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In today’s world, people find it difficult to visit salons and avail beauty services in their busy schedules. Hence, they look for an on-demand beauty services app like Uber for Salon, paving the way to opt for a service at a convenient time. Realizing the customers’ needs, entrepreneurs started to invest in an on-demand salon app development. Are you one among them? Read on this blog to gain insights.

Stats & Facts Of The Beauty & Wellness Industry – An Overview

The beauty & wellness industry is thriving. Globally, its current net value is $532 billion, projected to reach $716.6 billion by 2025. This implies that this industry is growing at a rate of 5%. 

This is because customers inclined towards using the on-demand salon app over the last two years. As a result, it leads to the advent of new beauty services apps.    

Another report shows that the global spa and beauty salon market’s net worth in 2017 was $128.59 billion, estimated to touch $190.81 billion by 2024. According to Statista, the beauty & personal care industry’s most revenue generation is in the United States in global comparison, which is $82,264 million in 2021. 

These impressive stats are proof that the beauty industry is flourishing. So, entering this industry with an on-demand beauty service app is a sure-fire. Continue reading!

Diversified Business Models Of An On-Demand Beauty Service App

Nowadays, people are inclined towards the on-demand beauty service app, which eases the approach to book a beauty service or schedule it as per their wish. Hence, they do not have to rush to the salon and wait for a long time to avail themselves of the service. Instead, they book a service via the app and opt for their desired beauty service in their convenient time hassle-free. Prior to developing the app, you have to ensure which business model to consider. Two varied business models of the on-demand beauty service app are discussed below.   

  • Dedicated or Self-Owned Business Model

The dedicated business model is suitable for those who have established their traditional beauty service business. This is to grow the business to greater heights. With this app, you can increase your online presence and improve brand visibility. Thereby, you can cater to a larger user base and reap significant profits. 

Whenever the users book a beauty service via the app, you will get notified about the same. Then, you can assign a professional beauty service provider to render the service, visiting the customer’s home. If you already own a beauty business and wish to expand it, this business model suits you well. There will be no intermediary as you can set the service pricing as you wish, according to the market standards. 

  • Aggregator Business Model

The aggregator-based beauty service business model will bring salons, makeup artists, and independent beauticians under a single roof. If you want to opt for this business model, you have to partner with other beauty salons and spas to provide customers with a wide range of options. You can charge a fee from the collaborating beauty salons & spas for generating steady revenue.  

Ways To Scale Your Beauty Service Business With An Uber For Salon App

Uber For Salon App

At present, it has become indispensable to have a mobile app for every business. This is no exception for beauty service businesses. So, beauty salon owners are taking their business to the next level with the on-demand salon app. As a result, the beauty market is loaded with many such apps. You have to provide unique selling points to stand apart from the thriving competition and expand your business to be successful. A glance at the following points for insights about the same. 

Include new services – Apart from offering the beauty service, you can consider including new categories. It may be nutrition consulting, Ayurveda, aquatic therapy, and many more. Incorporating various categories helps to attract a diverse audience base. 

E-commerce store – Uber for Salon being an on-demand service app, you can pave the way for customers to buy beauty-related products. This way, you will have a competitive edge over your rivals.

Service expansion in various locations – Suppose, if you aim to focus on providing your beauty service to a particular geolocation, you can expand it over many locations. While doing so, keep your target audience into account, check your resources availability, and plan your budget accordingly.

Customized box of beauty products –  You can increase the loyal customers base with the offerings of beauty products to them. Those who opt for a subscription package can avail of this opportunity, getting a customized box with beauty products for a fair price every month.  

Imperative Features In An On-Demand Spa And Salon Service App

Uber For Salon App Development

For a seamless user experience, it is essential to incorporate the requisite features suitable for your business model, framing the app’s functionality. Below are the indispensable features that can be included in an on-demand spa and salon service app. 

  • Social Media Integration

With this feature, users can quickly finish the signup process without any hassles. Integrate your app with popular social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Ensure not to complicate the initial registration process.

  • Push Notifications

This will keep the app users updated with information like discounts, beauty tips, and many more. Thereby, you can increase user engagement. 

  • In-app Chat With Beauty Service Providers

In case of queries, customers have the option to communicate with the beauty service providers via the in-app chat feature. 

  • In-app Call With Number Masking

Besides providing in-app chat, it would be imperative to offer the in-app call feature. This will connect the beauty service providers and customers. One advantage is call masking as their personal number is not revealed as they contact via the app.

  • SMS Authentication

In order to avoid fraudulent activities, an OTP number will be sent to the customers, which has to be used before rendering the service. 

  • Upload Video Portfolio

The makeup artists have the option to upload their works like makeup or hair styling videos in the app. This way, you can attract larger customers to avail of the beauty services.

  • Customer Relationship Management

The customer relationship management system incorporated into the admin panel will enable you to manage the customers seamlessly. This paves the way to resolve customer queries and improvise a performance.

  • Real-time Analytics

You can get detailed insights into business metrics. It includes user acquisition rate, retention rate, number of users, and so many. 

  • Mobile Wallet Integration

Integrating various payment gateways facilitates the users to make an online payment with ease. Ensure that the payment offerings are safe and secure for transactions.

  • Promotion Tools

Through this admin panel, you can promote your services by sending customized SMS, emails and providing coupons/promo codes for your loyal customer base.  

Approaches To Generate Steady Revenue From An Uber For Salon App

  • Commission Revenue Model

It is the standard way to earn from the on-demand spa and salon service app when you choose the aggregator-based business model. You can collaborate with the salons & spa, list their names in the app, and charge a certain commission fee for every booking. You can even charge them on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. 

  • Featured Listings Revenue Model

The Salons & Spa registered with your app can opt for featured listings to get attention from the larger customer base and maximize the sales. The featured salons will top the list in the app. Thereby, you can charge them a particular percentage of the amount.  

  • Sponsorship Revenue Model

You can facilitate the partnered salons to advertise or promote their beauty service in the app. Making use of this sponsorship program, they can reap the benefits of increased visibility. As a result, it boosts sales and you get considerable revenue out of it. Set a fixed sponsorship fee percentage and charge the salons & spa for the high business visibility.

  • Advertising Revenue Model

You can allow third parties to advertise their brands/services/products (related to your business) on your platform. With this, you can consider generating significant revenue by charging them based on the advertisement clicks, views, or impressions. 

  • Online Store Revenue Model

You can enable the customers to buy beauty products via your app and collect a fee for the same. List the beauty products and categorize them in the app.  

In a Nutshell,

People no longer have to wait for a particular beauty service provider to avail themselves of service in a salon. Instead, they can book a beauty service appointment via the Uber like app for Salon. This eases the process of booking beauty service appointments and so there is an increase in the demand for such an app. If you aspire to kickstart a beauty service business, launch an on-demand beauty services app right away. 

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