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The recent commotion or the threat posed is all about the rapidly spreading Coronavirus disease. People across the globe are experiencing all kinds of crisis because of this outbreak. No wonder it is declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization. The streets look deserted, while malls, theatres, and other public places are shut down. Also, schools and colleges are indefinitely closed, and offices are providing work from home facilities considering the safety of their employees. The normal day to day routine of people has had a huge turnaround due to this pandemic. 

Impact of Coronavirus on various industries: 

It has brought the development of the economy to a crashing halt. Many businesses are facing a downtrend, and people are isolating themselves due to this virus. Let us take a close look at a few industries that have been influenced greatly:

Meat-selling business: 

People are refraining from eating meat ever since Coronavirus has started spreading swiftly. Since this is a disease that was transmitted from animals to humans, people are having a slight aversion towards meat-eating. 

Import and export:

Food items, gadgets, and other products are not being imported or exported from certain countries as there are high chances that these products serve as carriers of the virus. 

Travel and tourism:

This industry also has a greater impact as people are advised not to travel to other countries for any purpose. Borders have been closed in several countries to prevent the entry of people. Ticket fares have been reduced drastically. 

On-demand businesses that are experiencing radical growth:

During this major outbreak, a few industries are prospering enormously because these service providers are helping people stay indoors by catering to all their needs. 

On-demand grocery supply: 

Since people are advised to stay at their homes, they cannot go to a grocery store and buy all the items they need. They are opting to order groceries and other necessities via the on-demand grocery app. Delivery executives will buy all the items listed and deliver them safely to the customers. Many users took advantage of this service as they could not step out of their homes. 

On-demand food delivery: 

This is another service that has gained a lot of traction in recent times. People are making use of this service to order food from clean and hygienic restaurants via online apps. These apps also provide an additional feature where users can request the delivery executives to leave their food in a particular place outside their house. Users can also upload photos of the place to the app for reference. This contact-free delivery feature has helped the industry to stay in business. 

On-demand laundry service: 

Wearing clean clothes is one of the key aspects of leading a hygienic lifestyle. Due to the pandemic, people are extra cautious about wearing clean attires every day. They are seeking out on-demand laundry services where the delivery executives will collect the clothes and deliver them back after it has been washed and ironed properly by the launderer. 

On-demand medicine delivery: 

People are concerned about their health in this crucial period, so they order sanitizers, masks, and other medicines that are needed for their well being. Elderly people who need medicine all around the year will also order medicines through this app. This way, they will not run out of the required medicines. Therefore, this business has also had a significant increase in the past few weeks. 

Bottom line: 

We encourage people to make use of these on-demand services to the fullest advantage during this period. Any entrepreneur who wants to launch any one of these useful services can contact our experts. They will help you set up any on-demand service that will help all the people in this hour of need. Call us today to build an optimized app

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