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E-learning apps have revolutionized the education industry. An e-learning app like Unacademy has proved that going to school/colleges is not the only way to get a quality education. The online education industry is booming tremendously. It is forecasted that this industry’s revenue generation will reach $18 billion (only in India) by 2022. According to Forbes, it is predicted that revenue from this industry will reach $325 billion by 2025. 

Unacademy was the initiative of Gaurav Munjal, Roman Saini, Hemesh Singh, and Sachin Gupta. They started it as a YouTube educational channel and launched its website in 2016. The revenue generated by them was $510 million. They are offering many free courses and special courses for competitive exams. As per the announcement made by them in March 2020, they will be hosting live classes daily.  

Due to the popularity of the Unacademy app and the online education industry’s growth, it seems like many entrepreneurs aspire to develop an app like Unacademy. If you are an entrepreneur interested in e-learning app development, this blog is for you. 

Unacademy clone script will empower you to develop and launch your e-learning app instantly. Because it is a ready-made solution that is customizable with innovative and advanced features depending on your business needs. The Unacademy clone app solution should possess the following essential features. 

Indispensable Features of the Unacademy Clone App

User/Student app

Instant registration/Signup

Students/users can register with the app by providing the necessary details such as name, email address, mobile number, country, educational qualification, and much more. Or else, they can sign up with the app using their Google account or other popular social media accounts.

Online assessments & Quiz

Upon completing the course, you can offer them online assessments & quizzes related to a particular subject/concept for evaluation. This helps them to know their technical knowledge and understanding of the subject/concept.

Payment options

You have to integrate multiple payment gateways so that students prefer any of them to make a payment for premium courses. Some popular payment methods are credit/debit cards, UPI, and net banking.

Instructor app

Easy Onboarding

Like other e-learning apps, you can let the Instructors/teachers register with the app by entering their email address and mobile number. 

Manage courses

Instructors can create a new course or modify the existing course by adding the relevant study material. Once the admin has to verify the study material, it will be uploaded to the app. 

Video/text chat

Every e-learning app requires a video and text chat feature so that instructors can communicate with the students. Most of the time, instructors prefer video chat as it is the most efficient means of communication for tutoring. If network issues arise, they can switch to the text chat feature, including text messaging, emoticons, GIFs, and special characters. 

Admin panel

Manage students and instructors

The admin can have access to the student’s database and they can export it for quality assurance purposes. Also, the admin can view the details of the instructors. If their information is violated against the app regulation, the admin can block their profile.


This feature is mandatory for all e-learning apps as it is helpful for the admin to analyze the app’s performance as well as the student’s performance. Upon analyzing, they can improve education quality considerably.   

Manage promotions

The admin can improve their business by conducting marketing campaigns with ease using this feature.

Newfangled Features of the Unacademy Clone App

Multi-lingual support

This feature will help you to get attention from local and international users. So, make sure your app supports multiple languages.

Content management system

This feature will allow the admin to configure and reframe the content displayed in the app. It enhances the user engagement rate. 

How to Earn Revenue From an App Like Unacademy?

When you launch the Unacademy clone app, you can follow a free and open access strategy at the initial stage. Later, you can consider the following monetization strategies to earn money from the app.

  • Freemium-based model

It is the most common monetization strategy preferred by many e-learning platforms. You can offer both free and paid courses. Let the app users have the option to pay for in-depth tutor lessons, learning materials, and much more.

  • Corporate-based model

Another income-generating way is to let the corporate companies purchase bulk courses for their employees to improve their skill sets. You can collect a certain amount of money from corporate companies for their partnership. It is considered to be a more profitable option for generating income. Udemy and Coursera have a separate corporate e-learning platform as the demand for corporate learning mobile apps surged. 

  • Paid certificates-based model

Certificates upon completion of the courses is the major element that attracts students to avail courses from the elearning platform. The fact is that spending money on learning courses from a full-time college is much more than courses offered by e-learning platforms. Therefore, they are ready to pay for certificates without any hesitation. 

  • Affiliate-based model

This is the oldest monetization strategy redirecting your users to download the study materials and ebooks. They download the study materials to learn offline or for future reference. You can charge them for study materials download as these are essential for them to complete a particular course.  

  • In-app advertising model

The in-app advertising model is preferable once your app has caught a wider range of user base. You can let other companies promote their brands or services by displaying the banners on your app. Make sure the advertisements are relevant to learning.  

What Factors will Determine the Cost of Developing an E-learning App Like Unacademy?

The cost to make an e-learning app like Unacademy depends on multiple parameters. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • App complexity

The complexity of the app is based on the quality of UI & UX. That is, the quality of the app is directly related to the app complexity. When the app complexity increases, the time taken to complete the app development process extends. Obviously, the cost increases. The time frame is another element that determines the cost.

  • App features and functionality

The features that you incorporate into your app will reflect in the app development cost. The feature-rich app cost more than the app with a limited number of features. The panels in the app will also determine the app development cost.

  • App platforms

You can opt to run the Unacademy clone app on Android, iOS, and website. These constitute the app development cost to increase further. If you have a limited budget, consider launching your app on any one of the platforms focusing on your target audience.

  • App development company/team location

The geographical region of the app development company or team you hire will influence the app development cost. That is, companies in the USA and UK will charge more than companies in India and the Philippines.

  • Third-party service integrations

However, integration of the third party APIs is considerable for determining the final cost of developing the Unacademy like app.

Bottom line

For the past few years, the educational sector has witnessed a drastic change and e-learning apps play an important role in this evolution. At Uberlikeapp, we help you to empower your business with the Unacademy clone script. Assure that, we customize the solution that suits your business needs. Connect with us, discuss your idea, and launch your app right away. 

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