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The fact is that pests are a real menace. Due to the increase in earth’s temperature, pests including insects, lizards, bees, and wasps were increased as these occupied our living space. These are very dangerous as it comes with health threats like flu. It is harmful to toddlers and children. The solution to this problem is pest control. In the digital era, every problem has modern solutions as people can avail themselves of any service via mobile apps. Similarly, Uber for Pest Control is an on-demand pest control service app in which users can find services at a single tap and book their preferred services within a few minutes. A particular service provider (pest controller) removes pests from the living space. 

Steady Revenue Growth In The Pest Control Industry

In 2019, the value of the global pest control industry was US $19.7 billion. It is estimated to surge at a compound annual growth rate of 4.5% between 2020 and 2027. Undoubtedly, the effect of climatic change due to the temperature increase fuels the pest control industry as the demand for pest control services is rising. 

As per the recent study, it is predicted that the fly populations will rise at a rate of 244% by 2080 compared to the current year. Such a worst scenario can be avoided with the pest control service. With a persistently reporting a high number of pests in homes, hotels, and movie theaters, the demand for an Uber like pest control solution rises. 

Pest control agencies are focussing on developing & launching an on-demand pest control service app as there are various benefits. Like, they can grow their business by reaching a wide range of users. If you are looking for a new business idea, investing in the Uber for Pest Control app is a wise decision. Having a unique business concept helps to reach out to your target user soon.  

Indispensable Features You Should Consider During On-Demand Pest Control App Development

Generally, pest control apps have three modules – User app, Pest controller app, and Admin panel. So, you should know the essential features to be added to these modules. Some of them are as follows.

Features Of User App

  • Real-time Location Tracking

Like other on-demand apps, the user can keep track of the pest controller upon accepting the service request. As the app is integrated with the GPS tracking system, the user can know the estimated arrival time and real-time tracking.  

  • Different Payment Methods

Provide the cashless payment and cash payment options in the app. You can provide different payment options as users can select the one among them to make transactions with ease. Online payment options include e-wallet, credit card, debit card, and UPI payment. 

  • Schedule a Service

Apart from offering a book now feature, let the users opt for the schedule service feature. It lets them book a service later by specifying the date & time at their convenience. Comfortable and convenient in availing of the post control service is one good reason for the app’s success.

  • Service History

The app will store all the details of the services which the users have availed of. It includes the date, pest controller information, price for availing of the service, and many more. Users can check these details and use that for future reference. 

  • In-app Chat Option

Once the user books a service, the user will receive a message regarding the pest controller details via push notifications. This includes the pest controller name and the estimated time of arrival. For any queries, the users can communicate with the pest controller using the in-app chat feature.

Features of Pest Controller App

  • Profile Management

Pest controllers have to register with the app using their contact number or email address. Or else, they can even opt to sign up via social media accounts. After that, they can customize their profile details.  

  • Job History Details

They have the option to check their past services, which they have completed. That is, they can have a report on their weekly or monthly statement. It includes the date of service, location, name of the user, and many more.  

  • Communication with the User

Similar to the user app, pest controllers can communicate with the user to resolve queries regarding the service. It may include any change in reaching the user’s destination at a specified time. 

  • Earnings

Service providers can have track of their earnings on a weekly or monthly basis. It is the essential feature in the pest controller app as they can review their earnings hassle-free.

Features Of Admin Panel

  • Manage The Pest Controller

You can add a new pest controller or remove the existing one from the app as an admin. In case the users provide negative feedback to a particular pest controller, you have the authority to remove them from the list. You can even keep track of them and the area where they are providing a service.

  • Payment Management

You have complete control over the payment transactions which were made between the users and the pest controllers. Well, you can charge a fee from the pest controllers when they get tasks via the app.

  • Acceptance or Rejection Of A Service Request

You have the authority to either accept or reject the service request which was put forth by the users when a particular pest controller is not available at that moment. Moreover, you have to notify the users regarding the rejection of a service request with a valid reason.  

  • Service Schedule Management

It is up to your duty to make sure that the one post controller is assigned to a single task at a particular time. This is to avoid time-clash between service appointments. Therefore, you have to take complete responsibility for managing the service request. 

Efficient Workflow Of An On-Demand Pest Control App

The workflow of the pest control app solution is simple, which is similar to the other on-demand apps. Detailed steps describing the functionality of the Uber for Pest Control app are mentioned below.

Step 1 – A user should install the app and finish the simple signing up process to avail of the pest control service. 

Step 2 –  Then, the user has to choose the service or package from the available services list in the app.

Step 3 – The app prompts the user to specify the necessary details such as location and contact number. 

Step 4 – Once done, the user can book a service or schedule it later according to convenience.

Step 5 – To confirm the service request, the user has to choose the preferred payment option from the available payment modes. 

Step 6 – After that, the admin will receive a service request from the user. Upon accepting it, the admin assigns a particular task to the pest controller.

Step 7 – The pest controller will receive a notification regarding the service, including the user’s details.

Step 8 – The pest controller reaches the user’s location on time and provides a service. At last, the user can leave the ratings and reviews for the pest controller. 

Different Revenue Streams To Generate Revenue From The Uber For Pest Control App

  • Commission-Based Revenue Stream

This is a common and standard revenue stream for on-demand apps. As a platform owner, you can charge a specific amount of percentage from the pest controller a commission fee on each service they complete. 

  • Subscription-Based Revenue Stream

You can allow the pest controller companies or individual pest controllers (who have registered with your pest control service app) to avail of the subscription plan. In this model, they have to pay a certain fee on a regular basis.   

  • Advertisements-Based Revenue Stream

Allow third parties to advertise their services/products on your platform. And, charge them based on the number of clicks. This revenue stream is widely followed in most on-demand apps as it seems to draw a high income.         

Know The Cost Of Developing An Uber For Pest Control App Development

The cost to create an Uber for Pest Control app depends on several factors, including feature-set integration, technology stack you choose for development, app platforms to target, geolocation of the app developers team/company you approach, UI/UX design, and many more. On a simpler note, it relies on your requirements. However, the time limit is also one of the predominant factors contributing to the app development cost.

Custom-Built Solution For Establishing A Pest Control Business

Establishing a business isn’t easy as it requires groundwork. Focus on the recent market trends, understand your target audience, and analyze your competitors’ strategies. After that, opt for a custom-built pest control solution that paves the way to start a business instantly. At UberLikeApp, we offer the ready-made Uber for Pest Control app that suits your requirements. It is pre-built with the significant features of the pest control app. Moreover, it is easy to customize according to individual requirements. Please feel free to contact us to avail of our app development service.   

Wrap Up

With a growing demand for pest control service apps, entrepreneurs are curious about investing in the Uber for Pest Control app, which seems to be a unique concept. As the pest control industry is expected to grow, it is the right time to get into it with an app. Leverage this golden opportunity and reap the benefits shortly.

Turn Your Business Into Reality By Launching An Uber For Pest Control App

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