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The increased usage of smartphones with a stable internet connection is the major reason for the demand for entertainment-related apps, including fan community platforms. Such platforms paved the way to connect artists with fans. Thereby, fans can access the live concerts proffered by the artists. Furthermore, people stucks with entertainment media with live video streaming services amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. However, live streaming events skyrocketed up to 300% during the course of March and August 2020. If you plan to develop a live video streaming platform like Weverse, this blog gives insights into the Weverse Clone app development process. 

Weverse – A fandom platform for the fans and artists

Weverse is a Korean fandom platform for both fans and artists. This app is particularized to host content and artist-to-fan communications. Furthermore, Weverse Shop, also known as Weply, facilitates the users to buy subscriptions for the content which will be related to artist-related products.  

This platform was launched by Hybe’s technology subsidiary Weverse company on June 10, 2019. As of now, it is available in English, Japanese, and Korean languages. Additionally, this app can be accessible in both Android & iOS apps. It has created space for entertainment, which brought fans and artists together. Recently, Weverse partners with Fave, which is a United States-based startup company, aims to bridge the major gap between fans and artists in a digital space.    

Captivating stats and facts of Weverse – An overview

Weverse encompasses a variety of content provided by various artists, including BTS, SEVENTEEN, BLACKPINK, STACY, SUNMI, TXT, WEEKLY, and many more. Among these, BTS is the most popular band which has gained intense popularity. Since the inception of this band, its virtual concert “BANG BANG CON” has caught the attention of 756,600 users. As a result, Weverse gets a huge user base and generates profits.   

However, one big reason for the popularity of Weverse is the success of BTS. This only grabbed attention from a larger user since its emergence. The Big Hit’s revenue in 2020 was $437 million, which is increasing substantially amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. The majority of the Weverse app users are from the United States (15.81%), Philippines (11.74%), Korea (9.61%), Indonesia (6.64%), and India (5.84%). 

Till March 2020, the app had nearly 1.4 million active daily users. As this company also runs Weverse Shop (an ecommerce store), it has 1.8 million users and they are from 200 different countries. Its business model sounds interesting. Hence, many young minds aspire to develop a similar app to reach greater heights. Are you one among them? Continue reading on this blog to know the development process of a Weverse Clone app. 

Weverse Clone Script – A white-label live video streaming solution 

Typically, you can opt for an app developed from scratch or using the clone script. When you want to develop a Weverse Clone app, you can either create it from the ground or choose the Weverse Clone Script. Among these choices, most entrepreneurs prefer the clone script as it has various benefits. It includes customizable, scalable, quick launch, cost-effective solutions, and many more. As this is a white-label, ready-to-use solution, you can launch your Weverse Clone app after completing some tweaks based on your business needs.   

Weverse clone app

Salient features incorporated in the Weverse Clone app

  • Simple registration

The initial thing is to complete the signup process to use the fan community platform. Ensure to make the initial registration process simple and so it will not be complicated for the users. Let them log in by providing their username and password. Or else, they can choose the social media login options.

  • Home page

Once completed with the registration process, users can view the homepage, which comprises a Feed section and Artist section. 

  • Feed section

The feed section allows the users to post stories or upload media like an image or video. Similar to other social media apps, users have the option to like and comment on other users’ posts. They can even share the post with their friends.

  • Artist section

In the artist section, users can view the list of artists who are registered in the app. Then, they can find and follow their favorite artists. So, they can see the favorite artists’ posts on the home page.  

  • Saved posts

Similar to a social networking app like Instagram, users can save the posts posted by their favorite artists. All the saved posts can be viewed in a separate column, which is accessible by the users at any time within the app.

  • Multilingual support

Never let the app’s language be a barrier to reach a global audience. That is, when you want your app to get a wider reach, try to incorporate the multilingual feature. Using this feature, users and artists have the option to change the app’s language, including translating the post’s content in their native language.

Aspects to consider while developing a Weverse Clone- A brief overview

  • Irrespective of any business you want to establish, groundwork is necessary as it will help you to lay a strong foundation. Right from the beginning, you have to find your target niche. 
  • Understanding the target audience preference, competitors analysis, and knowing the recent market trends are crucial points when you plan to establish a business.  
  • With these analyses, you have to frame your business plan. It will include requirements like choosing revenue/business model, deciding features to integrate into your app, and so on. 
  • Elaborately saying, you should be aware of the possible ways to monetize your app. Most importantly, the selection of the right features and an intuitive user interface will make the app more appealing.  
  • After these, it is now a perfect time to implement your business idea into reality. For that, you should choose a suitable mobile app development company. 
  • Notably, most companies offer a white-label app solution, crafted using up-to-date technology and wrenched with salient features.
  • Ensure the app is devoid of bugs and errors for a seamless user experience. All set? It is time to launch your app in the market. 
  • Meanwhile, you have to perform effective marketing strategies to promote your app to reach your target audience. To do this, you can prefer social media channels like Facebook, which are popular among broader users.  

Wrap up

Hopefully, you have a clear outline of developing an app like Weverse in this blog. To sum up, a fandom platform has a great reach among a broader user base. Weverse is an eye-witnessing example that reached millions of people with the most popular BTS concerts. In this technology era, it is quite simple to replicate the same concept with the help of clone scripts. Hence, the Weverse Clone Script will open the way for you to launch a live streaming app like Weverse in a short time.

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