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Education is always a major tool for developing a nation. So, the system of education is not going to change for years to come. How about if the approach towards providing education to people changes? Everyone is well aware of the traditional system where students gather at a school and learn their courses from a teacher. But, how would it be if students could learn from the comfort of their homes? 

With this as the base concept, an e-learning app Udemy was launched in the market a few years back, and it proved to be successful. Any aspiring business person who wants to venture into the e-learning industry can go with the Udemy clone app provided by our experts. It is an affordable app solution that will enable small and medium-scale entrepreneurs to set up their business in this industry. A few stats on the Udemy app are given below:

  • More than 50 million students across the world are using the Udemy app for learning various courses. 
  • There are around 150,000 courses available on the e-learning app Udemy. 
  • The app also has 42,000 tutors who teach different courses to students. 
  • Udemy has video content for about 3.4 million minutes. 
  • It also offers courses in around 50 languages to students around the world. 
  • Currently, the estimated value of the Udemy app is $2 billion. 

These statistics are evident that launching an e-learning app like Udemy is sure to be a success in the market. To build a similar app, you can talk to our professionals and set up your business in a few days. 

What services do we offer in our package?

There is a list of services that are provided by our skilled experts, as mentioned below:

Customizable app solution:

We provide apps that can be personalized in accordance with the list of business requirements you have. If you have any varying needs in the future, the app will be enhanced further by our team. 

Free server installation: 

Our team will also install the app in your server and ensure that it runs successfully without any error.

App launch and rejection:

The experienced developer’s team we have will help you launch your Udemy clone app on all major app stores. We also handle app rejections, identify the cause for rejection, and re-launch the app successfully. 

Technical assistance:

You always have to ensure that the app runs without any bug or error. So, our dedicated support team will resolve any queries or concerns regarding the app. 

Licensed source code:

In order to develop your e-learning app, we make use of 100% licensed source code. So, app development will take only a few days. 

Native app development:

The app developed will be compatible with the Android and iOS platforms. This will help you acquire more customers from all the niches. 

White-labeled app solution:

Rebranding the e-learning app will also be done by our team. Your brand name and logo will be placed across the app.

How does an app like Udemy generate revenue?

There are multiple revenue streams of an Udemy clone app, as mentioned here:


This is a major source of revenue for your business. For each course the tutor provides, you will receive a fixed amount as commission. As a business owner, you can cut down the commission and transfer the earnings to tutors. 

Promotional fee:

Your platform will earn around 25% if you promote courses, and the student joins the course using the affiliate link. 


You can host ads of other brands on your app, and you will receive a fixed sum of money for it. After the validity expires, other brand owners can renew the partnership by paying again. 

Additional plans:

Apart from the regular student and tutor plan, you can also include an organization plan that will help the firm in training their employees effectively. Organizations can subscribe to the package and provide training courses to their employees. 

Working principle of an Udemy clone app:

The E-learning app for your business will have a simple and easy to use workflow.

  • Users can log in to the online app using their phone number, email IDs, or social media accounts
  • If they are an existing user, they can log in using their credentials. 
  • After logging in successfully, users can choose a course of their choice from the list available, using the search option. 
  • They can also save multiple courses of their choice to their profiles and take it up at a later stage. 
  • Before registering with a course, users can view the reviews and ratings provided by other registered users. 
  • Users can also buy a course of their choice by paying for it via any one of the safe payment gateways available in the app. 
  • After taking up the course, users can rate the class and provide suggestions if required. 

What are a few premium features of apps like Udemy?

The set of features available in the e-learning app are specified below:

Quick registration:

Users can register quickly with their email IDs, phone numbers, or social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

Search filters:

With the help of the advanced filters available in the app, users can search for a course and find the most suitable course. 

Secure payment gateways:

The app will have several secure payment modes using which users can pay for the courses they take up. 

Scheduled classes:

Users can schedule courses by specifying the necessary details in the app. 

Favorite courses:

If users like any course, they can mark it as favorite and take up the course at any time they require. 

Track income:

All details related to the income generated can be viewed by the admin. Other details, such as tutor earnings, commission, and more, can also be accessed by the admin. 

Reports and analytics: 

The admin can view and analyze all reports related to earnings, revenue, and more via the online app. 


With the informative data provided here, you can plan to build an optimized Udemy clone app for your E-learning venture. Our experts will help you with the app development process and make sure your brand is successful in the market. 

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