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Taxi-booking is often associated with Uber. The taxi-ordering company is available in more than 600 cities and spread across 65 countries. It has had almost 75 million Uber passengers, who have been, served by 3.9 million part-time as well as full-time drivers.

Well, what are the reasons for Uber’s huge customer base? The most important lesson to be learned by entrepreneurs is that they ensure giving customers a secure and comfortable ride experience. Thus, anyone who wants to develop a taxi-booking app must make sure that their mobile app provides customers with a user-friendly and safe trip. Giving customers the comfort they expect is something that you must take note of.

In other words, security and comfort for your users should be a priority while building your mobile app. While user-friendliness is a basic feature that every mobile app developer focuses on, your app should also include features focusing on :

SOS emergency button
Users can use this button to contact the police or anyone during situations of emergency. Also, the admin must be informed about the emergency through the portal.

Background check of drivers
While you develop a taxi-booking app, ensure that your customers have a safe and secure experience. It is imperative to verify the drivers through a thorough background check for knowing their behavior and previous criminal records. This must be done before allowing them to register on the portal. You must ensure that drivers undergo proper training before signing up to the app.

First-aid and CPR trained drivers
Hiring drivers who have insurance and proper communication skills are necessary. However, it will be an added advantage if you hire drivers who are certified in first-aid and CPR as it will be really useful to save lives during mishaps. Besides, a first-aid kit should always be present with the driver. This feature will definitely give you an edge if you want to launch an app like Uber.

Awareness programs for riders
With the help of awareness programs and events for users, customers must be educated about traveling in cabs. They should also be given training about basic safety measures.

Reminder for “driver check”
Checking the profile of drivers and reading the reviews on his past trips will save customers from any unwanted circumstances. A reminder system notifies customers about checking the details of a driver before getting into the taxi. Details such as vehicle model, name of the driver, photo, license number, etc. should also be available for users.

Uber clone features

Developing a taxi-booking app has become the fad of the decade. However, if you wish to build an app like Uber, incorporating the above features is necessary. This will help you gain a reputation in the present market as the app will give your users a better experience. However, developing an app from scratch and going through the cumbersome process of app development can cost you loads of money and time. Being a smart entrepreneur is essential if you have long-term goals and that is why an Uber clone can be an amazing solution for you.

Premium app development companies have the potential to serve their customers in the best possible way. From full-time support to teams of adept developers, they can provide clone scripts that are fully customizable and can fulfill your requirements. That is why an Uber clone script will be the ideal cup of tea for all startup enthusiasts.

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