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People have started to demand services that reduce their hectic workload. Nobody is willing to commute long distances or wait in queues to get their needs fulfilled. A single tap on mobile devices will help accomplish a great deal nowadays and enable users to fulfill their needs on time without any hindrance. Whether the inception of on-demand services has comforted people or made them super lazy, the benefits gained from them have definitely profited both the consumer and the service providers. It was Uber’s widespread success that inspired many entrepreneurs to adapt its business model in the on-demand service industry. Besides, economic growth is also paving the way for newbies to get into the online business swiftly.

As of now, the laundry and dry cleaning sector are gaining a spotlight as people have started to search for simpler solutions to get their household chores completed. A recent statistics even revealed that the on-demand laundry market, which was valued at $9.4 million back in 2016, is estimated to increase to $96.2 million by 2024. This steep increase is observed due to the service that they enjoy from their providers. It is a weary task for individuals to wash the dirty clothes for hours or take it to the laundry and wait in queues to get the clothes back. But with the inception of mobile applications, it becomes a simple chore. That is, with simple clicks, one can hire laundry professionals and get clothes washed without even having to leave the house. 

With this transformation going around, it becomes a tough situation for the traditional launders to retain existing customers as well as to gain new ones. Therefore, this is the right time to take advantage of this technology and renovate your business model as per the on-demand sector. Rivals like Laundry app, Cleanly, and Rinse have already placed their foot-marks and realized the futuristic potential that this business sector provides. So why wait? Get your on-demand laundry app at an affordable price now. 

But it is equally important to know the benefits that you acquire from choosing this on-demand application as well as the features that you have to integrate into the app to make it viable. In this blog, we will tell you these aspects to help you cross the development phase much smoother.

Why choose an Uber for laundry among other business options

We all know that Uber got a facelift when it showed a drastic income volume with its ride-sharing application; it was then the company began to enter all possible industries with its popular business model. The laundry industry was one of them. The growth that the laundry market displayed after its inception was tremendous. And this was achieved due to its simplistic features and navigation facilities. 

An app like Uber works in a more simplified way; that is, at first, the users will book for laundry service through the web or app and confirm their preferred delivery time. Later, the delivery person will reach the location and collect the dirty clothes. Once the clothes are washed and ironed, they will be delivered at the customer’s doorstep. 

Between this comes the payment options, the app allows the person to make their payment during the delivery as well as after the order confirmation. 

A few reasons that make the Uber for laundry app a famous one,

  1. Saves a lot of time and effort. Just a few taps on mobile can make the process simple rather than spending hours to wash the dirty clothes. 
  2. Allows scheduling pickups and delivery. People can choose their preferred time as well as customize their bookings and can track the process in real-time. 
  3. It increases credibility and can easily fetch you new customers in your locality with no hard efforts. Also, it helps you manage operations efficiently.
  4. Instead of developing a whole new application from scratch, you can simply choose this clone app and can launch your business in just 48 hours. 

Business models that you can consider:

  1. Marketplace: For entrepreneurs who wish to keep their expenses minimal, this business model is the best choice. Here you will be an aggregator and help customers to connect with service providers easily. You will receive feedback for your service after the work is done. Also, you can get money via interests here. But it is crucial to maintain an excellent communicative relationship to manage your business smoothly. 
  2. On-site: This model is best if you have a laundry business of your own. But you have to search for professionals for delivery vigorously as well as to gain and partner with new clients. You can even try hiring freelancers at times to make profits. 

Features to integrate into your laundry application:

Features of laundry applications are the same as that of Uber’s ride-hailing application. Whether you prepare to build a whole new business model or plan to adopt a clone app, you must know that the app comes with three different modules – Customer panel, Delivery panel, and Admin panel, and each of these contains different specialties to maintain the functions properly. 

Let’s glance a few below,

Customer panel:

  1. Profile registration and login: Allows your user to quickly log in via social media profiles to avoid complicated procedures. 
  2. Fare estimation: Cost will be automatically calculated once you choose the type of laundry and other details.
  3. Push notifications and real-time tracking: Notifies your customer about the laundry process, i.e., about the clothes’ condition, delivery time, and other payment information. And all these can be done with a real-time tracking facility.
  4. Payment modules: Allow flexible payment options, i.e., both card and cash should be accepted.
  5. Rating system: Enables your customers to rate your service. This can help you enhance your service where you lack. 
  6. Order history: Previous orders can be viewed by the customers whenever they want to know about its details. 

Delivery panel: 

  1. Order management: This allows the delivery person to set the status of the order once the clothes reach the laundry place.
  2. Navigation: Driver can choose the best possible route to reach the customer place and laundry place.
  3. Order history and availability: With this feature, the driver can look for the awaiting orders and can either accept or decline the request based on the availability.

Service provider panel:

The service provider panel has a combination of both customer and delivery panels. But here he/she can view the analytics of the business to know how well they are performing in the market. This can help them enhance their services to gain better customer satisfaction.

Thus make sure to incorporate the aforementioned features in your new laundry application. If you need more information about the working structure or wish to have advanced features, check out the new features and plugins that we have incorporated into our on-demand laundry app

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