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Along with the number of on-demand services available in the market, the beauty service has also joined as one of the most profitable business ventures. People are now finding it easier to avail of all beauty services in the comfort of their homes. Business owners are also providing flexible services in order to pamper their users and thereby build a large customer base. Therefore, if you are a business person, then building a successful beauty service business can be done only with the help of an optimized on-demand beauty service app

Why do users choose an online app for beauty services?

As mentioned earlier, there are a few major reasons as to why people choose to avail service via an online application. A detailed elaboration is given below:

User convenience

This is a major aspect that leads people to make use of online apps to avail beauty services. No matter where they are, they can get access to these services with a few taps on their smartphones. This will make them rely on the app for their beauty service needs, and thereby, you will gain more loyal customers in a short period. 

Affordable services

Availing service via the app is highly cost-efficient, and so, people are leaning towards the online app for their beauty service needs. It will also help them save their travel expenses. They need not take effort, spend time and money to travel to a parlor or spa to avail beauty services. 

High reliability

No customer has to turn away without availing beauty services. A beautician will be assigned for each customer in a few minutes and will arrive at users’ location within the estimated time. Therefore, customers can avail instant and guaranteed services via this app. 

Quality of service

With this online app, customers can book professional beauticians after reviewing their profiles and obtain good quality beauty services. Users can also schedule their service by specifying the correct time, date, and location in the app. 


Another advantage is that customers will be able to avail offers or discounts regularly with this beauty service app. The admin or the beautician itself will provide users with offers or coupons. Users can redeem it before placing a request for service. 

How to develop a robust beauty service platform?

There are basically two ways to develop an app for your beauty service: from scratch or purchasing a readymade solution. 

From the ground up: Developing an app from the initial stage is a complex task. It will take up a lot of time, effort, money, and resources. Collecting the resources and developing an app from scratch will take more than three months, and the end result can sometimes be unsatisfactory. Another downside is that as it takes time, the competition in the market will keep increasing rapidly. 

Buying a readymade app solution: On the other hand, purchasing and customizing an Uber for beauty service app will save you plenty of money and time. This readymade app solution can be personalized in accordance with the list of business needs you possess in a few days, and it will be cross-platform compatible in order to help you acquire loyal customers. It is also more advanced than an app developed from scratch. We provide such optimized solutions to help you build a successful business in the market.

Premium features of an online beauty service app:

The service app has a standard feature-set that will make the app easier to use. They are mentioned below:

Customer app:

Social media login:

Customers can log in or sign up with the app using any social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

Authentication process:

They have to complete the authentication by entering the unique code they receive on their phone numbers. 

Scheduled service:

Users can schedule their beauty service by specifying the necessary details in the app. 

Location tracking:

Customers can track the location of beauticians with the help of the live location tracking feature available in the app. The estimated arrival time will also be displayed in the app.

Access to details:

They will be able to view beautician details via the online app. It will enable easy communication between them. 

Ratings and reviews:

Customers will be allowed to rate and review the service of professional beauticians if required. 

Beautician app:

Quick sign-up:

Service providers will be able to register with the app using their phone numbers or email IDs. 

In-app verification:

They also have to submit a few documents in the app and obtain approval from the admin, after which they can accept or reject requests. 

Availability slider:

Beauticians will have an availability toggle in their panel using which they can indicate their availability status. 

Chat feature:

The app will have a chat facility using which beauticians can contact the support team or customers in case of any queries or concerns. 

Profile setup:

Beauticians can set up a profile by specifying the necessary details and a short description of themselves. 


User requests and other information will be sent to service providers via text messages, emails, or push notifications. 

Rate users:

Professional beauticians can rate customers after providing the service requested. 

Admin panel:

Secure log-in:

The admin can log in to their powerful admin dashboard with the help of the credentials provided to them. 

Sub-admin creation:

The admin can create multiple sub-admins and provide them with access to particular sections. Sub-admins can help in managing the business. 

Manage bookings:

Admins can manage and monitor the requests placed by customers and handle any disputes if required. 

Cost management:

The admin can set the basic cost and other operational costs with the help of the admin dashboard. 


Include these features in your application and build an optimized beauty service platform for your business. Speak to an experienced set of developers and launch the app in a few days on multiple platforms. 

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