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On-demand services have left a major conviction among internet users in this digital age. It has become a trend in every industry. Especially, services like home cleaning, educational tutors, mechanics, photographers, and similar services have gained popularity globally. Not only these services but also many services that comfort people will bloom shortly. UrbanClap, Housejoy, and many more are already serving people’s requirements at their doorstep. 

UrbanClap is one of the popular service providers in today’s market, providing easy and reliable services for people. It is founded by Bhiraj Bhal, Raghav Chandra, and Varun Khaitan. The main goal of them is to provide an opportunity for almost every small solution provider. They offer almost all the essential services such as plumbing, home cleaning, electrician, carpenters, washing machines repair, AC repairs, beauty parlor service, and so on. This app benefits both the users and businesses. Till now, 25,000 professionals are serving around more than 17 cities with millions of happy customers. This indicates the popularity of the UrbanClap app among users. Are you seeking to set a footprint on this industry? If so, you have to analyze the latest market trends and understand your target audience. 

Two main factors to consider when you want to set foot in the on-demand house services industry

Let’s see the main aspects to consider for the UrbanClap clone app development.

Identify your target audience

First, you have to identify your target audience who are going to utilize your app for availing of the services. You cannot simply say which service will boost your business in a particular geographical area. An accurate prediction can be made only after launching your app. But, what you can concentrate on is visualizing the usage of the app. However, you have to focus on including advanced features. As a result, reaching your target audience will improve to some extent.

Market analysis

To sustain in the competitive market, customer satisfaction is the most important thing to consider. As long as the demand for UrbanClap like apps exists, the market will expect to flourish. As already mentioned, on-demand house services include an “n” number of services. Among them, let’s see the forecast of a few of these services. Here they are.

In 2021, the household cleaners service makes a revenue of US $845 million. And, it is expected to grow by 4.13% according to Statista. Comparatively, most revenue is generated in the United States of America. 

Overall, the online on-demand home service industry will grow by $1574 billion (2020 -2024).  

At present, the revenue of this industry in the United States is $600 billion. 

In 2019, UrbanClap witnessed a 150% increase in revenue when compared to 2018.

Step-by-step instructions to start developing an app like UrbanClap

This is a fact that the on-demand house service industry has a good scope in the present as well as in the future. Detailed steps for the development of the UrbanClap like app are given below.

1.App design

A successful app requires a good app framework. It is designed in such a way that it attracts customer’s attention. Also, it is easy for them to navigate through the app to avail of multiple services with ease. Here is a list of major points to keep in mind while designing the UI/UX.

  • The app must be glitches and bugs-free. 
  • Customers’ preference will be a simple design of the app. If it is complex, there is a high chance of losing a potential customer.
  • Simple and intuitive design will boost the customer’s experience. Most importantly, seamless navigation helps the users to navigate through all the services in the app.

2.App features

Finalize your app design and include some additional features that make your app unique among all other on-demand house service apps. Let’s know a few of the essential features of the UrbanClap like app.

Advanced filter options

Usually, users expect to avail of the best services from service providers. Allowing them to choose their service provider based on specialization, ratings, price per hour, and much more parameters will greatly benefit them. 

Multiple payment options

Every user prefers their own way of making a payment. Some use traditional payment modes, i.e., Cash on delivery and some use digital modes via credit/debit cards, wallet, net banking, and much more. Giving users an option to choose their payment modes is one of the ways to make your app trustable.

In-app tracking

Once the service booking has been confirmed, the app will let the users to track the service provider’s location. Likewise, service providers can track the user’s exact location so that they can reach without delay.

Push notifications

It is a kind of notification where a message pops up on the screen. Notifying the users of booking status and offers via app. You can send these notifications to improve user engagement.

3.App development

There are two ways of approaching the app development process. One way is to approach a freelance mobile app developer and the other way is contacting an app development company. At present, mobile app development companies offer two kinds of solutions. One is developing an app from scratch and the other is customizing the ready-made solution with personalized features.

Nowadays, clone apps are trending in the market. The UrbanClap clone app solution empowers entrepreneurs to launch their app in a moment. Don’t know whom to approach to develop an UrbanClap like app? At Uberlikeapp, we provide a reliable clone solution for your business. It is a highly scalable and fully customizable solution. It can be launched instantly and it is less time-consuming. We would launch the customized app with your approval after testing the quality of the app. 

Final words

There is no ideal time to start developing an app like UrbanClap. You can set foot into the on-demand house services market after identifying your target audience and understanding their preferences. Cloning the well-established app helps to boost your business to a greater extent. Incorporating advanced & user-friendly features and simple UI/UX design is what makes your app stand out from the competitor’s app.

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