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In today’s world, there is an app for almost everything. Be it ordering food/grocery, booking a taxi, availing of home cleaning service, and other on-demand services. Therefore, it is no surprise to have an app for roadside assistance and towing services. For instance, many on-demand apps have been introduced daily with the similar business model of Uber. Significantly, Urgent.ly clone is one such roadside assistance app that’s functionality is the same as the Uber for tow trucks. These apps let the vehicle owners connect with skilled professionals or service providers for availing of roadside assistance and towing services.

Do you enter the lucrative on-demand market? Are you running a traditional roadside assistance business? Are you looking for a profitable mobile app business idea? Then, launching an on-demand roadside assistance app like Urgent.ly is quite a thriving idea that you could opt for at this time. So let’s explore some basics of the uber for tow truck app development in this blog.

Urgent.ly – America’s Leading Roadside Assistance App

Urgent.ly is an on-demand global roadside assistance app that was launched in 2013. It powers roadside assistance solutions for companies in automotive, insurance, telematics, and other transportation. It also includes mobile segments like ride-sharing, bike-sharing, autonomous vehicles, and electric vehicles.

As a global roadside service provider, it mainly operates in Asia, Europe, and North America. The estimated annual revenue of Urgent.ly is $56.1 million per year. Its total funding was nearly about $39.7 million. Since its launch, its popularity surged gradually as the demand for roadside assistance apps skyrocketed.

What Makes Urgent.ly Stand Out Among The Other Roadside Assistance Apps?

Urgent.ly offers roadside assistance service at a competitive price. In this app, users do not have to avail of any subscription plan or need a membership card. Users have to pay only for the service they availed via the app. They can make a seamless transaction with digital payment options like credit cards/debit cards.

What Is an Urgent.ly Clone App?

Generally, the term clone is used to represent the replica of the original version.  A ready-made roadside assistance app is crafted with cutting-edge technology and drenched with significant features. However, it is easily customizable & scalable and so it can be modified according to the individual business requirements.

Salient Services That You Could Consider Offering Via Your Uber for Tow Truck App

What will people do if their vehicle breaks down in the middle of a highway? It is quite difficult for them to get assistance at that moment. So here comes the Urgent.ly app into play. With this app, people can get a roadside assistance service within a few minutes.

  • Towing Service

When the vehicle gets stuck suddenly, people can opt for towing & roadside assistance help via the app. This way, they can book a service and get the problem resolved soon once the assigned tow truck driver reaches the location.

  • Tire Change Service

In case, if the tire got punctured in the middle of the road, opting for a tire change service via the app is simple. Be it whatever the reason, like a blown up tire or hole in the tire, these problems can be resolved. The vehicle owners do not have to travel in search of a service provider. Instead, they can find it from the app as it is easy to avail of the service.

  • Jump Start Service

In case of an emergency like jumpstarting a dead car battery, the user has to just press the orange button and specify the current location. This way, the user will get immediate roadside assistance.

  • Auto Lockout Service

Auto lockout is one such common issue that everyone may come across at times. For example, some people will leave their keys in the car. Instead of waiting for a mechanic, opting for the auto lockout service via the app is effortless.

  • Gas Delivery Service

Suppose, a car is running super low on the gas and you want to refill the tank. But, where there is no nearby gas station, how is it possible? For this, they can opt for a gas delivery service via the uber for tow truck app.

Significant features to consider while developing a tow truck app

An uber for tow trucks comprises the Customer app, Service provider app, and Admin panel. Let’s look at a few of the significant features in these modules.

Customer App Features

  • The simple onboarding process will let the customer sign up or register with the app via email address/phone number. Or else, they can opt for another option of registering using social media accounts.
  • Customers can choose a service from the available list of services in the app.
  • They have to share the vehicle’s location, i.e., the place where the vehicle breakdown occurs.
  • They should specify the vehicles’ information in the app. For example, it includes the model, registration number, and so on.
  • Customers can check the cost details before confirming the service request. The cost information varies depending on the service they want to avail.
  • The app updates the customers regarding the service status via push notifications.
  • The reviews & ratings feature enables the customers to share their feedback about the service they have availed.
  • Pressing the SOS panic button in the app will send an alert message to the concerned people. It is only for emergency situations.
  • Customers make a transaction for a service they have availed via one of the payment modes available in the app.

Service Provider App Features

  • Service providers have to sign up for the app by providing the necessary details.
  • The app sends a service request to the service providers once the customer books a request. Service providers have the option to accept or reject the request within a limited timeframe.
  • Using the built-in navigation feature, service providers can reach the customers’ location by preferring the best-optimized route.
  • Once the service provider completes the service, the app displays an invoice summary with a collect payment option. Then, the concerned customer has to pay digitally or opt for cash payment.
  • The dashboard displays the completed service and service requests which need to be fulfilled. Also, it shows feedback details, earnings reports, and many more.

Admin Panel

  • First, you have to log in to the admin panel using two-factor authentication.
  • In the dashboard, you can view your business’s overall operations, which includes some vital metrics and highlights.
  • You can manage the customer’s details like feedback, request status, payments, etc.
  • You can manage the tow truck fleet in real-time. It can be done by adding or deleting the list of tow trucks in the app.
  • Using the service provider management feature facilitates you to manage the service providers list who have registered with the app.
  • You have the option to set pricing for each service. Pricing settings will be based on the service type, distance travelled, time taken, and other similar options.   
  • Reporting & analytics provide valuable insights into your app’s performance. Upon analysing, you can improve the performance accordingly. Thus, it is one possible way to gain potential customers.

Key Strategies To Consider For Generating Revenue From A Roadside Assistance App

Ideally, there are numerous ways to generate revenue from a roadside assistance app. Some popular monetization strategies that you could consider are as follows.

  • Referral Commission

You can provide offers & discounts to the users on each successful referral. It is one effective way to get new users. Thereby, you can monetize huge revenue from your app.

  • Membership

You can allow the users to subscribe to a membership plan and get various benefits. You can charge them monthly, quarterly, or annually as they can renew or cancel the plan. Notably, Urgent.ly does not follow this revenue model to generate income.

  • In-App Advertisement

You can allow the tow truck providers to promote their service in your app. You can set a particular percentage as an advertisement fee and charge them accordingly.   

Estimation Of Cost For Developing An On-Demand Roadside Assistance App Like Urgent.ly

To develop an on-demand roadside assistance app like Urgent.ly, you need an expert app developers team to implement your business idea into reality. The company you approach for app development is one of the major factors that impact the cost. However, one key element that contributes to app development is your requirements. It includes app features, app design, app platform, and so on.  

Final say

In the digital world, mobile apps come as a solution for every problem. However, Urgent.ly is one perfect example as it resolves the problems of the vehicle owners whenever they need a service. If you are aspiring to enter the on-demand market, investing in on-demand uber for tow truck app development is a good choice. This way, you can launch your own roadside assistance app in the market within a few days.

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