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What Is A Cameo Clone?

Hungry for an app which serves the best to your customers?

Cameo clone is a celebrity video-sharing application similar to the well-known app Cameo. Users can access the platform to request customized video shout-outs from their favorite idols - actors, musicians, singers, influencers, etc. Thus, the platform is set to create authentic, mesmerizing life moments for fans worldwide. The popularity and usage of such platforms are in a steady surge in recent times, driving several businesses to join the bandwagon.

Are you ready to offer personalized fan experience for your app users? All set to plunge into the celebrity shout-out app business? Then, connect with our experts right away. Our team will provide you with a powerful platform that leaves indelible impressions on your users, building a strong foundation for your business.

How Starting A Personalized Video-sharing App Like Cameo Can Benefit Celebrities?

Cameo Clone Script

Strengthening their fan base

Video-sharing apps like Cameo offer an excellent opportunity for celebrities to interact with their audience - both online and offline. In simple terms, it acts as a great marketing tool. The only difference is that celebrities earn here along with strengthening their follower base. Thus, it helps them stay on top of their business without investing in marketing activities.

Additional income source

The paid subscription package of these apps adds to the revenue stream of celebrities. Also, they can earn for every customized video shout-out they share with their followers. As an icing on the cake, these apps allow celebrities to set their subscription packages and other price points by themselves.

The Detailed Workflow Of Our Cameo Clone

To request video shout-outs, users must first sign up with the platform. Once they get on board, they can explore the celebrity-profiles listed on the app, with their price points. Users can also view the star ratings shared by other users to finalize the celebrity to request the shout-out videos.

Once users finalize the celebrities to request the videos, they will be provided with a form to detail their requests. They can share special instructions, if any. Once the requests are placed, the respective celebrities will be notified who can accept or reject the requests within the given timeframe.

If accepted, the fee for the video requests will be deducted from the users’ accounts. Celebrities will shoot the videos and share them with their followers in the given time. In turn, users can watch, download, and share these videos on other social media platforms.

Cameo Clone App

Elite Features Of Our Cameo-like App

Secure sign up

Users can swiftly sign up with the app using their email IDs or phone numbers. An option to register with social media accounts offers an added benefit.

Discover celebrities

Users can explore the list of stars on the platform and view their profiles. They can also search for specific profiles using the search feature.

Request personalized videos

Users can request their favorite idols to share customized videos for themselves or their family members/ friends.

Request alerts

Celebrities will be notified of the video requests received from their followers, which they can choose to accept or reject.

Instant notifications

If the celebrities accept video requests, users will be instantly notified via in-app push alerts.

Payment processing

Users can pay celebrities for the videos they requested via any of the payment channels available.

Share videos

Celebrities can shoot the video shout-outs in the given time and share them with their followers via text messages or emails.

Download videos

Users can download the customized videos shared by their favorite stars from the Cameo clone app.

Social sharing

Users can share the video shout-outs on other social media accounts, boasting among their friends and family members.

Star ratings

After receiving the videos, users can share their star ratings for their idols. It significantly helps other users to make informed choices.

Public feed

Users can share the video-shouts received from celebrities on their profiles for public viewing. Other users can watch these videos and like/comment if they find it engaging.

Share sneak-peeks

Celebrities can share short videos from their daily lives. It can be about how they spend their leisure time or anything they’re willing to share.

Share updates

Celebrities can share updates on the upcoming projects with their followers via short videos.

Live streaming

Celebrities can interact with their fans via the live streaming feature, earning their love and trust.

Live chat support

Both users and celebrities can connect with the support team to seek their help upon facing any issue with accessing the app.

Revenue Models To Integrate Into Your Cameo Clone

There are various ways to generate revenue from a Cameo app clone. You can use one stream or multiple revenue sources to earn a substantial income.


Enable users to access your app by subscribing to it. These subscriptions can be fixed for weekly/ monthly/ yearly. Also, different subscription packages can be offered to help users choose as per their convenience.


Receive a certain percentage of the earnings acquired by celebrities by sharing videos via your platform. These commission percentages can be fixed or variable depending on your needs.

In-app advertisements

Display promotional ads from third-party businesses on your platform and earn by charging them advertising fees. These ad fees can be varied depending on different parameters, including clicks, views, or conversions.

Can Apps Like Cameo Boost Businesses With Their Promotional Video Shout-outs?

While the Cameo clone is seen as a celebrity-user interaction platform, it houses something more than that. It assists businesses to advertise their products/ services with promotional shout-out videos from celebrities. Having a well-known face talk for a brand is a promotion in itself.

As to how users request personalized videos, businesses can also request promotional videos from top stars promoting their brand. These videos can be shared on social media platforms and promotional sites to establish a strong brand presence among the target audience. This form of business marketing is found to be cost-effective compared to conventional marketing strategies. Also, they are faster to reach the audience and stay longer than anticipated, yielding an extra perk.

app like Cameo

A Pragmatic Solution To Establish A Stronghold In Your Industry

Cameo app clone

Fully customizable

Each feature and functionality of the application can be customized to go in line with your business model.


The logo, color scheme, theme, and associated branding elements can be customized entirely to match your business.

Intuitive UI

Each screen of the app is easy to access and navigate to offer your users an immersive experience.

High scalability

Make any future enhancements effortlessly. Add a feature, functionality, or API without any hassle.

Native apps

Native Android, iOS, and web apps to cover audiences from all walks of life, leaving out none.

Seasoned experts

The best minds are employed to deliver a resilient solution that gives your business an edge over your competitors.

One-time investment

No hidden charges. A cost estimate is shared with a detailed breakdown. One-time investment to earn for a lifetime!

Swift deployment

Readily customize the app and quickly launch it to offer seamless performance at the earliest.

Our Cameo Clone App Development Process

Requirement study

First and foremost, we will sit with you to understand your business model and what you are looking for. After this, we brainstorm to arrive at a detailed development plan to deliver the fully-customized solution on time.

UI Designing

We white-label the Cameo clone completely to make it match your branding needs. Our designers ensure the app’s front-end is designed for easy accessibility.

Back-end development

The back-end of the app is set up in a way that the solution can handle any number of users at a time, never compromising on its seamless performance.

Quality checks

Several quality tests are run through the app to ensure it is free from bugs, errors, and other discrepancies. Once it is found to be fully functional, it is passed on to the next phase.

The Launch!

The robust and reliable Cameo clone is deployed on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms to ensure it reaches all your target audience.

Cameo-like app

Cost Involved In The Celebrity Video-sharing App Development

celebrity  shoutout app development

It is always wise to know the cost involved before emerging into your app development. This way, you can be financially prepared for anything that may come your way. The development of a celebrity shoutout app differs from one project to another. It is influenced by various parameters like features, functionalities, technology stack, and many other factors.

If you wish to get a cost estimate before getting on board with us, kindly reach out to us right away. We will understand your requirements, jot down the details, and share a comprehensive cost estimate, covering everything from designing to deployment. You can also be financially backed up before starting to build your leading-edge application like Cameo.


If you are a budding entrepreneur, you can straight away connect with us. Our business analysts train in advancing your business idea into a full-fledged, remunerative venture, and globally scale your business.
Yes. We do offer API integration services as part of our solutions. We, at Uber Like App, cover all services involved in running your app business seamlessly. From development to deployment to maintenance, we do it all!
The answer is simple. We are the best options when it comes to offering high-end clone solutions at competitive prices. We never compromise on quality and provide additional perks and benefits with our development solution.
Definitely, it is your app, and it is our responsibility to develop a cutting-edge solution that meets your needs. You can share your suggestions with us anytime. We will take the utmost care in implementing them.
Yes. Cameo clone solution offers various opportunities to earn substantial revenue in the long run. You can earn from subscriptions, commissions, advertisements, and many more. You can go with one revenue stream or integrate altogether as you find feasible.

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