effort?


The effective way and proven way to make money are by pushing ads in the free Tinder LIke App. Ads generate huge revenue since they regularly pop-up during the usage of the app.

VIP Subscription

The user who uses the free app wants to update the dating app. They are charged a nominal fee for taking part in an exclusive VIP benefits program.

The Bottom Line

The dating culture in this digital age has seen some series of advancements with Tinder Like App Developments. The giant dating app like Tinder has paved the way for greatness already. With successful source codes for business minds and teams like us ready with clone apps, launching any digital business is significantly more comfortable. It’s time to build a world that we know.

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