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The habit of visiting physical grocery stores has been replaced by the online shopping platform. The convenience of getting daily essentials delivered to the doorstep made the customers prefer the on-demand grocery apps. 

Woolworths is the popular supermarket chain in Australia and it is also known as Fresh Food People. Customers can buy products like snacks, drinks, beauty products, seafood, fruits, vegetables, body care products, liquor, baby care products, bakery products, pet care and items via this app. The net sales of Woolworths in the second half of 2020 was $35.8 billion. Upon its expansion, it made $206 million in New Zealand at the end of 2020. 

The online grocery segment in Australia will witness a growth rate of 15.3% annually and it is expected that its net value will reach $4.2 billion by 2023. Additionally, this industry’s share will surge from 2.1% to 3.7% in the upcoming five years. This industry’s positive outlook encourages entrepreneurs to invest in grocery delivery apps.

Woolworths Supermarket: Some Of The Exciting Recent News Updates

  • Woolworth launched Hawkie, a robot that is used for scanning floors in supermarkets for detecting potential hazards. On a trial basis, they have launched it on 15 stores initially. 
  • Secondly, considering the environmental hazards, they replace the usage of plastic bags with reusable bags and its cost is $0.99 each. Moreover, customers can replace the damaged reusable bag at free of cost from the supermarket.
  • Thirdly, they have launched the Scan&Go smartphone shopping option in 25 stores in Western Australia. Using this, customers can check their grocery bills and opt for contactless checkout. 
  • They plan to donate 50000 hygiene packs to AMOWA (Australian Meals on Wheels Association). Also, they set to launch a dark store in Queensland, South Brisbane. Shoppers mainly use it to pick and pack products quickly. 

Recent Expansions And Fundings In The Grocery Delivery Industry

Lidl (a German supermarket chain) extended its service to Ireland and planned to expand it to Newbridge in the coming years. Amazon invested in Deliveroo to expand its business. B. Kurly (Korean grocery delivery operation), has completed a Series E funding round. And, it’s worth nearly about $160 million. 

Woolworths Clone App – Explained

Entrepreneurs who are willing to compete with these existing supermarket chains have to invest a considerable amount of money and spend a lot of time. So, the better alternative option is to choose the Woolworths clone script. It is a scalable, customizable, and white-label solution that is easily modifiable depending on the individual business requirements. This is less time-consuming and budget-friendly. You can launch the grocery delivery app on Android, iOS, or both based on your target audience.

Significant Features In A Supermarket App Like Woolworths

The functionality will play a vital role in determining how the app operates. Based on this, the necessary features have to be incorporated into the app. Woolworths clone package includes Shoppers app, Delivery executives app, and Admin panel. Let’s start with what are the notable features to consider incorporating in the grocery delivery app. 

Shoppers (Customers) App Features

  • Profile management

This feature will allow the shoppers to update and manage their profile. Profile details include contact information, payment modes, and so on. 

  • Check out process

Once shoppers select the products to purchase, they will be added to the shopping cart. Before making a payment, they can review the cart’s products and delete any products if they do not need to buy. The Checkout process feature makes the shopping process easy for shoppers.

  • Various payment modes

Integrating multiple payment modes will enable the shoppers to pay using any available payment options at their convenience. This makes the payment transactions seamless for shoppers. In addition to this, let them have the option to choose Cash-On-Delivery. 

  • e-wallet integration

Also, allow the shoppers to make payment using an e-wallet so that the transactions go as smoothly as possible.

  • Delivery status

Real-time monitoring of delivery status has a significant impact on customer experience. In this way, shoppers can get to know the delivery status updates. 

  • Order history

This feature will allow the shoppers to check their previously ordered products. If they want the same products again, they can repeat the order instead of selecting those again. 

Delivery Executives App Features

  • Set availability

The delivery executives can set the availability status on when they will be available to receive a delivery request and fulfil the same. 

  • Delivery requests

This feature will facilitate the delivery executive to accept or reject a delivery request due to various reasons.

  • Work history

Using this feature, the app will show their work history to the delivery executives. So, they can check their completed delivery requests at the end of the day.

  • Push alerts

The app will send a message to the delivery executives about the new and cancelled order delivery details via push notifications. Also, they will receive details about account debit information. 

  • Earnings and reports

The app will generate an invoice that consists of a detailed report of earnings. Using this, the delivery executives can check their earnings on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

  • Chart integration

Integration of a map in the grocery delivery app will assist the delivery executives in reaching the customers’ location with ease. They can even enable the Turn-by-Turn Navigation feature inside the chart to read. The app will read aloud the navigation to direct them. 

Admin Panel Features

  • Brand management

You can modify the website details, such as including new items, removing obsolete ones, and changing the product descriptions. 

  • Driver management

It will enable you to control the delivery executives, like managing their contact information, trip data, and much more. 

  • Payment management

You have all the access to payment details, including refunds, via the admin panel. Upon the completion of the shoppers’ payment, you have to transfer some percentage of the amount to the delivery executives for their delivery service.

  • Discounts & offers

You can manage the discounts/offers and promotional deals displayed in the app. Offering discounts and offers helps to increase user engagement. 

  • Campaign management

You have to promote your app via SMS, email, and social media. In this way, you can draw the users attention. Conducting a campaign is an efficient way to grow your business shortly.

A Brief Outline On Describing The Process Of Developing The Woolworths Clone App Are As Follows

  • Conduct an in-depth market study to know the recent trends and frame a business plan accordingly. Also, come up with unique business strategies to grow your business. 
  • Connect with a clone app development company for developing the Woolworths like app. Consider adding all the necessary features to your app. Besides this, consider implementing unique features as it plays a vital role in the app’s success.
  • Upon designing and developing the app, it is completely ready for quality testing. Testing is for checking whether the app is free from bugs, errors, glitches, vulnerabilities.
  • Before the app launch, promote it to your target audience. After these, launch a supermarket app like Woolworths on the platform you choose for deployment.
  • You can even avail of technical support, maintenance, bug-fixing, and other issue services after the app launch.

Final Note

Woolworths is obviously an important player offering the best shopping experience in Australia. With the increased usage of smartphones and the trend of online grocery shopping, this is a suitable time for entrepreneurs to get into this industry.

We offer Woolworths like app development services. Approach us and get your personalized app and mark your place in the industry.

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